Crow Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Crow Dream Symbol – Dreams of crow can bring messages from your intuition to alerts you to what lies hidden. Crow flies through the veils of illusion to bring you its universal wisdom. A crow eating its prey strongly indicates you are on the right path and will manifest your dreams.

crow dreamSo, remember the old saying, “Be careful of what you wish for”? This is a time the universe can manifest whatever is in your thoughts.  If your thoughts are negative, then it is the negative the universe will deliver. Make sure that what is uppermost in your thoughts is what you really wish for.

Negatively, crow can bring messages of disappointment and unpleasant challenges in life. Maybe you are experiencing bad luck in love, or work is about to make you redundant, or you feel the loss from the death of a loved one. Crow comes as a sign or an omen of what is to come.

Change. Is there someone that you just cannot get rid of no matter what you say? Do you have a niggling debt still owing? Find successful outcomes for the minor irritations in your life to bring in positive change.

When Crow crosses your path

When crow crosses your path know that change is coming. There is no point fighting it as it will not help. It will only increase your frustration. Accept it and find the positives to bring more joy into your life. You are free to choose.

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