Musical Instruments Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Musical Instruments Dream Symbol – Playing a musical instrument in a dream can indicate the rhythm and beat of your life. If you are playing the instrument in tune and on beat, it means that you are following the right path and are making good decisions in your life. If the instrument sounds off, it may indicate that you are not in incongruence to the people around you.

Below are some interpretations for specific music instruments that you might see or hear in a dream.

Clarinet/Flute/Recorder Dream Meaning

instrumentsDreaming of a wind instrument like a clarinet or a flute can indicate your sensitivity to the things around you. Because these instruments are not as powerful as their brass counterparts, you need to listen closely if you want to hear the music.

To dream about a flute can express the sound of a spirit and represent boy joy and sadness in your life. The musicality of the music in your dream may represent the rhythm of your life and how it affects the people around you.

Cymbal Dream Meaning

The cymbal is a basic instrument that requires good harmony in order to blend in with the other instruments. If you are off beat on the cymbal you will stand out like a sore thumb.

The symbol is also an instrument that has two halves, which can represent the connection of your passion with practical side. If the symbol is well balanced it can indicate you are in rhythm with everyone in your life.

If you dream that you are playing a symbol loudly, it may indicate that you are overreacting to a particular situation in your life. Maybe you are making a big deal about something that isn’t a big deal after all.

Gong Dream Meaning

To hear a gong in your dream can indicate that something is coming to an end in your life. You have entered a new phase and should look to change the direction that you are heading. The gong can also symbolize an interruption to something that is currently happening in your life.

Tambourine Dream Meaning

If you are playing the tambourine in a dream it can indicate that you like to stand out and don’t want to go unnoticed by people around you. If you are playing with a group of people it may be telling you that you work well with others and have found people who have similar interests and passions in your life.

The tambourine can also represent your rhythm and beat of life. Seeing one in your dream can indicate that you are in control of the direction that you are headed.

Trumpet Dream Meaning

The trumpet is a loud instrument that can easily be distinguished from the rest of the band. If you dream that you are playing the trumpet it may indicate the need to lead and be in control of your life. You don’t want to be a background noise, you want to be a leading instrument that is heard through the crowd.

Alternatively, playing the trumpet may indicate that you are seeking more attention. The need for more attention is something that is indicative by your desire to be the lead instrument in a band.

In biblical terms, angels are often depicted as blowing trumpets, which can indicate the desire to do something special and be someone of significance. It also represents following the right path in life and not going off in the wrong direction.

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  1. In real life I street perform playing the trumpet for tips. However in my dream world when I’m about to play the trumpet for some people or in a band when I take my trumpet out of the case it’s usually broken and not playable. The band is usually a school concert band or marching band similar to the the kind I was in during high school 1974-1978.

  2. I didnt really have a dream that i was playing the trumpet. In the dream, my brother sent a text telling me about a program that would teach me to play the trumpet so that i could teach it to other kids. I woke up trying to see if the text was real.

  3. I dreamt I played the trumpet in a big band. Everything going smooth intill somebody wanted to show me how to play and then I forgot how to do it and had to start over again. The music was full of joy and ease and I enjoyed the sound of the trumpet very much.

  4. Bright Okunfolami on

    I heard a loud sounds of trumpet singing familiar christian hymns and worship songs thinking it was been blown by my neighbour whom i have never seen with any trumpet or blowing anyone before. But when i woke up i asked my wife and child if they heard any sound of trumpet in the the night, they answered that they did not hear any sound of trumpet playing. Please can you shed more light into the dream?

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