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Countryside Dream Symbol –┬áDreaming of the countryside can represent your desire to escape from the turmoil of everyday life. You need peace and quiet. A distraction from modern technology and city life. Seeing the country in all its natural beauty, with no sign of humans around, can represent what you want in your own waking life.

It can also refer to what you already have and are grateful for. This can be a message to take a break from your normal routine and enjoy a break somewhere that inspires you.

Countryside in a dream can also indicate your need to think in peaceful surroundings. You may need clarity to make decisions or new plans about your future. This may mean your subconscious needs a break from the confusion of thoughts going on in your head. Visiting the country in a dream is strong message you need a break to rejuvenate. This is a sign there are positive changes coming. You will soon find clarity.

Living in the country means that you are progressing well towards your goals. Your relationship maybe going well or you feel safe and protected with where your life is going. Are you finally in control of your life? Seeing a lot of animals freely roaming the countryside indicates you are thinking of starting a family or you are worried about the children already in your life.

You may be feeling maternal. Animals kept fenced in fields is a sign your current life is making you feel trapped. There is something you need to escape. Seeing a garden in the country symbolizes a pregnancy for you or someone close. This will be an exciting time.

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