Chicken Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Chicken Dream Symbol – Dreaming of chickens has a myriad of meanings. These domestic animals are the suppliers of food through their meat and eggs. They come in lots of different colors, sizes and shapes, and enjoy living in communities – often crowded together. Rooster welcomes the world each morning with its loud call which can mean awakenings, service, and nourishment.

Chicken Dream SymbolsWhen chicken visits consider what insecurities you may have or are you lacking willpower to face what matters? What in your life makes you want to back away or run from it? Are you often frightened of the world around you?  Does fear stop you doing the things that live in your heart?

Or, do you fear dealing with your problems because of what you might find? Is the world always intimidating in some way? Speak up. Get the backing of friends and family if you need support finding confidence. Find ways to stand up for yourself without needing direct confrontation with the offender/s.

Dreams featuring a rooster can remind you to speak up for yourself and others. Do not be afraid of being showing your true self to the world for the benefit of those who cannot stand up for themselves.

Dreams featuring baby chickens can signify the childishness in you or the inability to defend yourself. If you fail to stand up for yourself now, this could embarrass you some time into the future.  Baby chickens can also warn that if you stop standing up for yourself and your beliefs, you risk being walked all over by everyone. Do you want to be a doormat? On the other hand, dreaming of baby chickens may also mean you are controlling, or trying to control, everything in your life.

When Chicken crosses your path

When chicken crosses you path take time to look within. Look below the surface to the emotions hidden deep inside. Consider whether your head or your heart is ruling your emotions. Go more with the flow, rather than micro analyzing every detail.

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  1. I had a dream that I brought a hen into my bosses office, who had fired me earlier in the week. The chicken ended up getting loose and I was chasing it thru the office.

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