Cougar Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Cougar Dream Symbol – A dream of cougar brings the feminine and natural beauty of the wild into your life. She also symbolizes deep emotion and empowerment. When she rests in your dreams, she reminds to stand tall in your personal strength and empowerment or maybe it is time to take time out to enjoy all you have achieved.

cougar dreamA cougar prowling, hunting its prey can represent sexuality and raw passion. Consider who, what, or where evokes that passion in you when awake. Sometimes cougar can represent female aggressiveness when you feel cornered. You may feel there is no other way than to fight your way out using pure aggression.

Consider who or what shows little or no respect for your boundaries. Who puts your life in danger in some way? This may not mean physically, but can mean the death of a friendship, work situation, thought process, and how others see you. Cougar reminds you to stay in touch with how you feel to help make the right decisions.

When Cougar crosses your path

When cougar crosses your path, it is a true reminder to tune into your perception. You may feel uneasy about trusting someone or a situation, especially where you feel pressured. Stop. Listen. Look deeper, before committing your word.

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  1. Kaira Graham on

    I had a dream that I was at work talking on the phone with someone and I looked up cause I heard something and there he was a white cougar he said why are you not inside protecting your self. I then ran bit into the store and locked the door behide me and ran to my boss crying telling her about the cougar and I woke up. What does this mean?????

  2. TriggerFinger on

    So I have this dream last night, i was wandering in a forest, the ground and the vegetation was dry and i was following a path i was listening to a voice and following this voice i dont remeber if it was a femenine or a masculine voice but it was a familiar voice, it was like this for a couple minutes then i encounter this big animal shape, i keep walking but slower, then i recognize a sleeping cougar, i stoped and try to walk backwards but it awoke and walk towards me and attacks me. I woke before the cougar kills me.

  3. So I had a dream last night and I can’t remember every detail but I was in the woods with my best friend looking for snakes, we had stopped to look at one and out of nowhere a cougar appears from the bushes and looks straight at me, no intent to hurt me. It turns away and looks back as if it wants me to follow, so I do. Next thing I know I’m in a home sitting on the kitchen floor and the cougar is there staring at me again, it gets up ad walks directly in front of my face, then proceeds to rub it’s face all over mine and purr. I woke up after that, any ideas to as what this means?

  4. Crystal Cooper on

    My dream I was in an open top vehicle that didn’t go all that fast and a cougar came out
    From around the bushes. It chased me but somehow I outdrove it. I get out of the vehicle run up to a door and a stranger lets me in. I slam the door just in time to escape the cougar. We look out the window and there is a storm brewing, it is a tornado. After the tornado we are shopping in the garage of the house I took refuge in and found a desk, lamp for free and clothes that I paid for. Went to take it home and the owner that wrote free on it, I think, it was the owner was setting it up in a room to be used. My husband and I were disappointed they took it when we had loaded it. And that was my full dream.

  5. So i had a dream lastnight. I was roaming the dessert with a few friends. I came across a cougar just laying in the shade of bushes and I must have spooked her cause she came pouncing on me. She tried to bite me but I got in the hugging position. She was fussy at first but she calmed down. Shes now laying on my lap while I pet her softly. I take my belt off and wrap it around her neck. She starts walking and I just follow. We come across a wolf the closer i get its not A wolf its 2 guys who decieve a wolf. The cougar attempts to attack them but instead is forced to bow and im just there getting circled by this decieved wolf trying to tell the cougar to get up.then I woke up..
    Unsure of what it means but it was pretty vivid.

  6. I had a dream that started out with my boyfriend and I in my parent’s kitchen, but then he turned into my brother (not weird or romantic or anything, we were just standing in the kitchen.) I was looking out the sliding glass door where my parents have a deck and a lot of shrubs/ landscaping. I noticed the cougars face, but at first it was a red fox (my last name is fox and i always have had an emotional connection to foxes.) the Fox quickly turned into a white sandy cougar. The cougar stepped inside the kitchen followed by a smaller more white cougar. I freaked out and was screaming at my brother to protect our pets (3 house cats and for some reason two dogs even though we’ve never had dogs.) I was frantic and they kept coming closer, they would get close to the cats or dogs and I remember screaming at my mom to close the master bedroom with the pets in there, but the door kept opening and the cougars kept going in there, then I’d lure them out, just like you’d ask a dog to “come
    Here, Boy!” They would.l then I’d toss the pets into the master room. My mom and brother did not seemed so phased by the cougars while I was freaking out. The cougars seemed calm though. they weren’t aggressive or scared but they weren’t trying to be pet or hugged or anything. I just find it weird that they had every opportunity to kill me, my mom and brother, and our pets but they didn’t. I woke up after screaming at my brother to grab his kitten who was just playing around in the living room while the cougars kinda just watched him.

  7. Well in my dream, I took home an animal, a goat or a deer, we’ve been calling it a goat in my dream, but it looked different. Anyways, I took it home and I let him roam my garden for a while so that it could eat. Then this cougar (I say cougar because that’s what I said when I was asked in my dream) locked it’s jaws on my goat’s neck. So I rushed to the goat, tried to step on the cougar’s neck (I don’t know why I did that) to separate them. But I heard a voice over that the cougar sank it’s teeth on the goat’s neck instantly killing my goat. So I grabbed the cougar’s tail and slammed him on the wall till it’s dead. What does that mean? It was so vivid. I woke up as if I blinked. Not even sleepy at all, I was awake after that feeling as if I just had breakfast and took a shower (that awake). Will someone help me understand my dream? It’s driving me crazy. It’s imprinted like a memory, like all my other dreams.

  8. Last night I had a dream my mother and I was walking through a field of tall grass. We stopped and saw that there was a cougar in the distance. I told my mother to lay down on the ground and play dead with me , we did lol . My mother was so still and I saw the cougar coming through the tall grass. It was carrying what looked to be an adult human leg with a piece of pink clothing attached. It dropped the remains and start eating. Once done the cougar started to clean itself. She started to walk towards our direction, we were still. She spotted us and came towards my mother and sniffed. Nothing. I didn’t feel any fear which I found odd . She than approached me. As she sniffed she stopped, I sensed a calmness from her. She than nudged me with her head as of she was trying to wake me. I peaked through my eyes and her eyes met mine. I slowly brushed my hand against her, she than kept nudging me with her head. I felt like I had a connection with her. I slowly put my hand on her back and petted her. She accepted. The next thing I know the environment I was in changed. The cougar was laying on my lap. My husband walked in through a door way. She started to growl but as I put my hand on her and said it was okay, she instantly backed off and was okay. Than I woke up!

  9. Last night I dreamed a Cougar was trying to get in under a gap at the door. It was very frightening…I was trying to protect the people in the room…a bedroom in a cottage-like house. It was twilight. One of the people was my dear sister-in-law whose been dead for 10 years.
    Then it was morning, the cougar was gone. I was walking down a dirt road in the sunshine when I saw a very large yellow rabbit to my left in the distance. It saw me and ran towards me…it had large circle pattern around its eye facing forward. The next thing I knew I was back in bed and it was smaller and nibbling under my arm very aggressively…I was terrified and it took a few minutes to shake myself awake. Once awake I couldn’t believe the cougar, cottage etc was not real…it had seem so real.

    I have many dreams of aggressive animals….biting my fingers, dogs, goats, horses… what on earth does it all mean?

    • The aggressive animal part tends to mean someone is attacking you in real life, or you feel attacked, or someone is lying to you or doesn’t have your best intentions in mind. Try laying close attention to the people around you and sort out who your enemies may be. This is a difficult thing to do for sure. But you say you have dreams of animals often biting you. The biting means someone around you doesn’t have your best intentions at heart.
      The specific animal,signifies a few different things too. Check a few website for “horse bite in dreams” , “goat bite in dreams”, “rabbit bite in dreams”, etc. The dog one is important too. The fact that you were trying to protect people in this particular dream could just mean you are concerned for those around you, or have a nurturing heart. Break the dream,into,pieces and research each piece. Sometimes a dream tells you 3 different things. Sometimes it is all one giant message. I had a dream that stuck with me,upon waking so,intensely I began looking it up. There was about 7 different things it had to tell me, and they were all a jumble at first until I lined up the different messages and figured out what it meant in the long haul. It was along the lines of, “new things coming, be cautious, but enjoy them, fortune coming your way too, but they might not all end well.” And they didn’t. Ended up in a breakup. But everything else went great.

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