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Chess Dream Symbol – Dreaming of chess is about your relationships with others. This type of dream can refer to the negative and positive aspects of these, and help you see where to make changes. It may even be that changes are occurring and you need to see with greater clarity. How the chess pieces are interpreted in your dream depends on the outcome of the game. Try to remember the result when you wake to help you determine what your future holds.

If you are not a chess player, dreaming of chess can be a message that you may be wasting your life and the opportunities that cross your path. Do you spend too much time on things or someone that has no positive impact on your life?

This type of dream can remind it is time to stop wandering aimlessly through life, dreaming your dreams of success. You need to take action to bring them to life. Maybe there is something you do that has potential to harm your future and health. Are you being bullied at work? Dreaming of chess warns you need to take care of yourself.

Losing a game of chess warns you need to prepare for tough times. It also warns that although most people are good, honest, and kind there is the shadow side where some spend their lives doing things from the dark side. Sometimes you need to ignore these things. Stay calm. Know they may be happening around you, but do not let them distract from what you have to do. Stay strong. Act with courage to overcome them.

Winning at chess symbolizes your own success in real life. You will prove to those negative naysayers the truth of your worth and your dreams. You will be proven right. But, be warned, do not allow this to be a negative. Rather, it is another victory to prove your enemies wrong.

Enjoying playing chess in a dream can mean you know how to make the best out of following rules and regulations. This can help you see how to achieve success in life. Taking your time to make each move in a chess game can mean your partner has something negative to confess. They may be afraid to tell you for how you may react. Instead, be thankful for the love and respect they show by being honest though you are hurt by the news. Give them another chance to earn trust.

Losing a chess game being played with a friend is a sign you will have an argument with someone close to you. This is a warning you can avoid these sorts of arguments if you are both more understanding of each other’s differences. Drop the judgmental attitude for you can disagree with each other and still show respect. These are the things that can enrich our lives.

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