Christmas Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Christmas Dream Symbol – Christmas is a time of year that represents spirituality. Seeing presents with a red ribbon is a sign you will achieve success in some part of your life. Seeing Santa Claus brings joy into your life. He is a symbol of happiness. It can also mean there is something on your mind.

If Santa is without his sleigh or is dressed in filthy, torn clothes, this is a sign you need to be careful over financial matters. You may face financial hardship soon. Seeing a Christmas tree represents your self-confidence and happiness at this time of the year. A frozen lake or river indicates there may be some misunderstandings among your family.

Dreaming of Christmas is related to death and new beginnings. This can be a difficult time for families as it can dredge up old hurts and arguments. Enjoying Christmas Day with your family represents humility, peace, and kindness to others. You try to be there to support each other.

Seeing an angel or a higher being in a Christmas dream, indicates you are about to go through a stage of spiritual growth. Seeing Christmas lights mean you will be happy and prosperous. You have the ability to create a wonderful life.  dreams

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  1. Dreamt about walking into my house after being away for a while and started cleaning and tidying up to realise that all my Christmas decorations were still up. I remember knowing in my dream that it was August and I still wondering why I left them up so long.

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