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Corn Dream Symbol – Corn is an important food staple for people around the world. Almost every part of the plant is used in some way. Corn is a part of our daily lives. Dreaming of corn can mean you have been trying to attract attention to yourself socially but those you care about do not seem to notice. You feel as though you are invisible. Do you feel this way? Persevere.

corn-dreamsJust as corn can be turned into so many useful products, persevere in reaching for what matters to you. Eventually you will succeed in what is important to you. Just remember, though, what is important today may change tomorrow. Be open to opportunities to grow.

Eating corn in a dream can represent uneasiness about something. You may be thinking about this from different perspectives, but you cannot understand or find a solution that works for you. Is there something on your mind? Do you have trouble coming to terms with something you struggle to understand? Consult a trusted friend. Seek their wisdom. Perseverance and patience will help you come to some sort of solution.

Dreaming of corn can also be a reference to ‘corniness’. Are you being corny? Do you view life in this way? Are you corny? Take a look at yourself for this dream can be a warning that others see you that way. What can you do to grow through a corny outlook to move forward?

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    I had a dream that am eating a corn even give some to children, pls i what to known the meaning, thanks

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