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Cookies Dream Symbol – Lots of cookies in a dream symbolize the trivial things in life. The minor annoyances that can niggle at you. These can be the things that worry you or the things you desire. When dreaming of cookies leaves you feeling uneasy, this indicates there are things that constantly worry you in your waking life.

What can these be? Do these things really matter in the big scheme of things? What can you do to resolve them? Or is just everything rubbing you the wrong way? You may need to take time out for yourself. Just relax and do whatever you want. This can help clear your head and heart, so you can see with better clarity.

Dreaming of eating a cookie in a happy setting is sign you are happy and will get what you want. Receiving cookies can mean you are annoyed with that person. There may be small things about them that annoy you. Giving someone cookies can mean you are the cause of the problems.

cookie-dreamsBaking cookies are a sign you are happy and content. It represents warm, happy feelings of home. This is something you want to share. Giving someone the cookies you bake is a gesture of how much you care. Baking cookies can also mean that your hard work is going to be rewarded. Keep working hard towards your goals.

Eating different sorts of cookies can mean different things. Indulging in chocolate chip cookies can signify you overindulge in real life. You have a weakness for the finer things in life. Eating plain cookies is a reminder to treat yourself to the finer things in life. You deserve them every now and then. After all, that is the purpose of working hard.

Dreaming of overindulging when eating cookies is a warning there is some part of your life you push to excess. Feeling guilty while eating a cookie, can be a sign of dissatisfaction in your waking life. Struggling to reach a cookie in a dream can be a reminder of how you had to work hard to achieve your goals in the past. Someone taking your cookie can mean they are getting what it is that you want. It can also mean they stand in your way.

Mostly cookies are a good sign. Just remember to look at how a dream makes you feel to help you understand the meaning.

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  1. I recently had a dream in which I was on a field trip in a courthouse type building and my mom gave me some money to spend. There were two bowls of ice cream, one green one magenta, and a large stack of girlscout cookies on a foldable table with a blue cloth. The rest of the room was empty. I wanted some but I couldn’t find my money, so I waited until the group I was with left and stole a bunch, but whenever I tried to get the icecream they turned into lollipops of the same corresponding color and flavor. I still took them. And the girls out cookies weren’t any kind I’d seen before. I opened them and gorged myself on some almondy chocolate covered truffles. I was lost after that and wandered room to room by myself until I found this one guy named Noah (I know him irl but we aren’t even acquainted) he ventured with me and as we were leaving I found my money and felt really bad about taking stuff so I bought as many boxes and lollipops as I could and brought them home. That’s all I remember.

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