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China Dream Symbol – Dreaming of China reflects a conservative attitude to the world. Or, it could be, you are going through a period where you lack enthusiasm or passion for life. China in a dream can also represent that your life has become a drag. That there is nothing fun in your life.

It is time you made an effort to change that. The Chinese people are hardworking so this can reflect your attitude in your waking life. You may be working hard, saving you money, and waiting for the right time to act. This is a time where having fun is not your focus.

Dreaming of China can also reflect that the Chinese people are often soChina Dream Meaning and Interpretations busy working hard they rarely take daily risks. This may be your attitude to life as well. You may enjoy achieving success through you own hard work and enjoy surrounding yourself with people who think the same way. Chinese people represent emotional control. Of having the ability to exercise patience and think things through with clarity. This can be a warning to have the patience to wait until the time is right.

Negatively, dreaming of China can mean your life is boring and you feel devoid of all feeling. Does your life feel empty? Do you find everyone around you boring or negative? Alternatively, the dream can mean you or someone close is being over demanding. Do you feel ignored and unappreciated?

Seeing a Chinese person can be a message to resist temptation to stray from your path. It can also symbolize the giving of good advice to help others. It can also mean you are too boring nd uninteresting and others shun you. Are you sacrificing fun and happiness for hard work and integrity? You can have both, you know, with some careful planning.

Dreaming of being sexually attracted to a Chinese person can reflect that you enjoy having a conservative, unbiased outlook on the world. You work hard for what you achieve in life. You are not a needy person. Seeing Chinese criminals can reflect your feelings about a situation that scares you in your waking life. This could be because the criminals have no concern for how their actions cause consequences for others.

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  1. Today I dream that I met my teacher and go to china, learning all of the Kung fu styles, and learning many fights of the Kung fu. Then I sit in a very cold place around Chinese people, then I her my calling a chinese woman mother saying “this place is too cold can you turn off the cold please” , when the Chinese woman lower the cold, my mom is angry, and go back to shutting off the cold. Then the Chinese woman being angry, and getting out my mother. I also dream that I have battling a hard war in China, and I dream that I saw monks, and fighting with a wild animals. I was so happy in the dream that the dream was traditional cultures, but when I wake up I feel that thing was gone wrong in my dream.

  2. I had the dream today that I was in China wayback in the year 1800’s. I am not a Chinese but I was so surprised that I had that kind of dream today. As you mentioned above is quite right and I agree with your interpretation. I honestly had a bad experience since yesterday about my dates. Yes, I am a conservative person and I don’t like often talk about sex. I was more focused with my sculpt works than my love life. And I know it’s kinda boring. But, thank you for this interpretation, I’m glad to know that my dreams and the meaning correlated with each other.

  3. I dream about China regularly which is crazy because I have never even been to the country. I dream about running throw forest in China . Participating in running marathons on top of mountains across China. I have dreamed of being in the busiest city in China eating fresh fried fish suranounded by amazing unique food most of which I have never seen or know what type of “meat vegetables ” the food is. Walking the streets in china.

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