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Church Dream Symbol – Dreaming of being outside a church symbolizes your values and integrity. Being inside the church can indicate you are seeking spiritual guidance and clarity. Maybe you have been through a dark time after making mistakes, or you failed someone or at something completely.

You may seek the right support to help you find your way back onto the right path. It can also mean you are questioning everything in your life. This may be a time where you reassess love, life, and everything.

A church can represent your need for answers to the challenges you face. You may seek guidance as you search for greater clarity. You may be at a crossroads and not know which way to turn. It is a time where you need to have faith in yourself and in the right people.

When a church appears in a dream it can represent that you see how helpless some people are when trying to solve their problems. Negatively, it can mean how stupid you feel people are blindly following the masses when trying to solve their issues. You want to tell people that things will not work out by just having blind faith. Do something to help yourself! Churches can also represent your deep religious faith.

Dreaming of a church basement can mean you have lost faith or there is a crisis situation to face. You may also be trying to work out why such terrible things are happening to you. Are you asking why me? A woman dreaming of being naked in a church is a sign of high anxiety and stress. You may have this dream just before you get married. Are you anxious about being the center of attention? Are you stressing that everything will go perfectly on your wedding day?

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  1. My wife dreamed of me sleeping in the church and covered under a white sheet.
    Despite pastor calling me, I never woke up
    What is the meaning?

  2. Last night (New Moon in Sagittarius) I dreamt of being in a church with my husband and older children (we do not attend church). We were all sitting on the same pew. However, the pew was facing the entry door instead of the pulpit… we were seated in the front pew in that regard. There was a woman sitting directly behind me instructing her daughter (around 7-8 yrs old) to change her top in front of everyone. This little girl was clearly uncomfortable with the idea of doing this, so I told her to go ahead and go change in private. The mother was very mean and nasty toward me about this, yet I did not care as my concern was for that little girl and how she felt in that moment. Many of the people in the church were lined/lining up to receive communion, yet my family and I chose to remained seated. A man walks through the front door, comes to me and says hello. He interacts with me as if he is an old friend. I feel I know him, yet cannot place exactly who he is. He proceeds to the end of the communion line and I feel I would like to recall his name. Then, I wake up. Now, I have a very good idea of what this is all about for me and look forward to the upcoming year. Thank you for allowing me to share.

  3. Jesse Jones on

    I dreamt of two churches. One was on top of a hill. The other one was at the bottom of the hill. They were no more than 50 yards from eachother. The church at the bottom of the hill was “new age”. The one on top was traditional. All of my childhood friends (most unbelievers, but not all) were attending the “new church”. I was going to the old one. I was curious about the new one so I went. They were speaking blasphemy and were about to perform some kind of ceremony. I grabbed my seven year olds hand and fled to the church on the hill. Where I felt comfort. I tried to warn the others in my church about the new church. I felt like only a few were listening to me. I felt like I couldn’t explain my reasoning and no one could understand what I was trying to say. I felt lost

  4. I dreamt I was in church and my church books someone stole them on me and I cried ils y find them I found who stolen them it’s was the elders and I couldn’t get them back from them

  5. Martha Immanuel on

    I dreamt beung outside the church because we were late for the devotion. Later the big door of the church was opened.
    We went in and joined every one in the congregation.

  6. I was dreaming I walk in the center in the church and kneeling in front and i become blind. After that I was seeking help with a priest and he put his hand at my head. After that, I saw one candle light and image of Sto nińo. And i touch him and saying “Thank you”. What is that mean?

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