Chimpanzee Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Chimpanzee Dream Symbol – Chimpanzees are clowns, resourceful, playful, ingenious, and love companionship as well as their communities. When chimpanzee romps into your dreams, you may need to take on more of chimpanzee’s characteristics. Alternatively, if you are too over the top in one of these areas you may need to tone your behavior down a little.

ChimpanzeeBecause chimps are tricksters, usually without malice, their tricks and behavior can have unintended consequences and cause embarrassment. This can be the message for you. Or there may be people in your life subversively sabotaging everything you say and do.

Who around you is spiteful? Who enjoys causing mischief to others just to see them squirm? Is it you or someone close to you? Be careful of betrayal by a friend if you are feeding chimpanzees in your dreams.

Dreams of chimpanzees swinging in their natural habitat can mean trouble is on the way from someone younger than you. You may have been through family troubles you thought resolved. This can indicate you are still worrying about the dynamic between yourself and any trouble between your siblings.

When Chimpanzee crosses your path

When chimpanzee crosses your path it is to remind you about how you communicate with others and the world around you. Engage in communication with others, rather than demanding or simply just telling.

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  1. Charlene Andrews on

    I dreamt of a chimpanzee and it was very feiendly. I taught him to say I love you and he would hug me after he said it. I was so excited and happy. What is the meaning of this dream. I felt utter comfort

  2. For me i dreamt when several chimpanzees were chasing me and i was so scared so what could it possibly mean?

  3. Daniel Robinson on

    I had a dream about a baby chimpanzee where he was deaf, and the first time he signed was for me it was very heart warming dream almost made me cry as I woke up but was so sweet I am grateful to have crossed his path.

  4. In my dream I saw two chimpanzee fighting destroying things and in that dream I was friendly with the chimpanzees and in that same dream I saw the big chimpanzee killing the little chimpanzee selling it to people what does that mean

  5. Yes .. m afraid nowdays because i have been fighting wid my parents from years n from two to 3 days m continue to thinking abt them ..u r right .. may be they will make any problem but i will make clear it before it rising.

  6. Bethany Johnson on

    I was sleeping and a chimp in a leather jacket jumped on my boy friend and said hi and oddly there was another man in my bed with me does anyone undetstand this dream please help

  7. Can anyone help me interpreter this dream I had a dream this morning?
    I was crossing road with my office files in my hand which I was trying to protect as it was raining (these files I actually had last night and it was raining as well). Once I crossed the road, I realized that I was to find the residence of my sister with whom I was to stay that night. I left the files somewhere thinking I should first check the house. I entered the gate (this gate was of my own building where I live) I started to walk in but in middle of the night I realized that I should get the files with me back. I went back to place where I left the files. I collected them and went back on the search of the house. I ended up on the roof top of someone’s house. I went downstairs and went out of door. (In dream I knew the name of owner of this house and it was a friend of my sister. I have never met him but heard few things about him). I found some small buildings and I entered one that I knew was of my sister’s. I found the staircase and I started to climb it. But I found a Chimpanzee in between the stair case. He didn’t harm me, instead took my hand in his and was stroking my hand and was gentle. Even though of gentleness I wanted to get away from chimp. I saw a man downstairs watching me very uncomfortable with this chimp. I asked him for help. He came and with a stick he started to hurt the chimp. The moment he was to hit the chimp, the chimp turned into a turtle. And the man was very cruel. I wanted him to not hurt it. I extended my arms to him to make him stop. My dream vanished abruptly.
    it will be great help if u can tell me what does this dream mean.

  8. a chimpanzee tripped us in dream and we fell down and then he was trying to smash our head with a hammer. we are running around and he is after us with that hammer.

  9. Had a dream recently. Was in a bushlike enclosure not more than a plot of land with fences on both sides. In that enclosure was me and a huge chimpanzee that seemed so active, it jumped from one end to the other, and would do acrobatics on the walls. I looked on smiling and tried imitating it but couldn’t. It was so swift and spontaneous in its display I was full human in this dream. There were other animals within but I was just faced with the chimp. Still tryna understand what it means.

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