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“He was cheating on me in my dream!” Cheating dreams can invoke a very strong emotional response when you wake up from the dream. Most people can remember a dream when they woke up in a pile of sweat, furious at the person lying next to them.

Unbeknownst to your partner, you just had a dream that they were in the arms of another woman or man. If one spouse accuses the other of cheating because of a dream, it can cause a lot of problems in a relationship.

To understand why you have a cheating dream, it is important to interpret the dream in the context of your waking life. If your spouse is constantly flirting with other people around you, these dreams can indicate an untrustworthy partner.

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Young man text messaging with young woman sleepingDreaming about cheating or being cheated on is one of the most commonly reported, and most disturbing dreams, for people in relationships.

These dreams can be so real and vivid that you can have all the feelings and emotions that you would have if your partner did cheat.

In some cases, these dreams turn out to be simple insecurities or fears within the dreamer. However, cheating dreams can also indicate an unfaithful partner in a relationship. As the dreamer, you are best equipped to uncover the hidden truth inside your dream. Related Dreams: Boyfriend Dreams or Girlfriend Dreams

“The subconscious mind can detect hidden signals that your conscious mind ignores or refuses to acknowledge..”

Foreshadowing Dreams about Cheating

When I was a child, I had a dream that foreshadowed my parents getting a divorce. One night I had a dream that my mom was being taken by a man that was connected to our family. When I woke up from this dream, I was visibly shaken and told my parents about it.

They both assured me that it was a nightmare, but little did I know my mom was having an affair at the time. This dream was so vivid and clear that I couldn’t get it out of my head. Three weeks after the dream, my dad found out that my mom was cheating on him, with the family friend I saw in my dream.

Cheating DreamThinking back to this memory, this dream was my subconscious mind trying to warn me of the impending disaster about to hit my family. Although my conscious mind did not sense any problem with my parent’s relationship as a child, my subconscious mind was reading all of the signals that my brain refused to acknowledge.

It was my subconscious mind that compiled all the hidden signs and portrayed them in a dream that revolved about my mom’s unhappiness in the marriage.

Whenever a dream about a cheating spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend turns out to be real, it often means you have a strong sixth sense of the things around you. Your unconscious mind is better at reading the subtle signs that your conscious mind has either overlooked or simply blocked out to avoid being hurt. Even though some people choose to remain ignorant of their cheating spouse in their waking mind, sometimes the subconscious will attempt to provide clues to infidelity.

An example of this is a wife that fails to notice that her husband is staying out longer after work. Although the husband could have displayed visible signs of infidelity, the wife’s conscious mind remained ignorant to any of these signs. To awaken the conscious mind, the wife could have a dream that her husband was in the arms of another woman.

Sometimes these cheating dreams occur to provide a warning of something that may happen in the future. Your dreams could be providing you clues that your relationship has grown stale and needs to be revived before it burns out.

Detect a Cheating Partner: If you suspect that your cheating dream might be telling you something about your partner, then I recommend this book called how to Catch a Cheat. I actually know someone that read the book and discovered her partner wasn’t cheating, which allowed their relationship to grow even stronger. 

Being Cheated On

In most cases, cheating dreams represent our fears and insecurities that we have about ourselves. You could have issues with trust that is causing your subconscious mind to create a dream about your partner cheating. Some dreamers have deep insecurity and anxiety about themselves that are reflected in their dreams.

Dreaming that your partner is cheating on you, usually, represents some kind of anxiety or worry that you have about your personal feelings towards yourself. You could have anxiety over your physical appearance, or be worried about your future together.

When someone is cheating on you, it can also represent a lack of control in your life. If you are the type of person that likes to have everything planned, cheating dreams can disrupt your feeling of being in control. Cheating dreams can also represent your fear of failure on a project that you have been working on.

Cheating on Someone Else

When we cheat on someone in our dream the first thing we feel is guilt. Why would I do that? I love my partner?! Cheating on someone is just as emotional as being cheating on because of the strong feelings of guilt associated with the dream.

These feelings are amplified if you were experiencing pleasure and happiness in the dream. Dreaming about being a cheater can indicate a feeling of guilt in other areas in your life. There is another possibility that your conscious mind is entertaining thoughts of cheating and these are reflected in your dream state.

If a person is constantly thinking about cheating on their spouse or partner, chances are they might have a dream about it. Sometimes these dreams reveal the painful impact of cheating and allow the dreamer to experience the guilt without actually going through the motions.


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Cheating dreams can represent self-fulfillment dreams of dreamers who are missing something in their lives. If your partner is not very affectionate, you might have a dream about cheating to satisfy your inner desire to be loved by someone.

Interpreting and Understanding Cheating Dreams

When trying to analyze a cheating dream it is important for you to look at the specific situations and circumstances that you encounter in the dream.

Is there a particular person that stands out in the dream?

You should always take note of the specific locations, people, objects and places in the dream. Remember that your conscious mind can influence your dream.

For example, if you are jealous of a coworker because of her good looks, this jealousy could be reflected in a dream of your spouse having an affair that same co-worker. Take note of any conscious thoughts that could influence your dream about your partner.

Is your dream a reflection of your insecurities and thoughts that you have in your waking life? Remember that most cheating dreams are not a reflection of reality, but are reflective of our insecurities. Although some dreams can offer an omen of truth, it is important to thoroughly analyze your dream before you come to the conclusion that your partner is cheating on you.

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  1. I had a dream of my boyfriend and his tattoo artist. In my dream he told me that he wanted to be with his tattoo artist. And it turned out to be true.

  2. I’ve been with my bf for 6 years and occasionally I dream about him cheating on me. Its almost always with one of his girl friends from high school. He hasn’t seen her in about 4 years. In my dream they were always hanging out and kissing like a couple as if I didn’t exist. Last night I dreamt he cheated on me again, this time with his ex girlfriend. I walked into his room and there he was kissing that witch. She was rubbing it in my face. I woke up and told my bf and he always laughs because he says it’s ridiculous and could never happen. I do find a lot of his girl friends prettier than me. He has done things in the past to not make me not trust him. I feel extremely anxious and insecure after my dreams. I constantly check his social media to make sure he’s not doing anything dumb. These dreams make me nervous to fall asleep.

  3. My girlfriend told me a dream where she cheated on me with one of my friends. Which wouldn’t be too weird but the fact that I have had dreams of her cheating on me with him makes it strange. She says she isn’t into the partying type guys, but that’s who she’s dated before me. Should I be worried?

  4. I dreamt of going out with my sister and we ended up at some flat next thing I woke up next to a guy who I didnt remember being there my sister said she heard us making love I was shocked has I never done a thing with him so my sister was saying to me I’m bad when I have a man already I didnt do any think with this guy and he appeared from nowhere I’m in relationship aswel and would never cheat I just want to find out my dream what meanings to it

  5. Last night I had a dream with my ex. He was getting married but he didn’t because of me. I have a boyfriend and he has a girlfriend too. In my dream we were together without them knowing. There was sexual activities and a love of affection being shown. It felt so real, we were so happy. The whole dream consists of me and him just showing so much affection towards each other and cheating on our partners. I would never cheat on my current partner , especially with my ex. I don’t know what this dreams means.

  6. Last night I had a strange dream. I was with two men, one I think may be someone that works at the same place I do, and the other I didn’t recognize but got the feeling we were good friends but nothing else. We were talking and laughing, just hanging out. Then the one I recognized from work was asking to kiss on me. I told him no, and so he wouldn’t feel bad I told him “maybe if I was single.” He said, “well you’re single now.” And I replied, “no I’m married” Then realized that me and both these men were laying in bed together. I was dressed but they were shirtless. I don’t think anything sexual happened in the dream besides the one asking to kiss me. But it had me freaked out. My husband is in jail at the moment, but I would never cheat on him. He’s been in jail before as well and I’ve never cheated or wanted to. But in this dream I was in bed with two men! Even though nothing happened in the dream and I even refused them, I still feel guilty. What can this mean? Earlier last night I watched a show that has sex in it often, and there was a scene where this woman goes into a mans memories where he’s in bed with two women? Not sure if that could have anything to do with it?

  7. Caitlin Ann on

    I just woke up from this dream actually. My boyfriend and I were at his friends house and I ended up going home because I was tired and don’t really care for said friend. The dream was all very spotty but all I really remember now is that I called him out because I had a feeling something happened with the two girls there, one being a girl I’ve never seen before and one being his friends girlfriend. He said he told them he wouldn’t go any furthered and I asked what that meant and he said we just kissed and I was like who and he was like both of them. So I don’t really know what’s going on in my head,
    I’m mostly trying to ignore it but I know I have huge deep routed trust issues with him, I’m sure this has to do with that.

  8. Anonymous Chick on

    I keep having a reoccurring nightmare where my boyfriend cheats on me with his ex then brags about how much better she is that me. I have trust issues with my boyfriend we are trying to work out as he is very impulsive when hanging out with his friends that usually leads to very dumb things. I also have self image issues. The dreams bother me something terrible but I try to move past them. Infidelity with his ex is impossible as she is across the country and Im with my boyfriend pretty much everyday.

  9. Heather Sosebee on

    So I couldn’t sleep last night I was tossing and turning I woke up at 4:11 cause I didn’t feel good either well I came downstairs got my drink from last night from when I was hung out with my boyfriend & messaged him to. Around 5:14 or so I went back to bed & i slept good; I had a dream that I was flirting & kissing other guys like my past crushes before I started dating my boyfriend, it scares me cause I don’t wanna lose him he means too much to me. Plus I could never ever hurt him. I just wanna know what this means.

    • I had the same kind of dream. It was with a woman I’d never met though. But she acted just like my boyfriend; funny, forward, confident, quirky.. I had a dream that we had a bit of a thing going on behind my boyfriend’s back because he’s been so distant lately. I feel like my dream put all his good characteristics that I miss into this woman.. but I still felt very guilty about it, even in my dream. So in my dream I decided enough was enough and told him. He was so mad and hurt and wouldn’t listen to a word I said after. And I was absolutely heart broken.. I woke up and I still feel like I lost him.
      In reality he is very busy and distant this past month because of exams..
      He was also severely hurt by his last relationship that cheated on him. And idk what to do. I want to tell him my dream but I’m so afraid I’ll hurt him or he’ll think the dream means I’m thinking of cheating on him.
      I’ve never felt this way about someone and I’m so scared I’ll hurt him.

  10. Juliette Joseph on

    I am 13 years old and I had a dream about my dad cheated on my mom.When I woke up, at first I thought it was true.So, I got up and changed to my school uniform(because I have an afternoon school).Then,my mom said my dad left his wallet in the room so we decided to give him back.Just about half an hour, we arrived to my dad’s office.But I suddenly felt like I was feeling uncomfortable when I meet my dad.I couldn’t look at his face, I couldn’t talk to him. It just felt like its different from the past.At school, I couldn’t focus on my studies because I kept thinking of my dad cheated on my mom.

    Could someone please tell me what was happening?

  11. federick james on

    i actually caught my wife red handed and was devastated….but with help of (cheeterhacker(@)outlook(.)com) i cleared her bank accounts and felt better after words .i got back on track with my life and moved on .. and i really tink everybody should figure out a way to move on with his or her life

  12. i am very suspicious of my husband due to the dream have been having , we’ve been together for five years now. Two years ago i started noticing he’s cheating on me,he has changed passwords to every account that he has, plus put a pin lock on his phone, and we have two kids together. then i was referred to this hacker Computer(dot)Surgeon(at)outlook(dot)com, he actually gave me the new password immediately i contact him, and he gave me access to all his social media account. He’s really good and different from all these fake hackers out there, i know this cos have tried most online hackers and they failed….. i really trust him and he does all sort of hacks too. just tell him lauren referred you

    • I am too suspicious of my husband he was caught cheating twice and I still can’t forget bout it . He cheated on me with a man he was getting blowjobs from a gay beat which I don’t know he might be bisexual. I had a dream last night that he cheated on me and boom I found out that he did. Pretty spot on.
      I have some proof but would like to know where he is and what he is doing so I. catch him in the act. He put a pin on his phone, that guy he cheated with him messaged him and I saw it and I confronted him and he lied and he said that he told that guys to leave him alone. I replied back stating I knew everything and to leave us alone.

  13. i need a solution to my boyfriends dreams recently gets dreams about my ex and I close and all and being together he wakes up crying and was so hurt from it he wants to break up I told to chill and talk to me about it, I believe dreams comes from emotions and thoughts. But he told me my past doesnt bother him anymore he doesnt think about my past and ex he didnt even think about it before sleep and the whole day! I’m not gonna cheat on him because i love him alot and I care so please if you have a solution please reply I dont want him to cry because it hurts to see him unhappy and I dont want to break up. Im not gonna be with my ex because of the past and because I dont deal with liars or people who take others for granted.

    • I think its best for you to computer a friend of mine who’s and hacker and gifted with dream interpreting, tell him about it (…. tell him Lauren referred you

  14. I dreamed about my father picking me up at school but there was a lady he kept kissing …. The dream felt so real that when i woke up i thought it was real. although i’ve never seen this lady. I don’t think my father ever will cheat. My parents have had a small little argument for the past few days. Idk what to believe. I trust my father and i would never see him cheat on my mother. :/

  15. I just had the oddest cheating dream last night? So I dreamed my boyfriend started dating this girl from his workplace, while still being with me. I knew he was dating the woman but I didn’t care because I knew he loved me more. The other women got jealous of me and wanted to kill me, so my boyfriend dumped her. She kept texting him while we were together but it was obvious my boyfriend never cared and she was acting up because she wanted to impress another man? She was a good riddance to us both because she was crazy, I knew me and my boyfriend were more perfect together. But then later on I started confronting him and actually ask him why he started dating her in the first place and he kind of avoided the question, then I woke up.
    The whole thing is maybe too bizarre to look for a deeper meaning but I have been insecure lately and wondering if the ladies at his workplace were making moves on him (I know one of them is jealous of me or something, he told me). However to me he’s really not that type of guy… He loves me too much for this. I look into his eyes and something tells me he’s being real with me, but we’re long distance so when we don’t see eachother for sometime I start to overthink it (like now).
    But i’m still confused as heck haha.

  16. I’ve been having dreams of my girlfriend cheating on me . We’ve been dating for about 3.5 years and throughout our whole relationship I had vivid dreams of her cheating. Of course I wake up raged and ask her if there’s anything she needs to tell me but it’s always the same story. She’s crazy about me and wouldn’t hurt me . I don’t want to keep accusing her but at the same time I can’t ignore these dreams because they are too real and piss me off . What the hell do I do? What should I do or say to her

    • If you read the article above than you should know that your dreams could be a reflection of your own insecurities. Unless, of course, you have more reason to believe she is cheating other than your dreams. Reply with one of those dreams and I will be happy to farther analyze it.

    • Avoid her. Every single plan you make do not include her. If she cheats you won’t even ever know… Nor care. Relationship IS over if you allow it. Yes.

  17. Marion Coath on

    Yes its very true!
    Almost everyone cheats and if you’re on this website reading either you’re the cheater or the one usually getting cheated on. And yes if your significant other is on Fb they’re 98.8℅ of the time cheating or flirting or just stalking one of their exes. I know I’ve been all 3!
    Plus I’ve sent dick pics to many wives! And I’m 8.7 inches! No lol. So from what I’ve witnessed thus far in life, is that at least 5℅ of all relationships actually survives the turmoil in all relationships from marriage engagement or just dating ones. Those are big odds to play off on right!?? So I stopped platingand started just fucking and that’s it. No relationships just sex. I know y’all like “wow!”, “he’s an asshole!”
    Yes indeed, because I used to be s good guy until I got incredibly super played for my dik and I was broke then so she got other guys just for money and dates, and I was sex and some good dick! But as the bad guy now, I get more pussy than married men do! I’ve had so many wives that I’ve lost faith. Fellas!? Watchout for that “ladies night out!” Excuse. I’ve had anal sex and deep throat with wives supposedly on ladies night or for women, guys use the excuse of, “Time with the fellas” ladies? Why would a man or woman spend time with a motherfucker they knew all their lives when they got dik or great pussy at home? …watch the game y’all. And on Fb? Of their friends list is hidden on ‘only me’ their is a reason!
    If they have their relationship status hidden?? Yes!!! Got em!

  18. Thank you. Your post gave me a lot of assurance, that what I did was correct. I had a vivid dream, that the person I loved and pretended to love me back was into a relationship with another woman. It was si vivid. Moreover, it revealed traits of his personality, which I would never have actively enumerated. I was in denial. When I woke up, I was trembling. I remembered each and every incident, which had been a red flag I had ignored. I indicated to him the same day that it could not go any further. And it ended. So simply for him. Just as I had seen in my dream. To me, it was not so easy. But the memory of the dream was a great support. It kept reminding me of all the real incidents, that had led to my having such a dream.

  19. Im having the same dream and feeling anxiety as i do now as my ex i seen my ex with another black girl i asked and he said no. About a week after we split up then further down the line i seen him with another girl the same one in my dream. I now am with some one else and have the same feeling and today had a dream as i seen no future in my visions so i asked my vision to show me why i see no future. I was shown another black girl. I guess i should end it as i had experience of this. I know when i let go the feeling of anxiety will end and it will turn to hurt and i will get over it and the pain and misery will lift. Its not always anxiety if you get reassured and the feeling is still there take note of it . Xx

  20. Im always having dreams of my husband loving a particular lady. His attention is always on that lady. The lady is dark and in real life he always confessed that he prefer dark in complexion ladies to fair in complexion ladies. In all the dreams i see him with the same lady which is my baby sitter. Can this dream be true

  21. Ive recently had a crazy dream. My husband has this old friend of his that he’s known way longer than me. He often messages her on his phone but I am ok with it mainly because he shares and lets me read his text messages. They mainly talk about similar tv shows they watch and about the family. My husbands friend is older than him and is single living with her parents. Now in my dream, my husband and I are eating at a gas station restaurant and his friend meets us there. While I’m running around with our two kids I dream that my husband leaves me with my kids and I look up and they are both holding hands and they walk away and I am left with just my kids. I told my husband about what I dreamed and he laughed it off and spent a whole week off with me and the kids. I of course couldnt help myself and snuck and looked in his phone and Facebook messages but I haven’t found anything unusual.

  22. I’m looking for answers on what it means if I had cheated on my partner in the past and now I consciously never think about it but sometimes I dream about dating the person I cheated with.

    • I have same dream over and over about the person I cheated on my husband with. I’m not sure if for me it’s that I’m not satisfied with my current situation my husband is not very affectionate I have to remind him often how long it’s been since we had sexy time, or if I still have feelings for this other man we had an affair for nearly two years off and on in between his own relationships. I wish I had answers for you trying to figure it out for myself too.

      • Have you considered just getting into bed with a vibrator and self pleasuring? That may really turn him on… Also sex is mostly mental, so sending your man dirty descriptive texts of the filthy things you want to do to him will get his thoughts on you…

  23. I just woke up from a dream where I found out my boyfriend had cheated on me. He had gone out with some of MY friends and when I went to get him, I couldn’t find him. 2 guys that I work with (the two most attractive guys there) told me that they had seen him with some girl. I think I got a glimpse of her and she was mixed, short, and had dark hair. I confronted my now drunk boyfriend about it in the Target parking lot by my house (***) and he said he had been talking to her but didn’t have sex. I could smell perfume on him that wasn’t mine. I smelled him all over and KNEW he had been with her. I took his phone and texted her as him and she said “of course dummy we just had sex an hour ago!” My heart dropped and I instantly wanted to die. I had only ever felt this feeling once before. My ex dumped me after starting soooo many arguments over the previous 2 weeks. The next week on my birthday his relationship status turned back to “in a relationship.” I put two and two together while remembering that I had found a very small uniform from his job at his house a few months back. I was devastated when he broke up with me, but when I realized he had been cheating it felt like my heart disintegrated. The 2 kickers… the girl I got cheated on in real life was short, mixed, and had dark hair, also my ex and I had our first kiss in that very same Target parking lot from my dream.
    Luckily I have THE most amazing boyfriend ever and he’d never cheat… EVER. We’re obsessed with each other we spend as much time together as possible not because we feel we have to, we just feel better when we’re near. This dream must be a manifestation of my insecurities. Now that’s something that I do have an issue with.

  24. In my case, this is true. I constantly dreaming about my partner cheating on me with another girl. I woke up crying. Then asked me about my dream in the morning. So I said, i saw you in my dreams with another girl. He said, that he is not cheating on me. After few weeks, i saw an unfamiliar name in my blocked list on facebook. So I got freaked out, i unblocked her and i found out we have a common friend which is my partner. I decided to get his phone while he is sleeping to check who is she. Till i found her name in his email. They went out together in a fancy restaurant where we went to celebrate our monthsary. I was really shocked and miserable. I found out as well that they go in an island, they booked a hotel and spent 2 days there. It was painful in my part as he told me that he’s just going to work. I ironed his clothes because i don’t him to look in decent. I was rushing because i don’t him to get late. Till now i can’t move on to what happened. It’s sad.

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