Coral Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Coral Dream Symbol – Coral comes in all shapes, colors, and sizes, living in the depths of the sea. When the wonders of the living organism coral visit your dreams know you are protected by all that is naturally beautiful. Coral also brings the promise of prosperity and inner peace. Being at peace with how you feel about things means you let go of the emotions and fears that hold you back. Doing this will see the universe reward you with a fun, rewarding life.

Coral also signifies reaching your own inner peace. She can remind you need to acknowledge and come to terms with how you feel about all in your life. Coral in your dreams also signifies the relationships in your life and different colors have different meanings:

  • White coral can mean widening your circle of friends to include more people with similar interests. It can also mean unfaithfulness and betrayal in love.
  • Pink coral can indicate happiness and a sense of fulfillment from socializing in the near future. You will be the centre of attention I your circle of friends, and this is something you may have longed for.
  • Red coral can warn to watch your temper with those close to you or you may lose someone you truly care about.
  • Black coral suggests you may need to learn to have faith and trust the universe will deliver all that you need. Stop trying to control everything and let your intuition guide you along the way.

When Coral crosses your path

You may be going through fundamental changes in your life when coral crosses your path. This is an intense test of your emotional awareness and ability to act with integrity in the midst of turmoil.

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  1. I dreamed of green broccoli coral dancing in a friend’s bathroom basins. I didn’t even know broccoli coral was a thing until i woke up and googled it.

  2. What about blue and black feather coral dreams ?
    It was to vivid i can’t forget the details they where attached to my toenails as if they were this weird manicure and fishes where trying to eat them from my toes!

  3. Vera Jane Harding on

    I have a dream where sea coral is growing in the palm of my hand, it covers the whole palm, and grows long waffing around in the breeze. I can peel it off with my fingers but it grows back.

  4. Dreamed i was given a large piece of deep red coral, was about 6 inches in length, 1.5 inches in diameter at one end and tapered to about an inch diameter at the other end. It was not a man-made wand, as it was not a perfect shape. It had dark veins running through it. I remember saying to someone who may have given it to me that it was Native American, meaning they use this deep red coral in their jewelry. It was a large heavy piece, naturally shaped, and I was in awe.

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