Crab Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Crab Dream Symbol – Crab visits from the watery depths of the sea. It symbolizes water bringing peace and tranquility to your life and is symbolically linked to and ruled by the moon. When crab scuttles across your dreams, you are either about to reap the rewards of your successful hard work or you hold on to old emotions that do not belong anymore.

Have you moved forward using tenacious perseverance? Or, are you clutching tight to the emotions that eat at you continuously rather than letting them go?

crab dreamCrab does not go forwards directly when moving across the sand. They scuttle in a crisscross, sideways pattern to its home in the sea. This can indicate you are misguided in your thoughts or actions, or someone around you is intentionally misleading you. It can also indicate that some situations and people around you do not really have the same interests as you, though they may say they do.

Crabs carry their homes with them wherever they go, so crab could remind about settling down. Being bitten or attacked by a crab with it refusing to let go can symbolize your need to let go of something. Is there a problem you are avoiding or refusing to acknowledge?

Alternative Crab Dream Meanings

Dreaming of crabs is usually about your emotions. There may be emotional energy trapped within you. What do you repress? What do you fear exposing to the world? Seeing a crab moving in its crisscrossing pattern down a beach can symbolize your bad temperedness. Are you walking around, treating people angrily? Are you being selfish? Fast moving crabs mean you may decide to change your life completely. Take a new direction. Try new things. This may be good for your future.

Being bitten by a crab indicates there is something you refuse to acknowledge. Is there something that needs your attention that you continue to ignore? You need to let go to move forward. Having a crab’s claws pinch you is a sign you resist change though you do not have any choice. This is really pointless. Stop resisting and embrace change to use it in your favor.

Enjoying crab from the shell means you are trying to work out how to earn more money. Crab on a sandwich means your life will soon be filled with happiness. A visit from a spider crab indicates you will live a long, healthy life.

When Crab crosses your path

Crab crosses your path to let you know this is a time to follow your intuition and to let go of all you no longer need in your life – relationships, emotions, ideas, and material things. It is time to see your world through your heart rather than always with your head.

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  1. Leatrice Singleton on

    I dreamt that I was navigating through the ocean fearlessly but at the same time struggled with visiting loved ones that were vacationing in an underwater world. I spent days prepping my self in like a “pergatory” feeling kind of place on the sea. I was attacked by a huge crab but wind up slaughtering it and eating the sweet meat of it with pleasure. I eventually, after many attempts visited the under the sea world and it wasn’t as bad as I thought. I was able to breath much longer than I thought I would and I was able to get out on time before I drowned (my felt fear during the dream). I can remember the waters being just a beautiful and calming at all times, and the forever sunset.

    Wow…what a dream.

  2. I dreamt that I was in my old classroom (I’ve been having school-related dreams recently since I’ve started being homeschooled) and we were all eating crab. Then , I was sat on the couch in the classroom and a giant red crab scuttled (forward lol) out of the couch and started coming towards me. “It’s trying to eat my toes!!” I screamed. Then, my cat ran over and grabbed ahold of the crab and started to swing it, trying to kill it. My attitude suddenly changed, and I tried to get my cat to release the crab. I then remember thinking “how many crabs do we have in here?” remembering that I had seen many crabs come out of the couch before. (I hadn’t) and then I woke up.

  3. I dream baby crab in a bucket and everytime I put them in the white bucket as I turn my back they keep coming out

  4. I have dreamed a few times lately of a black crablike creature. In one dream I swatted it, stepped on it and killed it. In the next dream it had returned to the same place (under a small glass table).

  5. I had a dream about a white crab clinging onto me and not letting go, it was controlling me to do things… Before i went to sleep i said some terrible things to people i love.
    This makes it so clear to me, holding onto emotion rather then letting it go.

  6. I dreamed catching crabs on land and there were so many of them. I am wondering what is this meaning?

  7. David Farmer on

    I dreamt I was served crab as ameal but it was still moving. I had not asked for brabby the way. I asked the waiter for cloth and bowl of water in order to be able save the crab.

    Incidentally that was done. I then just had to work out how to get it home……… as it couldn’t stay there outside the pub (I think).

    Any clues?

  8. I dreamt that my daughter opened up a Styrofoam cooler and out jumped a big red crab it ran fast straight forward past me and my daughter had screamed when she saw the crab.

  9. I dreamt of a paper coffee cup that I was drinking from. I put it down on the table in front of me. When I went to pick it up again there were tiny orange flat hissing crabs climbing on the cup. They were moving in an upward motion spiraling to the top of the cup. There were at least 3 I can remember. I was curious at first and got close to them to get a better look and that’s when they were hissing.

  10. Patricia Gray on

    I had a dream of a huge crab walking down a dark street. I wasnt scared I was amazed by its size and there was no water close by. It was strange. Ive been angry and I guess that relates to that crab…

  11. Had a dream where I found a crab, picked it up and noticed that it’s claws were gone, it couldn’t defend itself. Why I was here looking.

  12. Cali Longtin on

    I dreamt that I was fishing in the ocean and something big was on the line. I jumped in the water, where huge (like huge, bigger than I) crab was on the line. Then it had me by the head, but it didn’t hurt..and then I woke up…

  13. I dreamt crabs in my chest of drawers coming out and one just gave birth to a little crab and my mother and I were chasing them out of the house.

  14. I dreamt I was walking into a red brick church with several people, who I didn’t know, but seemed to know me (they were all in costume). They talked about voodoo, and one showed me some spider or soft shell crabs. One with red eyes escaped, it had a name I can’t recall, and a mild panic ensued. He was found under the couch, and was captured, but I nearly stepped on him. When that happened I was levitated into the air by either my will not to be clumsy or some other power and floated around the room a bit until I awoke.

  15. I dreamt that I opened up the crab to eat it and tiny crabs and a garden snake came out and I was running around try to catch them.

  16. I dreamt of a hole opening up in my floor. It kept getting bigger and I was trying to figure out what was digging there. I first saw a claw then a red crab appeared, I called to my husband who came and took the crab away. Before the hole opened up I was planting a small plant nearby.

  17. I dreamed a crab was aiming to get me. He grabbed my foot. I got him to let go and he latched to my hand. A friend grabbed a blanket and wrapped my hand up but he would not let go.

  18. Blackthorne on

    I dreamed that I was pushing multiple crab out from under the cuticle of my thumb. My skin was not puffy, wounded, infected or irritable, and I was like “Ick” wanting to get rid of it, but I wasn’t hurt. I’m guessing that something was ‘getting under my skin’, They seemed good size in my dream, but not out of proportion with my thumbnail.

    I’m guessing it has something to do with something ‘getting under my skin’ or somebody who felt ‘under my thumb’, but I can’t figure out what I was clearing out of my system.

    Thoughts? Ideas?

  19. I dreamt I had two rows of crab gills in my forehead and after the dream I can’t stop seeing the image!

  20. I dreamt i was about to throw a tennis ball, which was attached to the end of a big stick. As I went to throw it it turned into a massive white crab and I threw it off the stick into a cavern in the rock face in front of me. It just looked at me. I was at the sandy waters edge when this happened. I felt terror, scared of crab. What does this mean?

  21. I was dreaming last night of a huge crab attacking my youngest grandson, 19 months old, biting him in the head and face while he laid screaming in the ground. I was terrified and could not help him as I stood there too scared to do anything. Is threre something bad that’s going to happen to him?

    • In your current situation this dream brings good to your life. The dream itself relates to a fruitful hobby or pastime which you have cultivated earlier and now it will give you good result. It could also mean the maturing of an investment which involved a lot of your time. A dream portending good in your life.

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