Coyote Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Coyote Dream Symbol – Coyote is the clever trickster of the animal kingdom and often symbolizes the deceptive side of its character. While known for being aggressive, coyote is a fierce protector of its family, and is symbolic of new birth and regeneration.

When coyote visits it can mean that when one path ends, another becomes clear. You may need to use clever cunning to adapt to the changes around you. Coyote’s visit has good and bad about it combined into one. Who works to deceive you? Are you deceiving others to attain success? What illusions surround you?

Coyote DreamCoyote visits to remind of the balance of nature in its call. You are clever enough to know when to adapt to situations. You have everything you need to for success in what you want to achieve. Life’s hardships are simply challenges that teach lessons to take you forward in life. If you do not learn the lesson, it comes back to haunt you until you do.

Dreaming of coyote brings reminders of your wisdom and to follow your intuition for balance in your life. Your unconventional outlook and, sometimes, ways makes you fearlessly rebellious yet fiercely protective of those you hold dear.

Remember to hold onto your sense of humor when faced with life’s challenges rather than stooping to match the low acts of others.

When Coyote crosses your path

Coyote may cross your path when you need to learn lessons from your mistakes. Mistakes can trap you when you continue to make them. Remember the lessons of past mistakes to free yourself to create a better life.


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