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Cleaner Dream Symbol – Dreaming of being a cleaner can mean you are working at removing the negativity in your waking life to help you overcome some challenges.

It is a sign of new opportunities will soon cross your path. Cleaning your house is a message to clear your thoughts of negative energy. It is time to get rid of bad habits. Are you considering self-improvement in some way?

A cleaner can also mean there is some secret you are keeping or information you withhold. Is it time to ‘come clean’? Or, have you just told the half truth about something? Cleaning items can represent a part of yourself that has shut down. What are you refusing to face?

Cleaning out the refrigerator or the oven represents getting to the heart of the problem. It can also mean you are feeling inferior or negative in some way. Do you feel as though you are stuck in a rut? Maybe you need a change.

A dream of cleaning out a desk can mean you are getting rid of all that burdens you in your waking life. Getting rid of the negative to let in the new positive energy. This will feel good and help you start again. Do you finally feel free?

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