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“I’m Being Chased!”  At some point in your life, you’ve probably experienced these three terrifying words in a dream. The act of running away and fleeing from something triggers a fight or flight response. This is your bodies natural defense mechanism to avoid physical threats that might harm you. If you have a dream where you are being chased by someone or something, take a few moments to analyze what it could mean. Your subconscious is trying to give your conscious mind insight into something that you might be running from in your waking state.

Chased Dream Meanings

Dreaming of being chased can be a common theme in dreams. It is a sign you are worrying about something in your real life. Being chased in a dream is your subconscious telling you to need to stop running and face the issues. You need to deal with things. You have responsibilities you cannot avoid. Others may rely on you. You need to move on to continue to provide for yourself and your family.

A man dreaming of being chased by a woman can indicate he feels trapped or consumed by someone. How close the chaser is to you indicates how long you have before you need to deal with what worries you. If whatever chases you is right behind you, then your problems are going to come to a head soon. If you are caught and attacked, this makes your fears more of reality. This can scare you.

A recurring dream of being chased is a sign you need to take time out to meditate on why this dream keeps occurring. It will continue until you deal with whatever worries you. This could be at work or something in your personal life. This can be a message there is much you need to achieve.

Being chased by criminals is a warning you need to protect yourself from others who may try to use you sometime in the future. If they are swearing and cursing as they chase you, this reflects your feelings of anger in reality. It is a sign you need to stay silent. Beware of losing your temper. Or, the consequences will be dire.

A monster chasing you can mean something will conclude shortly. If, when you turn around, there is no one chasing you, this means you have the ability to overcome anything that comes your way. A huge animal close behind you signify new opportunities are delayed. Laughing at what chases you is a sign you can laugh off even the most difficult situations.

Being rooted to the spot, unable to run, means you need to take responsibility. Whatever worries are catching up to you. If you do not grow up and take responsibility, it may consume you. If colleagues chase you, others may feel you do not work as hard as you should. You need to pick up the pace. Being chased by a person means there will be financial challenges soon. In fact, it might be, that you always worry about money regardless of how much you need.

A slow motion chase in a dream is a sign to take an in depth look at the people and the relationships in your life. This indicates there are things you need to do to improve the relationships in your reality. If you cannot see who or what chases you, this means you need to explore how you feel about something or someone. It could be to do with your career. Being chased by a shadow can mean you have denied yourself something you long for. Maybe you should deny yourself no longer

If you are chased through the streets, this is a clear sign of money problems. Hiding from or losing what chases you shows you how to overcome this situation in your true reality. When a chaser catches and pins you to the ground, this indicates you are feeling inadequate about something. It may be that something or someone makes you feel trapped.

If you are chased by a bull, this indicates trouble at work sometime soon. These could be through the competitive nature of colleagues or suppliers vying for your job or business. A dog chasing you is a sign that you are going to be busy in all areas of your life. Seeing dogs hunting rabbits or foxes signifies there is trouble brewing among those close to you. It is time you need to be careful in your communications to avoid being involved in any dramas. A dog chasing a squirrel means there are arguments between family and friends.

Being chased by sharks means tough times are coming that you will not be able to avoid. If you are attacked in clear water and get away, this is a sign where you may be questioned about your resourcefulness.

Dreaming of a bat chasing you may mean you or your partner will get sick. This is only minor and you will soon be well again. A snake slithering after you signifies your friends are grateful for all you do for them. If the snake bites and it kills you, you will overcome all challenges and win over your enemies. Snakes are a sacred sign of protection.

Bees swarming all over you can mean there is serious trouble coming. Being stung by a bee is an indication you will have physical problems of some sort. Catching a bee means someone close is not a true friend. Who could this be?

Being chased by a zombie or a mob of people is a warning there is a relationship that has problems you need to resolve. This dream s about how you are running from social pressure, and your responsibilities. If they fail to catch you, then this is a positive sign.

What Do These Dreams Mean?

When it comes to understanding Chase dreams the most significant factor you should be looking at is who are you running from? Identifying the chaser in the dream is the first step to understanding the underlying meaning of this dream. Specific details about the chaser can help you unlock specific truths about yourself that you might not have known before.

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The standard scenario of the fleeing or chase dream is the dreamer is being pursued by an attacker – an animal, person, monster, or someone unknown – who is trying to cause you harm.

In the chase dream, you are on the defensive trying to evade being caught by the pursuer in your dream. You may try to simply outwit your pursuer, or you may try to get away by running.  The standard feelings that one gets in the chase or flee dream is a feeling of insecurity, anxiety, being out of control, and fear.

Chase Dreams can Signal Avoidance

chase dreamsThe common interpretation of the chase dream is that you are being told by your subconscious that there is an issue or person that you have been trying to avoid. In the chase dream your pursuer matters for the meaning. If you are being chased by someone you know it could be that you fear the individual exposing something about you to others or discovering something personal. Being chased by an animal will have a different meaning than being chased by a person.

The person who is chasing you in the dream may also be a certain aspect or characteristic of yourself. If you have feelings of fear, anger, jealousy, or hate, they can often manifest themselves as a threat in a dream. The figure in your dream could also represent characteristics or feelings that you have chosen to reject.

Dreaming about being chased may also mean that you are trying to avoid something painful, uneasy or fearful of something. These feelings in the real world can often be expressed in a person’s subconscious through the act of dreaming about it. People who don’t like to confront situations in the real world and run away from their problem may have a chase or fleeing dream. It is always important to ask yourself what you are running from in the dream.

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Distance Matters

The specific distance between you and your pursuer may also be relevant in the context of your dream. If the person is gaining distance on you, it could represent the problem not going away unless you deal with it head on. This might require you to confront the specific issue and address it head on. Conversely, if you are able to outrun the pursuer, it could mean that the problem can resolve itself and will fade over time.


There are also some people who have the chase dream for fear of being physically attacked in the real world. Women, in particular, may have a chase dream for fear of being attacked by a man or stranger. If you always see the news and media continually show images of rape and abuse, these things can often manifest themselves in a dream. To resolve this issue you might want to consider rationalizing these fears and ask yourself if they are warranted. Many people have many irrational fears due to the amount of television and news they watch on a weekly basis.

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What If I’m the Person Doing the Chasing?

If you happen to be the one pursuing another person in the dream it has whole different meaning. This could mean that you are driven to go after a particular goal or person. In Freudian context, it could say that you are sexual pursuing this person, express your deep desire for them. Chasing something in a dream could also mean that you are falling behind in your life and trying to catch up before it gets away from you.

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If you have chase dreams you should take the time to analyze what is causing the dream and see if you can find meaning in the dream. Although some dreams feel very memorable, not all dreams are equal in their level of importance. Take the time to look up specific symbols in your dream to start understanding the meaning of your dream.

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  1. I have these dreams too. But recently, I dreamed being chased by masked killes. But, the strange thing was there’s someone who protected me from the killer. When the killer was about to caught me, someone helped me by punching the killer before he grasped my leg. I can’t convey this enough but what I feel was terrifying and vivid that I woke up panting like a dog lol. But, there’s a small detail also. Before the killer chased me, all electricity in the house was malfunctioning. And my tab and computer was hacked also.

  2. I had a dream me and my friends were being chased by clowns after falling out with my best friend and shopping for items. We fell out with my bff then went shopping and the shopping centre got set on fire then we were trapped in a field then the chased us. Anybody know what it means????

  3. Winter castell on

    I had a dream of going to Chipotle but there were many buildings around me like a maze so it was hard to find it. At the same time, from a different view, I can see my senior crush walking to Chipotle. It was a sports team fundraiser so the whole team would meet up. My mom is driving a black Lincoln navigator with me in the front seat and my little brother is outside with his friends.(setting: at the strwets with houses around us) We don’t see where my little brother is at, so I suguested that I would go look for him. Right when I opened the door, stepped out, and looked around, I saw a homeless black drug addict. He told me, “can I get a ride” but I keep rejecting him. I get scared so I start turning my foot the other direction but I remembered the door was unlocked and my mom was parked a few meter’s away. I tried to run to the car and im chased for awhile, then i get caught. The man had big black words (tattoos) on his chest. He says you know what, I wanna try tasting you and his eyes flip over like casino lots as if the drug hadjust hit him. Then right before he tries to shoot his gun at me, my crush stops him, ties him to a pole and call the cops to arrive and says, “my girlfriend was attacked by an addict”. Reality just sinks in and I start crying. I hug my crush, he tries to console me and asks for a ride to Chipotle cuz he got lost. My little brother is found and was alreday in the car. He talked to my crush and got along really well. (Leaving a few details out) it’s night time and it’s raining a bit… I get kidnapped again but by the drug addicts brother….
    -aweird but really scary dream because it felt so real and as clear as day, it was just yesteady that I dreamed of this, and yes there was a happy ending before I woke up.

  4. I was gathering my stuff like blankets, clothes and stuff. I needed to climb a mountain……i was hurrying……i was going to meet God. What does this dream mean

  5. i had a dream where a mad woman stop me from where am going and start following me around and laughing at me

  6. I had a dream where by I was being pursued by some rapist,so I started running away from them,I was so scared that I run faster than them.
    In my waking life,I was trying to quit my job to get another one,but my fear is will I be able to get the one that is much better than my present job.

  7. I had a dream that I tried to push the back closed where the purser was trying to get through and when I asked my cousin who was close by to help she said she couldn’t help me then my other cousin ran down stairs to see what was wrong I then ran to her then she pulled me upstairs so we could rush to her parents room then I locked the door and jumped in the bed with my aunt and uncle, the purser on the other side continued to bang and push on the door to try to get in but I closed my eyes in the dream and then woke up

  8. I almost always dream about being chased – like 90% of all my dreams. In the most colorful variations though, but I am always chased or on the run. Since I am a little child. One time I am hunted by a “time travel” agency, or the FBI, a mad scientist, the government, zombies, whatever. What the heck is wrong with me?

  9. I had a dream I was being chased by someone I like very much in my everyday life (Crush). I didn’t know it was him into the end and I turn around. What does this mean?

    • Could be that your crush has been trying to reach out to you, but you are making it very difficult for your crush to approach you or get intimate. Maybe playing to hard to get, not giving the other person a chance.

  10. Me & my friends (all females I don’t know in real life)beat up two males who picked on one of my friends,all this happen at school. Then a group of his friends starting hunting us down. Strange thing is some where wearing panda’s heads & would pop out of the ground. We ran through the school & through the streets on foot & my car until we were caught by a panda head. They took us to this remote location & with their hands they built us something like a a motorcycle but it had 1 wheel. Then 1 of the guys thought of an idea,which was we all should emerged & become a powerful group then I woke up lol. Crazy thing is I don’t know who was chasing me. I guess the money problem theory best suits my dream. Thanks for reading

  11. I dreamed about my boyfriend stabbing a man with a knife after he chased me I run away and I met a group of children they asked me to hide under the green trees then I saw him he was also hiding nearer then I manage to fly away and he was left behind

  12. My dream is that I’m kayaking with a man and my mother. (Note: I love kayaking very much.) I don’t know who he is, but he’s probably in his 40s or so. The waters are mostly smooth, but there are a few rocky places. We come to what looks like the underneath of a bridge, but there’s a big house there. There are a group of people in the water, just having fun. We climb up to the top of the bridge and the man jumps off the bridge, for fun. He lands on top of one of the guys down below but they’re both fine. Suddenly, all the people disappear and a girl comes around the corner of the house, scared and shaking. I try to slide down beside the bridge to get down to her. I tell my mom to stay there. It’s very rough getting down, my legs and hands are getting cut open. I get down to the girl and she just keeps saying “He’s not the same. There is something wrong.” I pass her and look around the corner that she came from. There’s a window there and I’m looking out at a big dock. There are all the people from in the water out there on the dock, staring at the guy who had gotten jumped on by the man who was with me. But he looks different. Scary. I try to climb back up to my mom but I can’t get there. When I finally force my way back up, she’s gone. Suddenly, the ‘cliff’ I was on disappears and I’m back down in the house. There’s a skittering sound, a flash passes in the hallway next to me. I look and the guy is there but he’s on all fours. But with his legs still mostly straight. Like if a runner were to lean down to start a race. He’s maybe 2 or 3 feet away from me. He growls and comes after me, still on all fours.

    And then I wake up.

  13. Darlene yang age:12 on

    I had a dream where i had a clan and we wwere trading with a old nice man. He gave us food, but then he started giving us wierd food like moldy peaches and a infected chicken idk what the meaning of these kind of food is but anyways I and three other girls went to find the man and he was sick but there was another man he looked about on his 40s with and beared and he said he was taking care of him. And the one who was sick said we can get the food from the kitchen and we did but the 40s man tried to attack us I ran really fast out the door and found my clan on the streets with guns but they were my friends and we were going to shoot the man but it didn’t effect him he toke us somewhere and undress us and made us wear these clothes and said there will be visitors and I was scared so I ran over the fences at the back of the houses and he was right there a fence away. I thought about a gun that can kill him but it there was an achievement thingy and I press it and it said he will wake up in ten mins and told me to RUN then I just woke up. Idk but I hadn’t watch any kiddnapping stories in a while and also I dream this so clearly i rawly get dream that I remember

  14. I had a dream where me and my friends thought to go to the convenience store before school (its summer so the school might represent something I’m avoiding) so we get to the store and I realize we need to get going so we can make it to school on time but my friend is taking too long. Next thing I know this 8 foot tall dude who has infinite energy is chasing us all around and there’s no way to stop him. This was a fuzzy part of the dream but it was still very scary. I would run, turn around and he’s right there just barreling to me. He would grab me and after that the dream gets fuzzy but next thing I know I’m running and he’s barreling towards me again and grabbing me. The end of the dream was my friend getting the guy chasing us in a head lock (even though this should do nothing because he can just throw my friend off at any time) and my friend letting me know I need to go now so I run into a back storage room of the convinience store and get on an app called apple home which would teleport me to wherever I wanted so I put in my address and as I’m typing it in I hear the loudest fastest foot steps approaching me as I hit enter. Then I woke up.

  15. Since the 1st day of this month, my birth month, I have been dreaming of having a happy and loving family with a husband (I don’t know him), that I love very much. Every thing is going great, then, something will happen, I’ll leave my happy family and my dream will end with me hiding and running away from another man or men chasing me for sex or something. My dreams are always changing and weird but this month, it has this constant theme of happy family, murder, and me being chased for sex. pls someone explain.

  16. Anonymous :) on

    I had a dream were me and an old man were family and two people in black and gray suits shot him and came for me the old man told me to run. Wile running the men were talking about forms and questions that should happen but dont. They shot me 4 times befor i went down two in my left leg one in my right leg and one in my chest next to my hart. Then they took me to an animal experiment place, these demon animals were bowing to me as i passed. So weired. I ended up becoming one of them in form. They got me out and i ended up created a war between us and humans. Does any body know what this means?.

  17. Had a nightmare of being hostage by a family of adopted kids and they wouldn’t let me go. All I wanted was to return to my husband and kids once I escaped it was a relentless game of chase and 2 of them killed them selves as I was leaving and the guy running after me was so angry… still shaken about all of it. Also note that I felt so helpless because he was gaining on me broke all the doors I told people and they didn’t really care..

  18. I got chased through the street by a clown, I was running away with freinds and I went another way and couldnt run fast enough. He ran towards my freinds when I was looking, next look hes behind me and im dead.

    • It was a regular day at work when, Samurai Jack (yeah… that’s weird) called me on my iPad and said,” I’ve been shot, arrrggghhh! Then I realized it was from our shopping district. Two people came out limping and bleeding, one being a female, a bit chubby, and wearing a black shirt, and they were a good distance away from my store. I wanted to help but was hesitant they might be the shooter, but helped anyway. It was an old Asian man with a beer belly in a light blue striped long shirt (though I never saw the actual second person from the front). I came walking in front of them saying,” are you okay?” Then the man starts shuffling in his shirt and I figured that he was the shooter and trying to pull out a gun. I started running saying,”don’t shoot”! Weird that I ran very slow, almost like how a five year old would. A girl voice behind me said,” oh look, a daycare. We really did win!” Then my dream ended there. :/

    • I was running away from my best friend that I have not seen in 2 years. I ran down the stairs, tripped, got back up and ran all the way up the street to my old house, that is after trying to hide in her house. This was all because I felt as if I did not know her. (In my dream)

  19. I was doing an obstacle course race and I was losing, so I sped up, but only one leg was working.
    At the end of the race, my boss waa there trying to save a little girl (we called our cousin) from a big green/ gross/ fat/ puss-y monster, we got her free and he hid her, I started running away from the house, but it was in a neighbourhood I disnt know at night I just ran aimlessly trying to find help. He caught up to me. I ran and ran, I wasnt tired or out of breath, just scared.
    i woke up in a confused state.
    I often run and do chin up and pushups in my dreams easily, but in my waking life can not do even one of each…

  20. In my dream, we were 4 friends having fun in a city I’ve never seen in real life. As the dream goes by, an old and rich man shows up from his mansion and starts running after me and my friends. (Me, my brother, a girl and a guy I sadly don’t remember) When we split ourselves in different directions, the man runs after the girl and the boy but not me and my brother..? Me and my brother meets up and then leave the area.. what does this mean ?

  21. In my dreams am always running.. Sometimes in the bushes, forest and streets.. I manage to loose the one chasing but I never get see them.. Though I hide but there is no anywhere to go.. I get people running with me.. They help me hide but I don’t see their faces.. Streets seem crooked though other people are using I can’t use them.. I end up hidding but something is getting to my hideout.. Then I wake up… This dreams are weighing me down… Am confused.. Any ideas on what is going on??

  22. I am running away from a little girl. I keep hiding but she keeps finding me. We are in a sunny and bright village with lots of green grass.

  23. In my dream, I’m hanging out in my apartment (which I’ve never seen before, in real life I live in a house) and a man breaks in and starts chasing me. He chases me outside and I’m jumping fences and he’s very close. After a while, he catches me and starts dragging me away. He’s dragging me down busy streets and restaurants and people standing around socializing and I’m screaming for help. And they all stare but they look scared and no one actually helps even though I can see the looks on some of their faces like they want to but can’t. He is literally dragging me by my feet. When we get to his aery cave there is a whole society there who are like militarized no emotions members of this place. There are people being killed and cut up. It is violent, bloody, gore. I am scared the f*ck out of my mind. Not sure how but I’ve escaped and I’m in the woods and I think I have time to run but all the sudden he’s super close and I hide between these two giant brown leaves that are still hanging from the trees and now there’s a young girl hiding with me. This man is circling around these leaves inches away and somehow he doesn’t realize where we are, and he leaves. I knew I should have left and kept going but I stay the night in the leaves and in the morning the man comes back. My damn heel is sticking out and he finds us. He violently kills the girl right in front of me. I don’t know why but he hates me and has plans to put me through something so awful that I can’t even imagine what. He takes me back to the cave and I’m wearing some sort of weird shackles. I’m sitting on a chair on the ledge of this hole in the cliff over the ocean. Somehow I get the shackles to a point where I know I could swim and I jump out into the water. I’m a surfer and know this area of water well and I swim to a place I can get back on land with no one noticing. Now it’s day time and I am making my way through the city to the woods. Everything is different, the man and his military have taken over. Somehow I end up in an outdoor stadium and everyone is there sitting quietly listening to the new military people. And I’m crawling under their legs praying no one will tell on me, they can see my shackles, and no one does. I get to the edge. There’s these little windows with screens on the wall across the stair aisle. It’s the most vulnerable place bc they could clearly see me so I must work fast. I wait for what I’m hoping is the perfect moment then I scurry across and start unhooking the screen, trying to use my nails to pry up these little hooks and shakily remove that screen, the window opens super skinny by spinning the handle around and around and then I squeeze through just barely. Now I’m running through the woods and I stop at this woman’s house and she is my mom (totally unfamiliar to me though) and she has some of my stuff. My two dogs have been running with me, evading all the people looking for me. Actually, my dogs have been with me through most of this dream. But I make them stay with her which is a hard and emotional decision for me to make. I take my box cutter from trader joes- I work there in real life- and start going deeper into the woods. The man has sent a super killer after me and she is catching up. She’s a pretty blond. I am not a fighter but after a series of tense close calls where I just barely evade her, we are face to face and she is going to kill me. And literally I’m so slow and clumsy in this dream. But I somehow slash her Achilles heal with my box cutter and she just dies. Like I killed her. It was as if the smallest wound just makes these people die immediately. I look at her phone and mfing the man is on the screen and looks into my eyes and he screams in anger like a beast. And then I start running again knowing he is coming for me. Then I woke up. This whole dream and after I woke up I felt terrified, fearful, anxiety. And I still can’t shake it. It felt so real. My real life is in total chaotic shambles.

    • Hi Jessica, any advance on resolving what are the issues behind that army men in your dream? Your dream is so similar to mine.

  24. in my dream I had been trapped in the shark and I was sleeping there
    when I wakeup I get out and run slow motion in my running when I look back I see a bull follow me
    can any one explain me the meaning of the my dream

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