Christian Dream Interpretation (Biblical Dream Interpretation)


Christian dream interpretation is a matter of determining what your dreams mean from a Christian perspective, often using symbols found in the Bible as references.

The matter of dream interpretation has a long history in Judeo-Christianity. In the Old Testament, Jacob saw a ladder ascending up into heaven, and wrestled with an angel in his dream. Joseph interpreted Pharaoh’s dream of seven skinny cows eating up seven fat cows to mean that there would be seven years of plenty and then seven years of famine.

This Biblical dream interpretation impressed Pharaoh so much that he made Joseph his right-hand man, and thus Joseph was able to save all of Egypt from famine, and his family as well when they came asking for food.

Interpretations Come From God

Daniel, too, interpreted dreams. In the New Testament, Jesus’ foster-father Joseph was warned in a dream to take Mary and Jesus to Egypt to escape Pharaoh’s slaughter of the baby boys, and the Magi who had come guided by the star also were warned in a dream not to return by way of Jerusalem to tell Herod the whereabouts of Jesus.

Pontius Pilate’s wife had a dream about Jesus before his trial, and sent Pilate a message telling him, “Have thou nothing to do with that just man; for I have suffered many things this day in a dream, because of him.” (Matthew 27:19) Over and over, God sends messages to people in dreams, and good things come to those who listen to the messages that are sent to them in their dreams.Christian Dreams

Despite the Biblical evidence for dream interpretation, there is still controversy about whether Biblical dream interpretation is valid or even allowable for Christians. Some people make reference to the Witch of Endor, whom Saul asked to bring Samuel back from the dead and thus lost his blessing to rule the kingdom, as evidence against dream interpretation or other forms of superstition.

Others contradict this claim, stating that if dream interpretation were simply a superstition, God would not have sent dreams to so many of our Biblical heroes, nor would there be verses referring to dream prophecies. While some modern Christians do not believe in dreams, there is nevertheless a strong Christian tradition and belief that God can talk to you in your dreams.

Interpreting Christian Dreams

When interpreting the symbols you see in your dream in a Christian context, the meanings may vary depending on your sect or belief system. This is not because God is inconsistent; instead, it is because He uses language you can understand to speak to you. Because of the differences in faith traditions even within Christianity, one symbol may have a different meaning from one person to another.

For instance, a nun’s habit may mean something different to a Catholic than to a Baptist – though in either case it symbolizes a literal nun, a woman who has devoted her life to God, for a Catholic it may mean a vocation to the religious life, while to someone who is not Catholic, the symbol may simply mean a life of sacrifice, simplicity, and charity.

If you hear someone speaking directly to you, you should always pay attention, especially if the dream has had other Christian dream symbols or Biblical dream symbols in it.

The Christian tradition has a strong belief in the voice of God or the angels speaking through dreams, and you do not want to ignore a message that was sent to you individually. If you feel that you are being spoken to through your dreams, you ought to keep a dream diary to record God’s messages to you.

The gift of prophecy is sometimes given in dreams, as in Numbers 12:6: “Hear now my words: If there be a prophet among you, I the Lord will make myself known unto him in a vision, and will speak unto him in a dream.” Many Christians make decisions about their future based on dreams, and for many, this leads them to great success.

So how do you know what the Christian or Biblical interpretation of your dream is? First, it helps to know your Bible and to be familiar with the stories within it. The symbols that appear in your dreams may refer to

Biblical stories that you know, or they may be stories that you don’t yet know, which will make your dream make sense once you learn it. God’s plans often work around teaching us new things, and He may send you dreams specifically to make you go and research them. Here are a few Biblical dream symbols you may encounter and the stories behind them.

Bread and Wine: This is a symbol of the Last Supper that Jesus shared with his disciples, in which he said of the bread “This is my body” and of the wine “This is my blood.” To Catholics, this is taken literally, so that during the Mass the bread is believed to literally change into the body of Jesus and the wine to change into the blood of Jesus.

For most other denominations, this is taken symbolically, to mean that Jesus left his spirit with us symbolically, and that he is present spiritually rather than physically when the Lord’s Supper is shared. In a dream, bread and wine represent fellowship and unity with the people around you; they also represent a strong spiritual presence of Jesus.

As a symbol of the Passover, they represent deliverance from trials and suffering, as the Hebrews ate unleavened bread the night that the Angel of Death passed over Egypt, the night before they were set free from the bondage of slavery.

Burning Bush: Moses saw the Burning Bush when he was exiled in the desert, and from the Burning Bush he heard the voice of God telling him to go and free the Hebrews from enslavement to Pharaoh in Egypt. Seeing a burning bush in your dream is a sign of a message from God. Take this sign and the message with it seriously.

Alternatively, it could indicate a call to do something difficult and scary, which you feel unqualified and unable to do. This is a sign that you should trust in God; that He will act through you and not give you anything to do that you cannot do with His help.

Candles: Candles are a liturgical symbol with many meanings. Bringing light into the darkness, being the light of the world, and being a guiding light are some of the meanings of the Christian dream symbol of a candle.

Fish: A fish is a symbol of Christianity. The early Christians would use the symbol of the fish to identify themselves to each other, especially during the Roman persecution when it was unsafe to openly identify yourself as a Christian for fear of being arrested and put to death. Jesus performed several miracles involving fish, including the multiplication of the loaves and fishes and the massive catch of fish that he gave Peter when he called him.

After his resurrection, Jesus appeared to his disciples cooking fish on the shore of the Sea of Galilee, and he broke bread with them. As a culture in a location between the Sea of Galilee and the Mediterranean Ocean, fish was very important to the Hebrews.

Flowers: In Biblical dream interpretations, flowers are a reference to the Sermon on the Mount, where Jesus held up the lilies of the valley as a paradigm for how Christians should be: “They toil not, neither do they spin: And yet I say unto you, That even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.” If you see flowers in your dream, this is a sign to trust in God to take care of you.

Lamb: A lamb may be a reference to the verse, “The lion shall lie down with the lamb.” It may also be a symbol of Jesus, who in the Gospels referred to himself as the Good Shepherd and in Revelations was referred to as the Lamb of God. In addition, the lamb symbolizes meekness and docility, as Christians are supposed to be meek and gentle to each other and to follow God’s will like lambs.

Lion: Another symbol of Jesus, who is also called the Lion of Judah.

Rainbow: The rainbow is a reference to the story of the flood, when Noah saved the animal and human life of the world by bringing two animals of each species onto the Ark along with his family, and it rained for forty days and forty nights.

When the flood was over, God promised Noah that he would never again send another flood to destroy humanity, and he set his rainbow in the sky in token of his covenant. Dreaming of a rainbow is sign of hope and trust in God’s promises. It is a reassurance that God will not let you down, even if circumstances look dire, and that He wants what is best for you.

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  1. I was told by our intercessor that when I said something after she prayed for me, she saw a vision of a plant in a vase. When she told me this, I saw a lily in a porcelain vase. I’ve yet to check if what I saw was similar to what she saw but I really would like to know what does that mean? Thank you very much for those who’ll reply. I don’t mind if you’ll reply years apart from my post. Each comments is highly appreciated.

  2. I just woke up from a dream where my husband was having an emotional affair with another woman via text message. At first, I didn’t suspect anything, as I am in real life, because my husband is very trustworthy. However, in the dream, I asked him who he was texting. He told me exactly who and said it was just business. He further stated that our neighbor/his coworker introduced him to the lady to help him with his business. I said, “Yeah Right” jokingly and then snatched the phone. I then saw flirty text messages between the two of them. He had sent her a text saying, “if me and you were together…” Later that night or the next night, his coworkers, including the neighbor, threw a party for him to meet the girl. I was sleep in bed with my natural hair in big braids and I wore and oversized t shirt, etc. Basically, I wasn’t looking my best. However, I decided to go to the party and confront him. I was so angry. His coworkers tried to calm me down and tried to make it seem like there was nothing going on and like I was just tripping. My husband was laughing the whole time, like the situation was funny to him. I was crying my eyes out and screaming, and he thought this was all funny. I demanded him to come home, but he would not move. He kept texting the girl, who was supposed to be on her way to the party. I read more messgaes between them; they were even more flirtatious. The comments became more physical in nature. She might have even sent him a picture. She was a dark-skinned, African American woman, with a coke-bottle shape. Her stomach was flat but she had large breasts, a big butt, and thick thighs. She wore leggings with a cropped top. Her face was not the prettiest and her weave did not look the best though…. anyway, my husband kept saying, “When is she going to get here?” He showed no concern for me. He was just so eager to meet this lady for the first time. I was so embarrassed and hurt, not from confronting him but because of his nonchalant attitude toward me. I left the house crying. A couple friends (my cousin and Jeanie from The Real) followed me and walked me home. They felt my pain. But they did not want to stay with me. It was already 5 am and I had to be to work at 10 am. I didn’t want to be alone in the big house by myself. I was an emotional wreck. My cousin later brought me some divorce papers. Then, I remember calling my mom about the situation. She was hurt for me, but at the same time, she was lecturing me on staying sexy for my man so he doesn’t want anyone else…I did not want to hear that because it felt like she was putting the blame on me… I then woke up with my heart pounding….I’m actually really worked up over this dream. My husband is a good, honest, God fearing man…but idk….if the dream is a warning or if it has a totally different meaning…it could be me and how I’ve been viewing myself lately. I’ve gained weight and feel less attractive. But I’ve had dreams like this in the past of being cheating on by other guys I’ve dated and it came out to be true.

  3. I dreamt about a lion coming into my childhood house. I put the lion inside a basket and closing it tightly and afraid of the lion will come out easily . my husband telling not to be afraid. Tell the meaning.

    • When Jesus comes into your life he does not just save you but your household too that is why it was your childhood home. Also, the lion represents JESUS. Dnt hide Jesus anymore. Let him take control of your home. Surrender to him…

  4. I had a dream my husband was jogging on a side walk tripped, fell, bumped his head and knocked him out and I was trying to get him up before the rat/mouse touched him the rat was running around his head then the next dream was that I had another baby (my tubes are tied and I’ve had two miscarriages but we want another child and believing god for it)

  5. Charlene Vélez on

    My husband had a dream that I was Jesus and I had to go die for the people. Then in the end Jesus came down and told him that he’s allowing me to stay and Jesus will die instead of me.
    I don’t understand at all what this dream meant so if someone could help me that would be very great!

  6. I dream of new songs every second day.

    I have been fasting and I had this dream that left me with questions : dreamt that my partner came to my house and I saw his car through the windows. He dropped my belongings and left

  7. I had a dream I was floating above a mountain talk to a lion with Eagle wings and a snake tail it told not t worry and trust God (6months ago) before that Ive had dreams about casting out demons but I’m not strong enough…I am saved just not baptized yet when I was younger I heard gods voice tell me I will never leave you or forsake u but I have been something’s and I feel like that’s not true anymore sometimes idk I think it’s just a test to see if I’ll give on him before he gives up on me

    • And I have so many dreams that I need understanding I have any tons of spiritual dreams and some visions that came true

    • Swity, God is not going to give up on you. Even if you give up on him. He knows you… So take those words cuz, he is your God, healer and king. He knows you dnt trust the words so bt he is still saying them. Trust God.

  8. I had a dream that there was a big rainbow in the clear blue sky with a set of hazel eyes, clear and gorgeous, underneath it looking down upon the vast empty land. There was no grass, no life, a few wrenched cars lie. Confused people as was I looking up at it. I was in awe of its beauty. What could it mean?

  9. I dreamt two men got stabbed an dead one was bleeding while the other man wasn’t . Wat is meaning of this

  10. I have a dream lastnight and i was about to capture by satan and his followers..and chase me i was running as fast as i can with a few people..and then we hide under the bridge and ends it what does it mean

    • This mean you need to serve Christ with all your might…believe in him, Trust in him and pit all your faith in him. make it known to everyone around you that Christ is in your life and he will give you comfort.

  11. I had a dream the other night that Jesus face appeared to me in the window I screamed what does mean?

    • Hi,

      You need to love and cherish Jesus, do not be shy or worry what people may think once you give your life to him. Serve him…honour him. This dream could mean that it’s time for you to give your life to him completely but your afaid?

  12. Mary Millan on

    my friend has been dreaming that she’s dying..every night for four days , she dreams she is dying
    anyone knows what it means ?

    • If she is a Christian who have been praying to God to help her deal with some of her ungodly or unholy attitude or character, the dream means that aspect of her life is dying while she is maturing spiritually.

  13. I had a dream twice in the same night. The first I carried President Obama on a motor bike though the road was bad but I took him well to his hotel room with no escort. The second time I waited for him when he was addressing police officers and when he was escorted out he had dressed in police uniform himself. But this time when I carried him the road was too hilly that I requested him to to jump down so as to roll the bike up the hill and to carry him again. I was happy that I was carrying world president without escorts. What dies it mean? I am a Uganda who has never met any president that close.

  14. Thus afternoon I dreamt it’s was my introduction you know like brida stepping aside for elders to discuss necessary. I found myself in a market is like they where cleaning up the lake , there was a lot of catfish

  15. Hi, I dreamt abut house felling from the sky like the world was ending. I was on my way with a friend to my mom’s place . I noticed in the dream shoulders were killing everyone which the building did not crushed no building was on ground all building was floating on air . I have dreamt this particular twice no one recognised each other

    • If your place of worship is not giving you the necessary spiritual food (the Word of God ) that you need, you need to think about moving to a Word based Church were you can receive the necessary spiritual nourishment. Your dream may mean something else. This is just my opinion.

  16. I had a dream my family had captured a very plump duck and we dressed it and roasted it. There was a discussion on whether we should. Capture the younger girls to eat but we decided to let them grow further I do remember that this duck was delicious. That was the dream consisted alot in preparing him for cooking and having a problem with eating him. But we did and we decided not to eat it’s offspring.

  17. I dreamt of a lamb going to get slaughtered. I tried rescuing the lamb till my sleep broke. I was crying and screaming so people dont kill it.

    • Remember Peter when Jesus fore told his death to the disciples. The lamb is a representation of Jesus. He said to Peter that he was mindful of the things of man. I believe that he is telling u that you should seize from your own works to please God bt rest on what Jesus dd. Read it Matthew 16:21- 28

  18. I had dream a large finger form of a cloud figure was pointing at me and wanted to touch me but it frighten me I woke up a few min later I fell of sleep and the same hand came back pointing at me.

    • Hi Lisa, what I know about the finger is that, the finger you saw presents authority. Maybe God trying to say something, everytime when you go to sleep try to be at peace and ask God to reveal what you don’t undetstand

  19. I have dreamed of either being ignored or mistreated by famous people whom I think highly of. Don’t get me wrong, I am a Christian and I DO NOT have celebrity “idols.” I only WORSHIP God and Jesus. However, there are celebrities whom I like as people.

    I don’t admire wealthy and fame and do not wish to be rich or famous as that’s not God’s will for anyone and the most “successful” celebrities seem to Freemasons/Eastern Stars, atheist or connected to devil worship in some other manner.

    I don’t want to trade places with anyone who isn’t born again through Jesus Christ. I had one dream of a celebrity yelling at me for no reason. I’ve had other dreams where two different celebrities completely ignored me when I was speaking to them and one refused to hold my hand during a prayer. Not sure what this means. I do have some idea but I’m not sure if it was literal or symbolic.

  20. Hi..i dreamt picking up bible in a burnt area by fire. But the bible was not burnt, and I opened it and read it. What could that mean.

    • The word of God endures forever. You will find the Word ( Jesus ) even in the place of the refiners fire. What can be burnt will burn what is gold and pure will remain. Ask for strength to find him in a time of testing.

  21. I dream I sign a lot of. forms with peoples name on it. that I read out
    I also give a present to an adult maLe of a tooth brush kettle. paint brush cup and broom

  22. Louise james on

    I had a dream that a man burned my left hand with a 6 point star it also had 2 arrows on it.I was screaming cause it burned.the guy face was half burned also what do it mean

  23. mister big duck on

    I’ve dreamed of the last supper as a whole not just bread and wine. I saw it three times on silver coins. What does that mean?

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