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Crying Dream Symbol –┬áDreaming of crying can be an entirely negative dream. It can also help you connect with feelings you did not realize existed. Maybe you feel it is too difficult to let your emotions show. Do you feel you will be negatively judged if you cry? Crying is positive. It lets the negative emotions out. This type of dream is a prompt for you to figure out which emotions you need to deal with in your waking life.

Crying uncontrollably signifies feelings of helplessness and sadness about something. It is a time to look deep inside yourself to find the core source of your sadness. It is time to address your emotions rather than repressing and bottling them up. Crying for only a short period of time is a sign you have a healthy way of expressing your emotions. You do not bottle them up. You let them out. You tend to have control of your emotions.

When you see someone crying, try to identify the person in your dream. Not being able to identify the person is a sign you want to widen your circle of friends. You may even want to volunteer to help others but not know where to start. Seeing a friend crying signifies that someone close to you is struggling and cries out for your help. Seeing an enemy crying can mean you are emotionally trying to get even with this person.

Trying to work out why you are crying can help get a better understanding of the dream. Crying about something minor warns you are bottling up your emotions over silly little things. You need to speak your mind when you need to or you will eventually explode with frustration. Seeing an animal crying can mean you feel your emotions are invalid. Do you try to express yourself to someone, and they turn around and judge you?

Dreaming of fake crying is a message that you have been too overemotional recently. You may need to take a step back to get control.

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    Someone dreamt of me crying over a disappointment in a relationship… What is the meaning please

  2. I saw my pregnant friend in my dream and she was tidying her house while crying at the same time..what could this possible mean?

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