Cheating Dreams – What They Really Mean


“He was cheating on me in my dream!” Cheating dreams can invoke a very strong emotional response when you wake up from the dream. Most people can remember a dream when they woke up in a pile of sweat, furious at the person lying next to them.

Unbeknownst to your partner, you just had a dream that they were in the arms of another woman or man. If one spouse accuses the other of cheating because of a dream, it can cause a lot of problems in a relationship.

To understand why you have a cheating dream, it is important to interpret the dream in the context of your waking life. If your spouse is constantly flirting with other people around you, these dreams can indicate an untrustworthy partner.

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Young man text messaging with young woman sleepingDreaming about cheating or being cheated on is one of the most commonly reported, and most disturbing dreams, for people in relationships.

These dreams can be so real and vivid that you can have all the feelings and emotions that you would have if your partner did cheat.

In some cases, these dreams turn out to be simple insecurities or fears within the dreamer. However, cheating dreams can also indicate an unfaithful partner in a relationship. As the dreamer, you are best equipped to uncover the hidden truth inside your dream. Related Dreams: Boyfriend Dreams or Girlfriend Dreams

“The subconscious mind can detect hidden signals that your conscious mind ignores or refuses to acknowledge..”

Foreshadowing Dreams about Cheating

When I was a child, I had a dream that foreshadowed my parents getting a divorce. One night I had a dream that my mom was being taken by a man that was connected to our family. When I woke up from this dream, I was visibly shaken and told my parents about it.

They both assured me that it was a nightmare, but little did I know my mom was having an affair at the time. This dream was so vivid and clear that I couldn’t get it out of my head. Three weeks after the dream, my dad found out that my mom was cheating on him, with the family friend I saw in my dream.

Cheating DreamThinking back to this memory, this dream was my subconscious mind trying to warn me of the impending disaster about to hit my family. Although my conscious mind did not sense any problem with my parent’s relationship as a child, my subconscious mind was reading all of the signals that my brain refused to acknowledge.

It was my subconscious mind that compiled all the hidden signs and portrayed them in a dream that revolved about my mom’s unhappiness in the marriage.

Whenever a dream about a cheating spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend turns out to be real, it often means you have a strong sixth sense of the things around you. Your unconscious mind is better at reading the subtle signs that your conscious mind has either overlooked or simply blocked out to avoid being hurt. Even though some people choose to remain ignorant of their cheating spouse in their waking mind, sometimes the subconscious will attempt to provide clues to infidelity.

An example of this is a wife that fails to notice that her husband is staying out longer after work. Although the husband could have displayed visible signs of infidelity, the wife’s conscious mind remained ignorant to any of these signs. To awaken the conscious mind, the wife could have a dream that her husband was in the arms of another woman.

Sometimes these cheating dreams occur to provide a warning of something that may happen in the future. Your dreams could be providing you clues that your relationship has grown stale and needs to be revived before it burns out.

Detect a Cheating Partner: If you suspect that your cheating dream might be telling you something about your partner, then I recommend this book called how to Catch a Cheat. I actually know someone that read the book and discovered her partner wasn’t cheating, which allowed their relationship to grow even stronger. 

Being Cheated On

In most cases, cheating dreams represent our fears and insecurities that we have about ourselves. You could have issues with trust that is causing your subconscious mind to create a dream about your partner cheating. Some dreamers have deep insecurity and anxiety about themselves that are reflected in their dreams.

Dreaming that your partner is cheating on you, usually, represents some kind of anxiety or worry that you have about your personal feelings towards yourself. You could have anxiety over your physical appearance, or be worried about your future together.

When someone is cheating on you, it can also represent a lack of control in your life. If you are the type of person that likes to have everything planned, cheating dreams can disrupt your feeling of being in control. Cheating dreams can also represent your fear of failure on a project that you have been working on.

Cheating on Someone Else

When we cheat on someone in our dream the first thing we feel is guilt. Why would I do that? I love my partner?! Cheating on someone is just as emotional as being cheating on because of the strong feelings of guilt associated with the dream.

These feelings are amplified if you were experiencing pleasure and happiness in the dream. Dreaming about being a cheater can indicate a feeling of guilt in other areas in your life. There is another possibility that your conscious mind is entertaining thoughts of cheating and these are reflected in your dream state.

If a person is constantly thinking about cheating on their spouse or partner, chances are they might have a dream about it. Sometimes these dreams reveal the painful impact of cheating and allow the dreamer to experience the guilt without actually going through the motions.


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Cheating dreams can represent self-fulfillment dreams of dreamers who are missing something in their lives. If your partner is not very affectionate, you might have a dream about cheating to satisfy your inner desire to be loved by someone.

Interpreting and Understanding Cheating Dreams

When trying to analyze a cheating dream it is important for you to look at the specific situations and circumstances that you encounter in the dream.

Is there a particular person that stands out in the dream?

You should always take note of the specific locations, people, objects and places in the dream. Remember that your conscious mind can influence your dream.

For example, if you are jealous of a coworker because of her good looks, this jealousy could be reflected in a dream of your spouse having an affair that same co-worker. Take note of any conscious thoughts that could influence your dream about your partner.

Is your dream a reflection of your insecurities and thoughts that you have in your waking life? Remember that most cheating dreams are not a reflection of reality, but are reflective of our insecurities. Although some dreams can offer an omen of truth, it is important to thoroughly analyze your dream before you come to the conclusion that your partner is cheating on you.

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Do You Need Help Interpreting Your Cheating Dream?

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  1. I always dream about my partner having affair to oder girls.then one day i found the truth that his cheating me.

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  3. Why would I dream that my mom was having sex with my boyfriend? I didn’t caught them in action but my mom was naked in the living room in the middle of the night and I woke up to get my charger from my living room, I asked her what was she doing I went to her room with out fer noticing and I found my boyfriend naked in her bad! I freaked out. I asked him “what the f**** are you doing with my mom?” I was so upset…. I woke up so emotional. I wanted to cry.

  4. Mikkaila Tennar on

    I just woke up from a nightmare. My basically husband was holding this girl in a towel in my room. I was right there. He didn’t care. He kept holding her and loving on her. He brushed her hair. I bashed her face in 3 times. He yelled at me like I was in the wrong. This is a girl i have already been told he has taken her virginity. In the dream I felt very left out. She was cuter then me. He took a awe liking to her. Like a lost kitten. She would always follow him home from school saying Meow..Then I find notes to him love kitty. It was a convo about him kissing her at night and feeding her because she is small and defenseless.But he says that note he took from her and there are other guys names the same at his school. I got to jdc for not going to school and girls there from his school tell me. They are always hugging in school and he is always sitting with her on the bus and they flirt. Then She comes in jdc next day for being drunk. She had hickys all over her body. and His name carved in her arm. I lost it the guards had to pop my cell and calm me down many times. I wanna kill this girl in all honesty. I have a baby with this guy for god sake. This little emo whore needs to be naught a lesson. i wont hurt her because I wont risk going to jail and losing my daughter.

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  6. I’m having dreams of my husband cheating on me and in my dream I have been catching him in the act. What does this mean

  7. how about most of the night dreaming that your husband is cheating on you…i don’t recognyze the girl and the location but the scene in the act is in there,maybe 5 times i dreaming this kind of nighmare…do you think his really has an affair?tnx

  8. Casey Courtneii Spence on

    Every night I go to bed with my fiancée and I have the same dream every night but different locations . When we first got together he left me for a good mate of his because he had a crush on her. But I’m having these dreams where I will catch him and start crying but he doesn’t care ? . Last night it was her and my fiancée , and also my best friend :/ it makes me feel so upset and I hate going out if she’s there because I am so paranoid that my fiancée says when we go out I’m clingy and when he talks to her or my best friend I glare at him , these dreams are destroying my confidence :/

  9. Tamara Bromley on

    I’m having repetitive dreams/nightmares that my partner is cheating, it also doesn’t help that he has been now working a lot later and is bring connected to the Facebook on his phone as he had once been very touchy of his phone until I had found that he was hiding photos of other women with no clothes on most of whom women he had previously done things with and ex girlfriends, this happened for 6 months until I moved into his and he promised he wouldn’t do that again, but it’s happened several times and he is claiming that he doesn’t know how the website or video/photo got on his phone, my first dream was unusual where I was with friends in a park, and I go back into what appeared my dad’s house to my room to find him making out with another girl on my bed, the second one that I remember I was yet again at my dads with my friends and I go into the shed to find him having sex with another women, the worst part of it though was in my dream it made it feel as though it was the place where he had taken my virginity.

  10. April Proudmummy Leckenby on

    Mine is a dream where i find out one day after he finishes work that he has been cheating with a friend of mine. We have a big argument where i start beating him up and tell him to leave for good. The next day after work he goes to her house again and i find out when i ring him. I then threaten to go up and kill him and i mean it. He then say he prefers to be there than with me and our two kids

    Our relationship has never been violent and i would never hit him so thats a bit shocking. Also a couple of weeks ago my friend told my partner she fancied him. He told me straight away and as soon as he told me i went around to confont my so called friend. She said she would neer act upon it blah blah but at same time she was messaging my partner asking him to come around for a ‘chat’ the next day. He showed me as soon as i got home of course. This is probably why i had the dream

  11. I had a dream that my husband wants a divorce to be with his coworker. In the dream, to my knowledge, he has only been talking to her and flirting but hasn’t cheated. He told me that he wanted a divorce to be with her and nothing I said changed his mind. I was sad and angry and went to my family’s house to vent.

    In reality, he has been sending emails back and forth to this coworker that I feel are flirty, but his other coworkers (both male and female) are included in this email conversation most times. He also goes out to happy hour with his coworkers/friends and she’s there. Sometimes be doesn’t even tell me he’s going to the bar. He’s says she’s a friend, the same way his other male coworkers are and I’m just being insecure. Then I have this dream shortly after our confrontation. Any ideas? Thank you!

    FYI: we had a baby in November 2012 and maybe I’m just feeling insecure because I’m a mom now?

  12. i had a dream my best friend called me and told me she had sex with my boyfriend a looong time ago and it meant nothig. i remember bein in tears in my dream. i woke up so upset and crying like crazy. what does this mean?

    • Marion Coath on

      It can mean either two things for you. Either that type shit has happened without you realizing consciously
      And refusing to have seen those signs. Or it means LOOK OUT WITHIN YOUR INNER GROUP OF FRIENDS FAMILY AND CLOSEST AFFILIATES. COULD BE A SIGN TO WATCH SECRETIVE THINGS OF SUCH A MANNER. I’ve had to of my exes fuk one of my childhood cousins. Then another cousin I grew up with did it behind my back, both guys denied it or was told on by that girl the ex later told me as, we just flirted a few times, NO SEX RIGHT? WHEN I APPROACHED THR GUY COUSINS THEY ADMITTED TO SEX WITH THESE EX GIRLFRIENDS OF MINE. They broke the code

  13. My boyfriend and I see porn as cheating. It may sound weird to some people but we do.
    Anyway, the other day he ended up getting himself caught with tonnnns of it that he had watched through the month.
    However, we are trying to work it out since it wasn’t a physical cheat and a lot of guys watch porn.
    But I keep having dreams of finding more and more and I wake up in tears.
    Is this just because I’m still hurt about the situation ?

    • Sounds like your subconscious i still having feels of mistrust from the first incident you had with your boyfriend. The fact that he violated your trust is shown in your dream because you are continually catching your boyfriend doing something that he’s done before. There are obvious fears and trust that still need to be repaired between you two.

  14. I had a dream about my husband cheating on me with my sister.. I was shocked after that I’m awake in the morning. It is really bad for me. But I know in reality it will never happen. As I read this article above, it give me a peace of mind of what the meaning of this drams. Yes it’s true, in my personal life I have lack of control that I have in my life. As I quoted “kind of anxiety or worry that you have about your own personal feelings towards yourself. You could have anxiety over your own physical appearance, or be worried about the future in general. Usually dreams that have someone cheating on your represent fear and anxiety.”
    It’s kinda true.. 🙂
    Thank you for those person who made this article.

  15. I had two dreams two nights in a roll that my husband is having an affair with a beautiful blonde. In both dreams there was a large body of water like an ocean and lake. I wonder what this means.

    • I had a dream VERY similar to this Last night, but it was a red head, and there was like an ocean, tide etc. and then my ex was in it as well, and the water was rising and ppl were going for higher ground and I was at home with my current bf, and I went to bed (in my dream) woke up to go outside and he was kissing this red head, and he told me they have been together for a while; and showed me poems…. then the water started to turn to ice and it started snowing. Soooo Awkward. I woke up so confused and upset.

  16. Pamela Garcia on

    I have had several dreams about my husband’s ex. It was a short relationship but I think she meant more to him than he admits. A “friend” told me he cheated on me with her while we weee dating. He promissed before we got married that he would never have contact with her but I found an email he sent her only 3 weeks after the fight where he made his promisse. I found out about the mail almost a year after it was sent and we were already married. I’ve had deeams about him cheating with her, about hitting her, about forgiving her, then hittin her again, hitting my husband, etc. Do i need therapy?

  17. My fiance was cheating on me in a dream and afterwards the world started falling apart like it was ending. Our relationship is a 100% and we both love each other. That dream came out of no where. I’m wondering what it really mean because I do not think she is cheating or ever will.

    • Dreams about cheating are quite common. They often represent the hidden fears and anxieties we have regarding our relationship. Unless you are sensing something wrong in your waking state, you usually don’t have to look into the direct act of cheating in the dream. Many couples have these dreams even though their partners aren’t cheating.

  18. I had this crazy dream hearing that my boyfriend was/is cheating on me . like, i woke up and the first word i said was damn . dream: i was in my classroom already crying but, i didnt know why . my bestfriend from 7 grade (who i don’t even talk to anymore) kept saying ” ill tell you if you buy my shoes”. crying because that whole day everybody was whispering about me & myboyfriend something that i didn’t know .. so the bell rings and im heading to my locker to leave when my friend deion (girl) stops me and shes like ” i gotta tell you something . see , everybody’s relationship is good , such & such relationship is doing good , & other such & such relationship is true and faithful but yours …..” im like what about mines , the she completely ignores me and walks to her locker thats when i just snap , and start yelling why isn’t anyone

    telling me anything , your suppose to be my friends … thats when deion just ran up to me and,whispere

  19. I had a dream my boyfriend was been with somome same room with.them
    .he would.hug her n.try to kiss her but iwould stop.them.n.yell at him.. ikickd her out the room talk to him n he would saay he dosnt kno if he wants to be with me anymore.. or tht he

  20. My partner has reoccurring sex dreams. I’m awake when this is going on. At first, it was funny but, last night, he called out a name, told this woman that he loved her and from there was making intercourse movements along with a few sexual statements. I was at a loss for words to say the least. Today, I told him about what he was doing and saying in his sleep, which I usually do (he talks alot in his sleep). I told him that he has taken his sexual dreams to a whole new level. When I questioned him about this woman, he said he didn’t know anyone by this name. He seemed dumbfounded and a bit embarrassed by it…..I said, “Try being on the receiving end of it!” What’s up with these dreams???? HELP!!!

    • Wow Mary!! Does this still happen? It’s almost word for word what happens here. E talks in his sleep every night and usually I laugh and ask questions just to keep him talking his rubbish. Could be me flying a helicopter or walking in the woods or asexual dream with whoever. But last night as I asked more questions , he said a specific name.. One I’ve never heard , that was fine…. Then he yelled “NOW SUCK MY D**k ” and opened his eyes and seen me there and got the biggest fright of his life , like he was scared to death. Once he woke up, he laughed it off, BUT I CAN’T lol it sucks!!!

  21. hi so w while back my bf had invited a new co worker and his gf over. they were drinking downstairs and when i heard my bf nd the other guys gf talking at the top of the steps, they were planing on hooking up in the next hour or so in th spare room downstairs. i was so mad kicked the guy and gf out and confronted my bf abut it the next day. he said he doesnt remember( i dont believe it). and he invites me to his other friends places and decides to invite the couple mentioned above everytime. and i told him i am hurt and i just dont want to be around them. i havent talked to her about it and she acts like we are friends >:( but anyway things have gotten better between my and my love but the past 3 nights in a row i have had dreams that i walk into a room and there they are having sex on the bottom part of a bunk bed, the bed and room i used to share with my sister..??? and they think nuthing of it.( the fact that i am standing there) then its like i blink and shes either gone or laying on the other side of him(a bit blurry now). and he holds out his hand to me as if he wants me to join then i wake up…. And the thing that hurts the most is that he stoped calling be beautifl and this other woman( if even a woman at all!!) looks like a freaking pirate missing teeth and all!! i am so hurt by all this it disgusts me. :'(

  22. I keep having dreams that I am cheating on my husband with a guy who I had a crush on all through middle and high school. Each dream takes place at my husband’s family lakeside property up north. The dreams always involve flirting and a little romance, but no sex. I haven’t seen this person since we graduated high school many years ago, but I seem to be having these dreams every few weeks over the course of the last three or four months. These dreams are making me feel so guilty!

  23. My boyfriend had/has dreams about making out with this one girl he use to really like.. So what was the dream about.?? Him still having major feelings for her or Just cheating on me with her in real life.. I need help..

  24. My boyfriend lied to me twice about emailing someone, the email itself wasn’t the problem as it was just general chitchat but the fact that he looked me in the eye and told me he hadn’t was the problem. Ex girlfriend no1 followed him into the toilets ex girlfriend no2 tried kissing him in the pub. Since all of this has happened I am quite insecure and do worry about him cheating. But I have dreams about him cheating ALL the time and it really gets to me. Its always someone I know but don’t see much. Or a friend. Or just someone random. They’re so real and iv woken up crying before! We’ve been together 5years and I don’t know of any unlawful behaviour, witnessed bit of flirting but I just don’t know what to make of these dreams!!??

    • Shawna Atkins on

      I just had a dream that my husband and I were at the bar drinking and enjoying the night and this girl started brushing up against him so I grabbed her and basically told her to screw off. After that my husband started taking pictures but of all the girls and me too. I didn’t see him and then went to the bathroom and saw the other girls by the door to enter making comments. I busted in the door and had to push it really hard to find him having sex with the girl that was brushing up against him earlier. He said if that’s my wife im in trouble. I woke up upset and crying a bit.

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