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Crossing Dream Symbol – Dreaming of crossing over something can symbolize what you need to cross over to achieve success in your waking life. Take notice of the details of the dream to get a deeper understanding. Look at what happened to you on the way to the crossing, and what waits on the others side. And, whether crossing over was worth it or not when you get there.

Crossing a road represents your goals at the end of the journey. Crossing roads can be fraught with danger in your physical reality and in your dreams. This dream means there is much work to do to achieve the success you need. Crossing a river can symbolize your spirituality. This can be about how you feel about death and the afterlife. Crossing a river also symbolizes your emotions and your relationships. You may need to spend more quality time with friends and family.

Failing to complete the crossing is a sign you are afraid of moving forward. Are you afraid of success? Do you fear the unknown? Do you doubt yourself? Do you fear failure? You may fear you will never achieve you dreams. This dream is about having faith in yourself. You need to trust your gut instincts. At least have a try. Crossing over with a loved one or to meet someone means that you see your future with that person always by your side.

Crossing over into a bright, sunny day indicates there are more positive times ahead. Crossing over into a dark, gloomy day is a negative sign that you need to reassess your life goals. You will not achieve them as they currently are. You need to plan better and make sure you have the skills to back any future success.

Crossing in a vehicle of some sort can mean you need to reassess your goals. You may have missed the vital minor detail you need to achieve success. Remember, success is a step-by-step process. You cannot expect it next week unless you have been working towards it for a while.

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  1. in my dream i was with some friends and relatives including dad and grand mother . we were walking in a dambo area where I saw something like a drain without water. isaw my grandmother jumping the drain but when reached the drain it big that I cannot jump at all. then I decided to enter into the drain so that I came out. but isaw that it was very high to come out the I screamed for help but before dad came rescue me I managed to come out.

  2. In my dream I was going to take a shortcut to the other side of a street. I was walking with a friend, and we saw a man crossing before us (I remember the street from my childhood. The entrance to my school was between two traffic lights, and a lot of us students used to cross there). After the man crossed we were about to cross as well, when a soldier told us to go back. We pointed at the man (funny enough it was the rapper Common…), but the soldier told us to go back to the sidewalk and walk to the next traffic light before crossing. That was like 200ft in front of us. So we started our journey and it wasn’t as easy as I remembered it to be. It was a drag. Not a steep incline but a slight one. Still pesky. I hadn’t reached the traffic light before I woke up.


    In my dream I was crossing a very busy highway, almost getting knocked by tracks but I managed to cross, finally, I saw my self walking on a bridge and below it was sewer tunnel and a man was washing a baby who had soiled itself with the sewer water and rinsed the baby in clean water, then next was a fence, when I looked I saw my brother lying on a bench and a lady cooking, I crossed the fence to inquire what has happened to him and was told he fell sick and was mugged at the same time and lost everything…

  4. In my dream I was carrying a child on my back, and want to cross the road, but couldn’t , its seen my waist is paining me and leg as well to cross,so many people was passing by but a man came and help me cross the road, in the other part I saw my death father in the dream after have cross the road, but he didn’t talk to me…pls what’s the meaning of this..

  5. Octavion Byrd on

    My dream took place in my old neighborhood I came out of a grassy lot and took a left the day was beautiful everything was perfect from the weather to the scenery it was very real and life like I pinched myself and it did hurt but anyway I started walking down the street clapping and a big fluffy mangy grey cat tried to jump upon me but I moved out of the way so now as im approaching the intersection I see people driving with angry faces then I hear a lady crying heading to the intersection from a street over I went towards her which was the left of me I was looking down that way of the crossing it had a hill and a storm on the horizon and I could see a city with a few huge buildings doubled near eachother one would be solid black and the other solid white seeing all of this made me want to look the other way I looked and saw a bus driving threw the on coming traffic as if it was a ghost the dream was so real I started freaking out because I thought I was dead so I started screaming (how did I die) the lady got on the bus and the bus like kind of tried to suck me in but didnt and kept going I started to suffocate as it left I couldn’t breath so I couldn’t pray but I gurgled out GOD a few times as I was choking and spinning then I woke up….im concerned about this dream because I’ve never had one so real it looked like real life

  6. A long time friend of mine, who I hadn’t seen in years, has just recently come back into my life, and we’ve been entertaining the idea of hopefully building our friendship into a relationship eventually..

    So last night I had a dream we were on some kind of weekend vacation together at the beach, with a group of friends. At some point I get upset that she seems to be more interested in spending her time with the group instead of me, and she gets upset with the fact that I’m upset.. Which eventually escellated into a petty argument, with her telling me I could have handled the situation better had I just communicated with her instead of walking around with a chip on my shoulder. And she was right. But anyway

    During the argument, we go outside to “talk” (me get yelled at) and she accidentally fell off the road and into a drainage ditch as she was telling me she was leaving. As she started to fall, I ran to her, leaping to grab her hand before the rushing water took her under, but it was too late.. However, in that brief moment of shot and mourning, as I looked at the rushing water and where her hand was reaching out for me not a second earlier, I remembered a book that she was reading called “the adjacent crossing”..

    In my dream, the plot of this non-existent book she was reading, was about how a similar thing had happened to the protagonist, but instead of accepting the drowning, he rushes to the closest Bridge to intercept her before she’s swept out to sea, and against all odds rescued her from drowning..

    So back to that split second of me trying to grab her hand when she was swept into the drainage ditch, I think of the book and run down stream across a bridge that splits in several directions.. I then heard her voice crying out to me, and I used it to know which split direction to take.. I ran as fast as I could to get ahead of the current so I could get to the next opening before her, to pull her from the water, but I had ran too far and crossed the entire bridge..

    So I turn back, now at the bottom of the bridge, looking at the water, and decide to swim against the current looking for her, but her ghost stopped me, telling me to give up and that it was too late and I had to let her go.. I refused, and pushed myself through the current telling her I could still save her.. She begged me to let her go, but I told her I could save her, and then her ghost let go of me in a moment of hesitancy, almost convinced to let me try, and it was in that moment I woke up..

    To my surprise, when I woke up and looked at the clock, the 2 day long dream had only been 40 minutes after I closed my eyes to go to sleep..

  7. I had a dream that was so vivid beautiful and pristine but the person who I’m talking to is a deceased actor that I had met when we were kids. I don’t remember crossing the stream in my dream but I remember the beauty of the grass, trees, stream and sky. We spoke standing at first and I remember very little of the conversation that was calm, warm and loving. We sat in the grass it was comforting and spoke some more. Then we laid down and cuddled still talking and as I moved towards his chest from his arm we laughed at the incident of my nose in his armpit I got situated comfortably on his chest. Then my phone woke me and I found myself in a similar position with my pillow.
    When we were standing the part I remember of the conversation I remember was “it’s been a long time since I saw you” I responded Yes then he said “I really meant what I said to you that day do you remember what I said” I responded Yes.
    When we were sitting on the grass I had a response but don’t remember the statement. My response was I wish we could have been closer.
    When we laid on the grass we talked while looking at the and one another off and on. Its beautiful here he said “yes it really is” then what I remember next is the mishap of moving towards his chest and him saying ” not there ” while chuckling and I said yeah I know right while laughing at myself. I moved to his chest and said this is nice I miss this. He said ” yes I do to it’s been to long”. Then my cellphone woke me up.
    I don’t know what this dream means as I can normally make sense of vivid dreams that I remember. Help decifer this please.

  8. oluwatomisin on

    I have a dream that I swim to cross a river with younger one, but when I cross to order site I met a unsettle area with bush

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