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Courtroom Dream Symbol – Dreaming of being in a courtroom or involved with the court system is a sign it is time to move your life forward. Your integrity may currently be being challenged in your waking life. This may be making you miserable. It is time to prepare to walk away.

Take notice of the details in the dream and whether civil or common law is involved. Civil court indicates that you will need mediation to resolve an argument with a close friend or someone else in your life. Common law is a sign there are major life changes on the way. Bringing a case before the court may mean you need to walk away from a dispute. Being accused of criminal dealings can mean you need to take the opposite approach to what you are currently taking to resolve work situations.

Attending a tribunal, in relation to work matters, means that a situation will become complicated. Dreaming of being accused of breaking the law reminds you really need to think things through before taking action. Being in a European court indicates you will soon be traveling abroad. Dreaming of standing trial in an international court warns to be careful of who you trust. There is someone close out to betray you.

A dream of a courtroom can suggest there is something you are trying to justify to yourself. This is an opportunity to confront your fears. What makes you feel guilty? Courtrooms can represent a fear of change, new opportunities, challenges, and demands. This is about challenging yourself to overcome the things that block your path forward. Seeing a judge indicates you need an audience. Do you crave the attention of others?

A courtroom can simply indicate there will be a need for you to go through some type of situation that will involve the legal process at some time in your life. This type of dream also shows you have the ability to forgive others’ mistakes.

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  1. I had a dream where I’m supposed to be in court by 3pm and I’m to stand 4 myself, since i have no lawyer. But few hours to the hearing, i couldn’t make it to the court bkos i was sleeping and whenever i get up and try to prepare for the court, i will fall on the and even start sleeping as if i was giving a sedative drug.

  2. I am a police, last night I dreamt about standing in court waiting to call everybody on a rise as a magistrate was about to enter but she did not instead whilst I was waiting another police man stood up to call ‘rise in court’ but also did not as the magistrate was seen coming approaching the door accompanied by a police but she never enter. Whilst standing there I noticed that there were two chairs where the magistrate ought to sit and were empty nobody sitted there except in one where Jersey was hanged. What does this mean?

  3. I had a dream that my youngest daughter who is 8 in the dream had be accused of killing someone and although the courtroom was faded I knew I was in the courtroom. I was thinking in the dream she’s just a child she wont be going to jail. As I was looking at her I heard the judge sentence her to 25 years which I didn’t react because I didn’t want to cause more stress on my daughter but thought this is crazy she’s only 8 years old. I told my daughter not to worry I would visit her every day and everything would be alright and I woke up. I cant remember her emotions but I remember feeling so scared and in disbelief

  4. Last night I had a dream about a courtroom full of people and the jury duty attendant was leading it. There were a few relatives who made fun of what I wore and in the end the attendant was handing sandwiches. I didn’t dare to take one, until others did, but i also had one with me that i brought from home. I had to be in that court a few
    mornings in a row. How would you interpret that dream?

  5. So for the past I say 2 days I have this recurring dream about killing someone and the betrayal of a friend who was with me on that day. Last night however I was on my way to the court and stood in front of the community confessing to it but the problem is I never killed that person, he killed himself.

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