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Classroom Dream Symbol –¬†Dreaming of being in a classroom is about learning important life lessons. It also represents personal growth. There are new things you are learning about yourself. Be open to this for the lessons you learn now can help you in your future. Looking for a classroom is a sign there are things you need to learn to achieve success. An outdoors classroom can man you need to loosen up. Be more spontaneous. Be more adaptable to different situations.

Classrooms can also represent looking for solutions for what worries you. Is there something you struggle with? Sitting at the back of a classroom can mean you do not want to give too much attention to the challenges you face.

Are you avoiding something or someone?  Being near the front of the classroom can mean you are more worried about your problems than others. Do you feel you have more invested in something than other people do?

Related Dreams

Take notice of the subject being taught in the classroom for this will help you better understand your dream. Learning cooking can be about nourishment and your family, and mathematics can signify trying to solve difficult problems. Science may be a reminder to explore new opportunities and geography can mean you are changing your perspective on life.

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  1. I have recurring dream of being in a classroom. But there are absence of teacher and sometimes they are present, but I don’t know what they teach.

  2. Blessing Nsa on

    My dream is always about going to the class room but I never get to stay in the class, either I missed my way, books, uniform or give excuse so that I will not go for the class.
    This worries me because this has been going on for about a year now… Can someone explained please

  3. I had a dream when I saw my class mate in the classroom of which I read Civil engineering and also I saw my fellow Forex trading in that same classroom and had a male and female teacher in the classroom

  4. I dreamed I was sitting at the third or fourth desk from the front and there was only maybe 2 or three other students, one professor and another like an assistant.
    We were all copying down all the writing he was doing on two whiteboards. Once he finished writing on the second board he began erasing from the end of the first board and I was just coming close to completing to move to the next board.
    I look at the student in front of me and just kind of laughed out of frustrated amusement as we looked at each other.

  5. Levonne Thompson on

    I dreamt that I came into a classroom and went to sit down where I usually sit but the tables were rearranged and there were no seats other than the seats that the other students were sitting at. Basically I didn’t have anywhere to sit.

  6. Nansubuga Hajara on

    Me I dreamed when I went to a certain primary school inside the class I was trying to write the revision the teacher wrote on the blackboard but I couldn’twrite anything the was cleaning every question I reached to write I don’t why I didn’t write anything in my book

  7. I dreamed that I was in some type of group learning session where I was given a sheet to read from in front of the classroom. The classroom was not set up like a traditional classroom with rows of desks but instead consisted of more than one sets of chairs situated in a small circle with ipads. People were reading different paragraphs and learning correct pronouncation of various words. The language was English but found this dream to be bazaar because of having a document in electronic form handed to me by a female instructor with shoulder length blonde with silverish grey in her hair (never saw this person in my life). Any thoughts to this dream would be helpful.

  8. Ahmad Ansari on

    i dreamt i was in a classroom and my classe was growing in numbers ,i was the teacher as i was in real life and the sits and the students were increasing even the space of the class !

  9. I dreamt that i was in the same class with my current boyfriend (he’s working and not a student I need real life and I’m a student) I answered questions in the class and after school we went home together and we went to take a shower. Then I saw a 3 year old girl going in the bathroom first before me. So I bathed her first and me and my bf had our bath together too (I had his bath for him and also washed his shoes and he had my bath for me too. But were both naked)

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