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Cinema Dream Symbol –┬áDreaming of the cinema can relate to your social life. Are there people around you causing dramas? Do they always make things all about them? Socializing may be a highlight for you. You may love the joy and status it can bring. Watch how the characters in the production interact with each other for this is a clue on how to make positive changes in your waking life.

A movie cinema can mean that you will watch events play out in front of you in your real life. A cinema can be directly related to your personal life. Maybe you are acting out in some way in your waking reality. A main part in a movie production can mean you have walls up to protect your emotions from being hurt. Whatever you are watching at the cinema can be directly related to what is happening in your waking life.

A cinema on fire in a dream can mean you will have some problems if you keep doing things you do not want to do. You may need to reassess your commitments and put an end to the ones that drain your energy. Seeing an old-style cinema can mean you will meet new, interesting people. Being part of the audience can be a message that someone you are close to, and consider a friend, wants to take the relationship to the romantic level. You may already be socializing as friends, so it is up to what you want out of the relationship in the future.

Seeing weird happenings in a cinema can relate to unusual events in your life. There may be illusions you need to see through. Seeing an open-air cinema can symbolize watching life pass you by. It is a warning to take action or you will never achieve success.

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  1. I had a dream that i dropped off mt wife at the movie theater to see a movie alone i drove away feeling kinda weird and expecting a call from her that i didnt get i remember thinking maybe she didnt see the movie at all and began worrying a little every thing else is sorta vague.

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