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Computer Dream Symbol – When you see a computer in your dreams this represents technology and modern society. This is a message to let you know new opportunities will soon cross your path. It can also warn you may be afraid to be your true self. Are you afraid to show your real emotions to those around you? Or, are you happy going along with the majority? You may feel no need to be an individual among mainstream society. You may even look down at those who question the norm.

Are you afraid to show your real emotions to those around you? Or, are you happy going along with the majority? You may feel no need to be an individual among mainstream society. You may even look down at those who question the norm.

Computers in a dream represent demonstrating your potential to work or there may be things you need to learn to reach your potential. Whatever you see on the monitor in your dream can reflect what is happening, or what you should do, in your waking life.

A virus on a computer warns some area of your life is in turmoil. Has something in your waking life suddenly ended? Dreaming a computer has a mind of its own can represent your anxious feelings about technology and it may make you feel out of control. It may be there is someone controlling your life and you cannot see a way out. Seeing a virus protection program, working on a computer, warns there is something potentially dangerous in your real life. This can warn that you need to pay extra attention when working on important tasks. Working without anti-virus software warns you are behaving recklessly in your waking life. You need to get your act together before you get hurt.

Playing a computer game can mean you will lose a friendship in your waking life because of your distraction and lack of commitment. It can also warn that changes you make may not go as planned. You may need to seek help to deal with the situation. The big lesson is to ask for help, rather than trying to struggle alone. Do you have a problem asking for help?

Dreaming of a computer can also mean you may soon go on an exciting new adventure or travel somewhere interesting. It is a warning you need to take time out for rest and relaxation. Consider spending time outdoors to rejuvenate. It can also mean that if you have been having problems lately, things will soon improve.

Solving equations using a computer is a sign you will soon know success. Your finances will improve and so will your social standing. This is a time of great joy and moving your life forward. Be proud of yourself. Turning on a computer can reflect your flexible approach to your life. Are you always ready to take on a new adventure?

A broken computer is a sign there will be emotional stress in your personal or working life. This may be a warning to get rid of the people and situations that cause you the most stress. And, cultivate those loyal to who you truly are. There is no point keeping people around who only leave you feeling anxious. A computer turned off in a dream can mean you long for peace and harmony in your waking life. It could be time for a short break from the stresses of everyday life. Make a commitment to take some time out.

Computer Disc

Dreaming of a computer disc means you may soon have access to all the information you need. Maybe you are thinking of learning something new. It also reminds it is time for rest and relaxation. You cannot work all the time and function well. You need to spend time with those you love to help you feel rejuvenated.

Using a computer disc is a sign you will soon be promoted in real life. This could be at work or for something important to you. A broken disc can represent you are holding yourself back from your dreams. It can mean you need to be more proactive in pursuit of your ambitions. What is it that holds you back? Finding a computer disc can mean past memories may be rising to the surface. These may be reminders of past lessons you can use to help you in your current waking life.

A computer disc that is not working in a dream can warn you may be resisting the lessons of the past. Do you often repeat old patterns hoping for a different outcome? There is an old saying “if always do what you have always done, you always get what you always got”. Does this apply to you? A working computer disc is a sign of being stressed out and overwhelmed by things in your waking life. You may need to chill out.


Dreaming of a modem represents your ability to communicate with others easily, though there are some who ignore you. It can also mean there are times where you stumble on confused thoughts when you speak, which isolates you from some people you meet. Are you really shy in the company of others? It is a reminder to just keep working on using better communication and you will eventually overcome this. You will soon feel comfortable sharing your stories and ideas.

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