City Dream Meaning and Interpretations


City Dream Symbol – A city featured in a dream symbolizes your social circle and how you fit into your community. Dreaming of a big city may mean you need to spend more time with family and friends. Do you feel alone? Being in a deserted city means you think those you care about have rejected you. A ruined city indicates you are not putting time and energy into your friends. Are you pushing people away?

Dreaming of a city under the sea can symbolize your deepest feelings and how you are trying to understand yourself better. This is a time where you may meet new people to share new experiences with. A city in the clouds in the sky can suggest you have set your goals too high for yourself, and probably for others. Do you expect too much from the people in your life?

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  1. Had a dream about a city in the clouds that has crumbled down to earth, while some buildings still floated above the ground and they were more like a mirage then tangible because I could only see them while looking at a certain angle the building fell on the city below and caused major damage and panic I was attending and event in one of the barley standing buildings but two woman went crazy inside one started stabbing people and the other was spraying people with a water gun full of alcohol so she could set them on fire

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