Christian Dream Interpretation (Biblical Dream Interpretation)


Christian dream interpretation is a matter of determining what your dreams mean from a Christian perspective, often using symbols found in the Bible as references.

The matter of dream interpretation has a long history in Judeo-Christianity. In the Old Testament, Jacob saw a ladder ascending up into heaven, and wrestled with an angel in his dream. Joseph interpreted Pharaoh’s dream of seven skinny cows eating up seven fat cows to mean that there would be seven years of plenty and then seven years of famine.

This Biblical dream interpretation impressed Pharaoh so much that he made Joseph his right-hand man, and thus Joseph was able to save all of Egypt from famine, and his family as well when they came asking for food.

Interpretations Come From God

Daniel, too, interpreted dreams. In the New Testament, Jesus’ foster-father Joseph was warned in a dream to take Mary and Jesus to Egypt to escape Pharaoh’s slaughter of the baby boys, and the Magi who had come guided by the star also were warned in a dream not to return by way of Jerusalem to tell Herod the whereabouts of Jesus.

Pontius Pilate’s wife had a dream about Jesus before his trial, and sent Pilate a message telling him, “Have thou nothing to do with that just man; for I have suffered many things this day in a dream, because of him.” (Matthew 27:19) Over and over, God sends messages to people in dreams, and good things come to those who listen to the messages that are sent to them in their dreams.Christian Dreams

Despite the Biblical evidence for dream interpretation, there is still controversy about whether Biblical dream interpretation is valid or even allowable for Christians. Some people make reference to the Witch of Endor, whom Saul asked to bring Samuel back from the dead and thus lost his blessing to rule the kingdom, as evidence against dream interpretation or other forms of superstition.

Others contradict this claim, stating that if dream interpretation were simply a superstition, God would not have sent dreams to so many of our Biblical heroes, nor would there be verses referring to dream prophecies. While some modern Christians do not believe in dreams, there is nevertheless a strong Christian tradition and belief that God can talk to you in your dreams.

Interpreting Christian Dreams

When interpreting the symbols you see in your dream in a Christian context, the meanings may vary depending on your sect or belief system. This is not because God is inconsistent; instead, it is because He uses language you can understand to speak to you. Because of the differences in faith traditions even within Christianity, one symbol may have a different meaning from one person to another.

For instance, a nun’s habit may mean something different to a Catholic than to a Baptist – though in either case, it symbolizes a literal nun, a woman who has devoted her life to God, for a Catholic it may mean a vocation to the religious life, while to someone who is not Catholic, the symbol may simply mean a life of sacrifice, simplicity, and charity.

If you hear someone speaking directly to you, you should always pay attention, especially if the dream has had other Christian dream symbols or Biblical dream symbols in it.

The Christian tradition has a strong belief in the voice of God or the angels speaking through dreams, and you do not want to ignore a message that was sent to you individually. If you feel that you are being spoken to through your dreams, you ought to keep a dream diary to record God’s messages to you.

The gift of prophecy is sometimes given in dreams, as in Numbers 12:6: “Hear now my words: If there be a prophet among you, I the Lord will make myself known unto him in a vision, and will speak unto him in a dream.” Many Christians make decisions about their future based on dreams, and for many, this leads them to great success.

So how do you know what the Christian or Biblical interpretation of your dream is? First, it helps to know your Bible and to be familiar with the stories within it. The symbols that appear in your dreams may refer to

Biblical stories that you know, or they may be stories that you don’t yet know, which will make your dream make sense once you learn it. God’s plans often work around teaching us new things, and He may send you dreams specifically to make you go and research them. Here are a few Biblical dream symbols you may encounter and the stories behind them.

Bread and Wine: This is a symbol of the Last Supper that Jesus shared with his disciples, in which he said of the bread “This is my body” and of the wine “This is my blood.” To Catholics, this is taken literally, so that during the Mass the bread is believed to literally change into the body of Jesus and the wine to change into the blood of Jesus.

For most other denominations, this is taken symbolically, to mean that Jesus left his spirit with us symbolically and that he is present spiritually rather than physically when the Lord’s Supper is shared. In a dream, bread and wine represent fellowship and unity with the people around you; they also represent a strong spiritual presence of Jesus.

As a symbol of the Passover, they represent deliverance from trials and suffering, as the Hebrews ate unleavened bread the night that the Angel of Death passed over Egypt, the night before they were set free from the bondage of slavery.

Burning Bush: Moses saw the Burning Bush when he was exiled in the desert, and from the Burning Bush he heard the voice of God telling him to go and free the Hebrews from enslavement to Pharaoh in Egypt. Seeing a burning bush in your dream is a sign of a message from God. Take this sign and the message with it seriously.

Alternatively, it could indicate a call to do something difficult and scary, which you feel unqualified and unable to do. This is a sign that you should trust in God; that He will act through you and not give you anything to do that you cannot do with His help.

Candles: Candles are a liturgical symbol with many meanings. Bringing light into the darkness, being the light of the world, and being a guiding light are some of the meanings of the Christian dream symbol of a candle.

Fish: A fish is a symbol of Christianity. The early Christians would use the symbol of the fish to identify themselves to each other, especially during the Roman persecution when it was unsafe to openly identify yourself as a Christian for fear of being arrested and put to death. Jesus performed several miracles involving fish, including the multiplication of the loaves and fishes and the massive catch of fish that he gave Peter when he called him.

After his resurrection, Jesus appeared to his disciples cooking fish on the shore of the Sea of Galilee, and he broke bread with them. As a culture in a location between the Sea of Galilee and the Mediterranean Ocean, fish was very important to the Hebrews.

Flowers: In Biblical dream interpretations, flowers are a reference to the Sermon on the Mount, where Jesus held up the lilies of the valley as a paradigm for how Christians should be: “They toil not, neither do they spin: And yet I say unto you, That even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.” If you see flowers in your dream, this is a sign to trust in God to take care of you.

Lamb: A lamb may be a reference to the verse, “The lion shall lie down with the lamb.” It may also be a symbol of Jesus, who in the Gospels referred to himself as the Good Shepherd and in Revelations was referred to as the Lamb of God. In addition, the lamb symbolizes meekness and docility, as Christians are supposed to be meek and gentle to each other, and to follow God’s will like lambs.

Lion: Another symbol of Jesus, who is also called the Lion of Judah.

Rainbow: The rainbow is a reference to the story of the flood when Noah saved the animal and human life of the world by bringing two animals of each species onto the Ark along with his family, and it rained for forty days and forty nights.

When the flood was over, God promised Noah that he would never again send another flood to destroy humanity, and he set his rainbow in the sky in token of his covenant. Dreaming of a rainbow is a sign of hope and trust in God’s promises. It is a reassurance that God will not let you down, even if circumstances look dire, and that He wants what is best for you.

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Stephen is a self confessed dream junkie that loves all things dream related. He is a writer for Dream Stop and has been working in the field of dreams for the past decade. He believes that the YOU are the only person who can truly understand the meaning of your dreams. You have to look inside your inner thoughts to find the hidden truths in your dream. These interpretations are for entertainment purposes only. Stephen's interpretations should be considered an opinion, not professional advice.


  1. Zingrin ZIngkhai on

    i had a dream lastnight where i saw in my own bedroom while i was in my bed a wildboar like beast and large rat and different animals inside my room coming out from a passageway a dugged hole in the middle of my room.
    And nother dream goes like this where i saw in my fathers hand written ‘ktuj'”

  2. I had a dream I was with a friend stepping in the grounds of some church the grass was green full of life, I started trembling and my friend went into a window where the Pastor of the church was present and she brought me along as she was telling the Pastor about me, he took a dish with white pebbles poured water from the tap and prayed on that dish and he gave the dish to my friend and asked her to give it to me and that my friend should stood in front of me and that my right hand be upon her shoulder whilst holding the dish and feeding me with the dish, the dish had 4 corners and corners a bit sharper or stretched out than a usual dish and as I drinked the water I stopped trembling and shaking.

  3. Pls interpret my dream

    I saw a dead lion and I carried it but it was actually sleeping…when I put it down to take a rest I begin to see it was still breathing..i began to run before it can attack woke up and just watched me and turned the other way and went back to its place..

  4. Hi. I am a Christian and I had a dream that other Christians were outside digging shallow holes on my front lawn and starting a Prayer circle. Some of the people I knew, some I didn’t. We just put our house on the market and I am not sure if that has anything to do with it. Please let me know if you can tell me the meaning of this dream.

  5. rachel Kame on

    I had a dream of being able to look down on what looked like cities on a platform. I could see an angry ocean around them. Then I suddenly knew I had to get out and leave. We were going to die if we stayed. I ended up in my old house I use to live in with my mom. It was pouring rain. I was yelling at her to hurry up and get out of the house and in the truck. We ran back and forth loading each cat that I’ve ever had (some missing). I got her in the truck and we moved out of danger. I came back to tell my fiancé to please listen and get out. He needed to leave. I was so worried about him. Throughout my dream, I kept thinking about being fearful of dying and then I would tell myself I’m okay. I’d be with Jesus. I still had a small sense of worry. We ended up landed on huge orange and bright stacked rocks. They were dry and it was sunny.

    • Karen Hersom on

      I had a dream of being able to look down: You have a prophetic gift and
      God has given the ability to see into the plans of the enemy so that you may be able to escape it

      ….. cities on a platform those things that are built not on Jesus, that elevate man above God

      I could see an angry ocean around them. Once again you are a seer and can see the angry demonic worldly spirits that surround this false hope

      Then I suddenly knew I had to get out and leave. We were going to die if we stayed. I believe that you are/were surrounded by puffed up people who are really are worldly and God is giving you insight that he wants you to get out of this place

      I ended up in my old house I use to live in with my mom. It was pouring rain. You are trying to find a safe place, but the Lord is showing you that you are going backwards and this is not a safe place either. Just because something is familiar or comfortable does not necessarily mean it is safe.

      I was yelling at her to hurry up and get out of the house and in the truck.
      I believe that God gives you insight, some people listen…

      We ran back and forth loading each cat that I’ve ever had (some missing). I got her in the truck and we moved out of danger. I came back to tell my fiancé to please listen and get out. He needed to leave. I was so worried about him. Throughout my dream, I kept thinking about being fearful of dying and then I would tell myself I’m okay. I’d be with Jesus. I still had a small sense of worry. You worry about those that you love and you are also a rescuer. However, you are beginning to realize that many of those that you are trying to help/save have some type of issue that is lacking which often makes it difficult to help. The enemy tries to fill you with fear about dying in particular. He tries to create panic and anxiety in you.

      We ended up landed on huge orange and bright stacked rocks. They were dry and it was sunny. This is the Lord’s answer about your anxiety….Orange means perseverance and you will be able to get through the storms and trials in him if you hide yourself in the Rock which is Jesus and stand firm in him. He is going to find you a safe place for which you can live and breathe and have your being. Look to the rock from which you were cut and to the quarry from which you were dug. Hearken to Me, ye that follow after righteousness, Ye that seek the LORD; Look unto the rock whence ye were hewn, And to the hole of the pit whence ye were digged.
      Isaiah 51:1

    • Karen Hersom on

      We ended up landed on huge orange and bright stacked rocks. They were dry and it was sunny……
      The Lord is telling you that he is going to keep you safe…Psa 27:5
      For in the day of trouble he will keep me safe in his dwelling; he will hide me in the shelter of his sacred tent and set me high upon a rock.

  6. I had a dream that 2 men come and try to teach me things they keep saying your not ready we have to get you ready

    • Karen Hersom on

      I believe that God is going to send you help and give you a witness (2 men) about what he wants you to do and the training that is needed to do what God put in your heart to do.

  7. Please help me interpret.
    I dreamed i was on the sea, it is calm & dark blue. The weather is cloudy looking like it’s going to rain. I forgot if it really rained, but if it did, maybe lightly. I saw a little girl surfing on the sea. But there are no waves, the sea is just calm regardless of the weather. I was really worried about her safety since she’s a little girl. She was surfing in a horizontal direction going to the deep waters. I chased her, riding in my board trying to stop her. Aside from being worried, i also felt fear i might drown. She’s so fast. But she’s confident and adventurous never thinking the dangers of what she’s doing. She was in fact very happy. Now she crossed the line where kids are not allowed because the water is getting deeper. I have a companion on the other board but i forgot if he’s an adult or a child. All i know is he’s a guy. Then i saw my photographer friends in the middle of the sea also worried at the little girl’s actions. Then i suddenly felt of giving up on that kid. I was like “i don’t care if you’ll get drown, we’re not related anyway”. We stopped in the middle of the sea. Then i saw myself standing in the board trying to gain balance but i fell. I thought i’m gonna drown but the sea is very shallow. I was able to walk in the water and felt the sand in my feet. The sea which i thought is deep, is not that deep. I was relieved from my fear and went back into the shore.

    • Think about how afraid peter became walking across the water to Jesus. Instead of remaining faithful and focused, he too became afraid and fell into the water. So maybe that’s something you deal with a lot in your everyday life. Becoming fearful of things that really aren’t that bad. If you would have taken the equation of fear out you would have never known or cared whether the waters were deep or not. It goes hand in hand with out daily lives. We become unfocused and afraid and we fall down. But the Lord is saying depend on me and you’ll never have to worry about falling down and you won’t be afraid to try either. God bless! I pray that may have been a little help to you. Do you know someone named Vanessa by chance? Funny thing is, it popped into my head when I saw the name meow.

  8. my dream. i was somewhere where there were lots of people i dont know if we were in a party or wedding but the people were happy. they were lots of food so we had to dish for ourselves. we were dishing for ourselves so i was following The Pastor who i usually watch on tv he dished for himself from there he asked me to dish for myself i did so but my food was small. he said to me just be free dish more food dont be shy or dont copy what other people do just eat what you want. i started piling more food on my plate and i woke up.

  9. I had a dream i was walking in the bush with someone younger than me. as we were walking we saw an elephant with its baby so we heed under a try cause we were scared of the elephant so they passed as they we walking a big elephant turned its head and looked the direction where we were its like it wanted to show us that it saw us then it continued with its journey. i woke up

  10. James Hughes on

    I have had two dreams within the last week of me being thrown airborne out of vehicles and landing face first into the ground but felt no pain and realized i was alive and I woke up feeling like God was trying to tell me something !! There was others in the vehicles whom didn’t get ejected and some was familiar !! It wasn’t a wreck but like I was ejected in one dream out of the car and the other I was thrown purposely from a truck bed because of the guys driving !!

  11. Lucinda Williams on

    Good Day, I am really hoping someone could share some light on two dreams I have had and a biblical meaning would be awesome so here goes.
    The first night I dremmt that I had something in my mouth and I then started spitting it out only to realize that it was pieces of my own tongue I was spitting out.
    The second evening I dreamt that a green snake bites me on my right index finger.

  12. Here is a dream a friend had about me recently that I have been praying into but haven’t quite got an interpretation that fits,

    He saw my closed hand facing upwards. It opened to reveal 4 shiny black and red scorpions. 2 small ones and 2 large.
    He then saw my hand shake to remove the scorpions and 2 were shaken off but 2 remained.
    HHe then saw the hand turn over, he assumes this was to get the other two off, but the 2 remaining did’nt drop off but crawled up around the wrist gripping the wrist hairs.
    That’s when the dream ended.
    Interestingly, he said none of the 4 scorpions stung the hand.

    • Wow. Sounds like this dream is a warning and is providing intel in what is about to happen or is currently happening in your life. Here you are being shown there are demons asigned to you, whether this is to try to hinder you spiritually or use those around you (friends, work colleagues, family) to hinder your progress. Scorpions are suttle and can go unnoticed, but their sting is deadly. Your dream is showing you to be aware of the devils devices (2 Corinthians 2:11). The dream more importantly reveals that you have been given the power over such things and is an encouragement to stand on your divine-given authority in accordance with Luke 10:19, Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you. Whatever is coming your way or is perhpas already in your life needs to be dealt with from a spiritual approach. Do not fight the person/people in the natural. Deal with scorpion behind them. In your prayers stand on Luke 10:19, Matthew 16:19, Psalm 91:13 (Psalm 91 is a powerful meditation)

  13. I had a dream that we were painting the walls of my living room. The house was an old house and the previous owners had left the curtains. As I walked by one curtain I noticed it had very large majenta colored flowers in full bloom (like hydrangeas) and the color was fibrant. I heard in my dream that this color would look good with lime green. Then I saw a toddler layered with all kinds of outdated clothes. I was annoyed that someone would neglect the child by making it wear all those layers of clothes. I began pulling off the clothes until it was down to a few layers. The child wasn’t my child. That is all I remember.

  14. I just had a dream or brief vision this morning of my mother. She was walking in an open field of tall wheat grass she was much younger. Was not sad or mad its hard to say what expression she had maybe of content and deep thought and she was wearing a light jacket of a brown cordaroy jacket type. Her hair was so pretty natural looking. That was all I saw. My mother is in her 80s now and in the dream she was probably a young adult maybe. thank yuo!

    • This dream is about you. Your mother is a symbol of what is being handed down to you spiritually from your mother’s side. She was wearing a brown jacket. The jacket stands for an anointing that your mother had and now you will have. The anointing is this – wisdom – this is indicated by two things in your dream – her deep thought (wise people think a lot), her hair – stands for wisdom (also you indicated it was natural – so a natural wisdom). Brown stands for compassion and humility in the positive sense and for humanism and compromise in the negative sense. This means you have a choice ( indicated by the neutral expression on her face) about how you use the wisdom you are given – either with compassion or without it and having cold humanism no regard for others. Walking among the wheat grass means you will walk among those things that give you health and vitality. (wheat grass is known as health natural food for thousands of years)
      Cordoroy stands for something durable.
      So to sum up : You have an anointing of wisdom from your mother’s side that is natural and durable. You get to choose how you want to use it . Your wisdom comes naturally (though it is a God given anointing). As you walk daily in this wisdom use it with compassion (and not a cold humanism) for others who do not have this wisdom. This wisdom will cause you to walk in health and vitality. God Bless!

  15. Christian girl on

    Hi, I just found this site. I am really hoping someone can help me with some dreams I had. I just really want a Christian perspective. I have had several dreams where I have been attacked by demons, including some dreams of demons trying to possess me. However, in those dreams Jesus has showed up in my dreams and saved me each time. Even in my dreams I had called out to Jesus for help. and he saved me.
    I had another very powerful dream where Jesus spoke to me and hugged me. and I want to believe so badly that when Jesus showed up in my dreams, it was real, not just a dream. The dreams were powerful enough to make me tear up. Because I love Jesus very much and the fact that he showed up in my dreams to save me just makes me SO happy. I always have been afraid to sleep in the dark, I sleep with a lamp on. I used to fear so much and get scared so much at night, with anxiety. But I feel safer and able to sleep better knowing Jesus is with me. I am an adult too, so it’s a bit embarrassing sometimes how much I get scared late at night for no reason. Anyways, would love if anyone could comment on my dreams, both the demons attacking me, I seem to have a good many of those. and Jesus showing in my dreams, I hope it’s real?

    • Hi,I would like to comment on your dreams, as I have had similar dreams of fighting demons .I am a born again believer of 2 years now, and God sends me a lot of dreams. These are my feelings on your dreams . Jesus in your dreams is real. I think the demonic attacks in your dream are also real, but you must not worry or get frightened. Because your walk with Jesus is strong and getting stronger, the demonic side will start to attack you. Don’t forget you have power over demons through Jesus.You can rebuke them , bind and cast out in his name. Be sure to repent daily of sin in prayer and do not practice ongoing sin,as this gives a demonic entity legality to attack you. In prayer ask God to teach you to search your heart and to be able to discern sin in your life, Jesus is protecting you as you are growing and learning in faith. Please do not fear as nothing can harm you when you call on the name of Jesus. Pray daily and give your fears to him. Love and blessings.

      • Christian girl on

        Thanks for the reply! Yes, I was hoping it really was Jesus. I have had to many dreams where he showed up and saved me from demons. The other day I dreamed of a battle between God and them and the devil/demons and of-course I am always on Jesus’s side. Even in my dreams I often call out to Jesus for help as I often get attacked by demons. A couple times a week sometimes. I am never scared of them though, Because I know Jesus is the most powerful and he makes me feel safe.
        One time while I woke up from sleep, on my side but I know I was fully awake. I felt a bad feeling and felt someone(something) pull my hair and I was alone in the room. First thing I did was call out to Jesus, and to afraid to even look behind me, and then the bad feeling/whatever is was went away and everything was fine. That wasn’t a dream, and just a strange thing that happened. But especially since then I never fear demons or anything.
        I’ve also had dreams where someone else is possessed and I am using Jesus’s name to try and get the demons out, I had one like that the other day.

        But all these dreams really make me wonder, because I have so many of them. But it seems the demons show up in my dreams more then Jesus, he doesn’t always come. and I really wanted another Christian’s opinion on it all. Thanks so much!^^ I have been a Christian all my life, from a strong Christian mother and especially strong Christian late grandmother. But I don’t know anyone else who has these dreams like I do in my family. Sometimes my dreams can get rather dark, though they don’t scare me. It makes me wonder why they keep showing up. I pray every night and ask Jesus to forgive me of my sins.
        Thanks so much!

  16. Yeshuaisking on

    I had a dream, the shortversion. I was arrested by the police under or way to jail we stoped at a small church. One of the church members didn’t allow me to sit next to him. So I sat back at the church. I felt they were looking at me all the time. Next incident I was praying Shema israel , the members was very mad at me. Next incident I was in jail and saw my brother with and we was disscusing different tactics what we should do asking what did we why are we in jail. Weird part is my brother his deceased. So don’t know what mean mean, may Yehovah reveal it to me if it was from him.

    • The devil can not put you in jail unless he has rights to do so. In the dream you want to ask why you are there. Please ask a god what rights the devil has against you to get away with putting you in jail. A biggie is always unforgiveness. Matthew 18 says the unforgiving servant went to jail AND was tortured until he paid the last penny of what he owed simply because he did not forgive as his master had forgiven him. God forgives us and wants us to forgive the same way. Because He forgave us a lot more than we can possibly forgive other. Forgiving is an act of charity and act of love towards God and the unrepented as Jesus did in the cross.

  17. Carmel Sylvan on

    I’ve had two dreams of being baptised(I have not been baptised by water…yet) …in the first dream…it started where I came out of a room…as if I had just gone to war and the battle was won…it was a dark place…and when I exited the room…i was in a beautiful place, kinda like a palace…surrounded by beautiful beings…and they were busy preparing as if someone was about to come to this palace(I’m assuming it was jesus)…and in a small room in this palace, there were ppl gathered in a service, all in white…and they were singing praise songs…and I left the room and saw someone at the end of the hallway, who I felt was jesus…and he was preparing to come into this room…I then immediately knew that I needed to be baptised, and a pastor baptised me in a bath tub…..the next dream was more straightforward…I was in the process of being baptised….and as the pastor submerged me under the water…I expected him to pull me back up…but he did not…so I was running out of breath, and decided to come up for air myself….and as I came up…there were crowds of people gathered…and cheering for me…..I have spoken to the lord to give me revelation of these dreams…although its pretty clear that I need to be baptised soon!!!! But a deeper understanding would also help

    • The only question here is why would the pastor not pull youright ak up. Do you have doubts in regards to the pastor? If you do. Don’t 🙂

  18. Hi,

    I had quite a vivid dream where I kept finding gold bars near me but tucked away around furniture in a room.
    I collected them and someone else told me it’s a dream but I didn’t want to believe her. Anyway I woke up not long after or the dream ended.

    Can anyone share if they had any experiences with a similar dream?



  19. Hi i had a dream now 2a.m,i was enjoying eating soil from field, my wife also eating same field,iwas enjoying,there was one person i asked how to eat soil he told in child -hood we eat now also eat again i eat.
    Pls tell me the meaning

  20. I had a dream that I was in some kind of school gym or military gym. There were people and cots everywhere. I was around a man and his younger brother. The man was my significant other in this dream but I could not see what his face looked like. He was in the military(not sure what branch) but his brother an I were talking and he was telling me how his brother was a good godly man and how much he cared for me. The man and I would talk, I can’t remember the conversations we had but I remember the feelings I had. I felt genuinely happy, loved, safe. I felt that our relationship was mature and we focused on God and prayed with one another. I did have a feeling that this is the man I am to marry but the whole time I could not see his face.

    I am a single mother as well. I hope this helps with being able to understand my dream. I do have a wanting for getting married one day but I am currently still working on my relationship with God and being a mother.

    • I feel this is Christ reminding you, you are the bride of Christ. He loves you sooo much. Anytime in his presence you will feel happy, loved and safe. So you are right. You will be marrying this man, at the wedding feast. Being a single mom, Remember he is with you always. Trust in him for ALL your needs. Seek first the kingdom of God and the desires of your heart will be given to you.

  21. Terrisa Pettine on

    I recently dreamed of walking into what looked like department store but one section was full of fish. On one side of the isle was a dark green large mouth fish with looked to have giant fangs and could blend into the aquarium surroundings. I watched it eat and literally break it’s food apart. On the other side of the isle was other fish but the clerk pointed out a yellow fish with a beautiful tail.. What does this mean?

    • It sounds like the fish represent Christians, believers, or just people. The fish that is blending in seems like the enemy blending in to maybe try to deceive the fish/people. When it’s breaking the food apart it remind me of how the enemy comes to kill, still and DESTROY! Not sure about the yellow fish, sorry but think about why it was pointed out, what does it represent. Sometimes are dreams are so personalized just for us being that I am a dreamer I understand that.

    • Abel Garcia on

      I had a dream i was talking to an elder man we were walking then the senario changed and we were sitting on some rocks in front of a bush on a mountain. I was telling him about my goals in life and about a new business that i was want to start. He told me that i was going to make it and told me about thing that i was going to go through in life and shared some wisdom like no other “i cant remember a word” i was like who is this guy? When i looked up at him he was wearig a maroonish red robe holding a staff all white hair with my face. I was the elder in my dream.

  22. I had a dream that a fire was just beginning and I was trying to convince a certain celebrity to grab her cell phone and whatever she could and get out of the building. She refused to move or look at me and just sat staring straight ahead like she didn’t hear what I was saying at all. I tried and tried to convince her to leave but she refused to pay attention and kept sitting at her kitchen table. I finally HAD to leave before the fire grew out of control and trapped everyone inside.

    When I woke up I was so relieved it was just a dream. I spent time with God in prayer. I asked him what the dream meant and he told me the person has decided to serve Satan instead of being saved and no amount of convincing them they need to repent is going to make them choose salvation over going to hell.

    I just realized now that the person in the dream represents another person whom I have been trying unsuccessfully to convince that they are promoting a false gospel and they refuse to see or accept the truth no matter how many scriptures I show them to support that they are not doing God’s will.

    This person is not someone I know personally. This woman is a Hollywood Producer who is teaching others that obedience to God’s will is ‘works based salvation’ and they do not need to repent of their sins because they’re saved by grace.

    Paul rebuked some of the Jews because they thought they could literally earn their way into Heaven and become righteous by following Jewish traditions of men INSTEAD of believing on Jesus Christ to save them. THAT’S works based salvation. Not continued obedience to Christ and walking after the Spirit instead of the flesh once you are saved. She teaches just the opposite and calls righteousness ‘stupid works salvation.’ How man times did Paul say the UNRIGHTEOUS SHALL NOT inherit the Kingdom of God?

    This person teaches just the opposite. God has revealed that this person is a witch, does not want to be saved and is misleading Christians away from Christ and obedience to Christ on purpose. I believe this was God’s way of telling me to stop witnessing to her altogether. Some people just ARE NOT going to be saved. Some of the wicked cannot be won.

  23. Isaiah 61:3To provide for them that mourn in Zion, to give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; that they might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the LORD, that he might be glorified. the part after the sunset could mean a dark time in your life tht God is showing you how to get through.
    The sand is “shifting sand”Matthew 7:26
    But everyone who hears these words of mine and does not put them into practice is like a foolish man who built his house on sand. He would be saying “put your trust in My finished Work and not in your own self efforts or works. He has given you His righteousness, your good works won’t work. It’s the Grace message.

  24. I had a dream of someone telling me to plant plants outside. I don’t remember the plants but they look like the potted plants from inside my house or the non potted ones from the backyard or just random plants in general. The voice told me to plant them on the front yard. I planted them on the furthest front part of the house. I think it was during night time or just after sunset. I clearly remeber planting the last plant, it was a green plant and I dont think it has flowers or it bloomed yet; the light outside was a bit dim for me to see too much. As I planted it, there was a half amount of sand that caught up under it’s roots. The voice told me many people thinks having that sand there will help the plant grow and told me to take it out which I did and I replaced it with the ground’s soil. From there, I asked why and my dream self realized I wasn’t talking/listening to my own voice or anyone else but to God’s. After that I woke up.

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