Comet Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Comet Dream Symbol – Dreaming of a comet can represent arguments, war, and disease. It spells disaster for you if a comet falls on you in a dream. Noticing a comet flying though the stars in a dream can mean there is someone close to you getting ready to leave the physical plane. Someone close is going to die.

A comet in a dream can be a negative sign. You may be about to lose everything that matters to you in your life. If you are planning a trip and you have a dream of a comet, it is a warning to abandon your plans. This is not the time to travel or to spend more money than you need to. It is also a warning this is not a time to engage in risky activities for they may not have positive outcomes.

A black trail behind a comet is a sign that something negative is going to happen that will change your whole life. It can also mean that you have to persist through some tough times because there is no other way to survive. If you find these challenges easy to deal with, then it means you triumph in your waking life.

A female dreaming of a comet can mean, there is excitement and stress in your life. It is a message to remind that you can choose to be positive or negative. It depends on your outlook in life. Seeing a golden comet flying through the sky can mean you will soon receive an inheritance. It will be unexpected and a golden opportunity. It can set you up for the rest of your life.

When a comet falls into the ground and leaves a big crater, this can mean you will soon face new difficult challenges that may be overwhelming. You do not need to worry as you have friends who can support you through the tough times. Dreaming of a green comet racing across the sky in daylight warns of war. It signifies weapons of war will be unlike any seen before and it is time to get out of the area. There is much death and destruction on the way.

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  1. Beautiful-446 on

    I had a dream I was in a house and I seen a bright light coming towards me and landed on the side of the house and I open the door someone had died and I was sad crying but then that person came back to life… Confusion but I don’t understand it

  2. I had a dream that I was sitting outside or in a bus idk I’m not sure but my brother was next to me and we both see the comet passing by but it leaves like a white trail behind and I remember trying to make a wish and getting this excited or urge feeling but then I say “I don’t have a wish in mind, instead I just want my dad or family to have prosperity and make a lot of money and that everything goes well.

  3. I dreamt I was talking to a man who was apparently my lover, and he said there were two comets going across the sky and the tails were about to cross. I’m pregnant – crazy pregnancy dream or twins?!

  4. I had a dream that I was staring into the night sky with two girls both girls are my friends and I wouldn’t mind getting into a stronger relationship with either of them and out of no where I see a shooting star I follow the shooting star with my eyes till I can’t see it any more and then I see a comet shoot across the night sky where the shooting star faded what could this mean??

  5. I had a dream an comet fell in back of my daughter I was yelling for her to move and she didn’t listen. She got sick from the smoke of the comet and when she got up and came in the house. I looked. Up and there was a whole in the sky that allowed me to see into space. It was on the news about the comet. The news also spoke about another comet getting ready to hit somewhere else in 3mins. I remember us all in the house closing windows so we wouldn’t get sick from the comet. Oh the comet fell in my backyard what could this mean.

  6. I had a dream I was away from everyone and was really getting out of my bubble expressing my real self and a black with a dark blue outline comet flew just about 200 yards away from us I was the only one to go outside everyone else was scared to move or talk. I jump up and see the trail of fiery treetops and start heading towards it and woke up.

  7. I dreamt about Venus that was glowing brighter and brighter. Then I noticed it was brighter because there was a comet in line with it, coming towards me. The comet was made out of a beautiful white diamond, which then flew past me.

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