Cricket (Insect) Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Cricket Dream Symbol – Dreaming of crickets are a sign of good luck. They indicate that all you work for is coming to fruition. Achieving all dreams are possible at this time. You have done the hard work and it is about to pay off. Follow your intuition for guidance on the next steps to take. Your subconscious is awakening new abilities and potential. You have a new passion to try.

Crickets remind to take time for inner reflection to help form solutions to current tough challenges. A cricket jumping around suggests something or someone is annoying you. Reflect on why this is annoying you to resolve your feelings of irritation. Maybe you are being petty. It can also mean there is more chance of success at this time.

Hearing crickets singing is a warning that you let minor things get to you. Your sensitivity and intuition is working in overdrive right now. You are more sensitive than usual. This may be a new phase where you adapt your old habits into the new ways for more immediate success attaining your goals.

When you dream of crickets it can mean this is a time of looking inwards to deal with old fears. Is there something in your life you are in two minds about?  Consider why this is and what holds you back. But, if crickets invade your house it can mean you will experience poverty sometime in the future as crickets eat everything in their path. If you manage to kill them in your dream, then you can work to stop poverty in its tracks.

cricket dreamThe sounds of crickets in dreams can mean you are letting the small stuff in life worry you too much. Remember, what you focus on is what you manifest in your life. Or, you may be frustrated at the slow progress of something and feel as if it is not going anywhere.  Are you expressing yourself but no one hears? Have you been carelessly saying whatever comes to mind? Consider how you communicate with those in your world.

When Cricket crosses your path

Crickets are a sign of good fortune when they cross your path. Everything you have worked so hard for is within reach at this time – a new job, winning the lottery, achieving a long held dream. Noting is impossible.

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  1. Rachel Felmly on

    What does it mean if there are tons of different types of snakes slithering around my house chasing me in a way, and there is also a black scorpion for a few seconds in my dream and there was also rather big black crickets in this web type thing with big legs for a few seconds, but mainly the snakes?!

  2. A green small cricket and praying mantis jumping into bedroom onto me in the day and not jumping away… what is this? And very realistic too

  3. There was a huge cricket in the corner of the room, like a queen cricket or something… then lots of large crickets kept jumping at me. Was rather scary…

  4. What dors it mean when you dream someone with a few teeth laugh and then out pops a cricket from their mouth?? It looked scarey. I felt more fear than surprise.

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