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“I’m Being Chased!”  At some point in your life you’ve probably experienced these three terrifying words in a dream. The act of running away and fleeing from something triggers a fight or flight response. This is your bodies natural defense mechanism to avoid physical threats that might harm you. If you have a dream where you are being chased by someone or something, take a few moments to analyze what it could mean. Generally, your subconscious is trying to give your conscious mind insight into something that you might be running from in your waking state.

What Do These Dreams Really Mean?

When it comes to understanding Chase dreams the most significant factor you should be looking at is who are you running from? Identifying the chaser in the dream is the first step to understanding the underlying meaning of this dream. Specific details about the chaser can help you unlock specific truths about yourself that you might not have known before.

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The standard scenario of the fleeing or chase dream is the dreamer is being pursued by an attacker – an animal, person, monster, or someone unknown – who is trying to cause you harm.

In the chase dream you are on the defensive trying to evade being caught by the pursuer in your dream. You may try to simply outwit you pursuer or you may try to get away by running.  The standard feelings that one gets in the chase or flee dream is a feeling of insecurity, anxiety, being out of control, and fear.

Chase Dreams can Signal Avoidance

chase dreamsThe common interpretation for the chase dream is that you are being told by your subconscious that there is an issue or person that you have been trying to avoid. In the chase dream your pursuer matters for the meaning. If you are being chased by someone you know it could be that you fear the individual exposing something about you to others or discovering something personal. Being chased by an animal will have a different meaning than being chased by a person.

The person who is chasing you in the dream may also be a certain aspect or characteristic of yourself. If you have feelings of fear, anger, jealousy, or hate, they can often manifest themselves as a threat in a dream. The figure in your dream could also represent characteristics or feelings that you have chosen to reject.

Dreaming about being chased may also mean that you are trying to avoid something painful, uneasy or fearful of something. These feelings in the real world can often be expressed in a person’s subconscious through the act of dreaming about it. People who don’t like to confront situations in the real world and run away from their problem may have a chase or fleeing dream. It is always important to ask yourself what you are running from in the dream.

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Distance Matters

The specific distance between you and your pursuer may also be relevant in the context of your dream. If the person is gaining distance on you, it could represent the problem not going away unless you deal with it head on. This might require you to confront the specific issue and address it head on. Conversely, if you are able to outrun the pursuer, it could mean that the problem can resolve itself and will fade over time.

There are also some people who have the chase dream for fear of being physically attacked in the real world. Women in particular may have a chase dream for fear of being attacked by a man or stranger. If you always see the news and media continually show images of rape and abuse, these things can often manifest themselves in a dream. To resolve this issue you might want to consider rationalizing these fears and ask yourself if they are warranted. Many people have many irrational fears due to the amount of television and news they watch on a weekly basis.

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What If I’m the Person Chasing in a Dream?

If you happen to be the one pursing another person in the dream it has whole different meaning. This could mean that you are driven to go after a specific goal or person. In Freudian context it could mean you are sexual pursing this person, expression your deep desire for them. Chasing something in a dream could also mean that you are falling behind in your life and trying to catch up before it gets away from you.

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If you have chase dreams you should take the time to analyze what is causing the dream and see if you can find meaning in the dream. Although some dreams feel very memorable, not all dreams are equal in their level of importance. Take the time to look up specific symbols in your dream to start understanding the meaning of your dream.

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  1. I used to have a dream when I was between like 5 and 12 I was being chased by dogs through a house I was running up the stairs it seemed to be set in the future it was in third person all I can remember is running up the stairs with dogs following close behind and I love dogs

  2. This past few days i dream being chased by someone(woman) last night i dream that my husband drove me and my son (but we dont have kids yet)to a place im not familiar with he says we will wait for him there,and then there is a open house in that place im sitting there with my son waiting to my husband.but i wait for him for so long i was trying to reach him calling him but i couldnt find his number and then finally reach him..but i am so mad at him swearing words to him coz i found out that he went to meet other woman and have sex i am so mad!!then i left that place carrying my baby finding something to eat i see a market place then i started to run and run til we get to the airport buying ticket but only one ticket left so i decide to stay and let my son go, to there i stated to run again coz somebody chasing me two woman chasing me they wanted to kill running so slow im trying to run fast but i cant..i will hide and run untill my husband showed up..he said run fast but i cant..he was trying to save me pushing them..until we both escape and find the way out of that building and run again till we reach the road but this two woman still chasing me.. im running so scared my husband kill them put them into a trash can and burn..but then their head become husband killed them..what does it means?

  3. I dreamt that it was the zombie apocalypse but they were genetically modified zombies to be insanely strong, hard to kill and they could think and process things. They had planned to kill me and my tribe. I fought with them for some time, struggling and managed to kill one with a lot of work. Then I was on the run and ran while another pursued me. I remember trying to cover my tracks and running through the woods trying not to make a sound, hiding and running but I couldn’t get away and it was closing in on me.

    Based on this article and another about apocalypse and death I think my dream refers to my addictions that have been chasing me and I refuse to deal with. The zombie that I managed to fight with and kill is my addiction to cigarettes. I recently had a relapse and had a couple cigarettes and felt guilty about it but I got back on track so I think that was my finally getting rid of that in my life. That zombie was the “boss” zombie and more memorable. The other zombie that continued chasing me, the one I couldn’t get away from however fast I ran or tried to cover my tracks I think represents alcohol. I have been avoiding dealing with my alcohol addiction for many years even though my body feels ancient and I’m only 27 I still resist seeking help or changing things for myself, instead I deflect and pretend I don’t have an issue.

    Neat article. Helped me see things for what they are.

  4. In the beginning of my dream i was trying to find my boyfriend in a locked down facility like a lab. Once i finally found him he was already in the process of trying to get away. There were tons of people looking for him but we finally got out and we ran. We ran for a while and we were still being followed even though they weren’t that close they could still see us. Finally we came to a spot where we cross water and go into an area full of trees or continue to run in the open and hitch a ride hopefully. I wanted us to go through the trees and so we did then we came across a town where we finally got a ride but the town was infested with the people we were trying to get way from. The man who offered to help us suck us safely out of the town down a long quiet road. We continued on to a safe spot where our son was.

  5. Last night I dreamt about a church I joined, it was a Mormon-based church. I had to strip down and change my identity, turn off any GPS or signal on my phone and join this group. The group is very strict, it was actually in Las Vegas (I live in St. Louis) and I was told that if I left the church that they would hunt me down and kill me, I was being threatened and I was so scared. When I first went sister and mom were crying and I didn’t know why, and they both freaked out one didn’t hear from me for more than two days. I escaped and went to my parents house, but somehow they moved into their old house. I was debating for the longest time about calling 911 and letting them know what happened in the Las Vegas area, and hoping it would never happen to anyone else, but I finally called and told them. They had no interest at all about it and made me feel like I was helpless. My mom tried to get a hold of my aunt, so she could send me up there to Northern Indiana and then figure out a plan to send me somewhere else, my aunt never answered so I just packed and got ready. The gang that was chasing me is from a TV show, it totally freaked me out. I woke up this morning and called my husband to calm me down, because I don’t want to close my eyes again until a few hours pass by.

  6. Gleziel Rollon on

    I WAS RUNNING AWAY FROM MY BOYFRIEND. I tried to hide whenever he’s near and when he saw me he would chase after me. I’ll wake up with difficult breathing and just want to go back to sleep again but don’t want to see him in my dreams. It always happen when I’m mad. But sometimes when I would think of him before I sleep I’ll dream about this “running away” again and then the next day we’re having an argument.

  7. I’ve just had this dream… The first chase dream I’ve had in a few years actually. I was with my “sister” (She couldn’t be my sister if she was in her 20’s when my sister in real life is only 10 years of age) and she seemed very possessive, like she wouldn’t let me go anywhere at all. I’d have to stay in my house with her, for as long as she lived probably. So, the next morning, I woke up and opened my electronic roller doors (It’s very annoying because they are very slow and noisy, not the best in escaping situations) and I ran down my driveway and started running up my street. She started chasing after me and for some reason whenever I have chasing dreams, I usually can’t run very fast, like I’m literally being held back. But I got away and ended up in this bar I think it was with people that just “saved me” (well I did keep screaming “Help me! My crazy sister is after me!”). In the end, she found me in that “bar” or place and took me home. I wanted to feel freedom. I don’t exactly know what this dream could mean, if I could get some help that would be great!

  8. Last night I dreamt of someone whom I shared a cours with this past semester at my university. I use to love how he dressed and I use to see him at my favorite coffee shop all the time but never spoke to him or got his name. In my dream we kissed and then I along other unknown people helped him run away from an organization or something. I don’t know the reason why but my dream was very weird. I’m very confused because I found it quite random.

  9. My Dad has started dreaming that he is being chased by the police. Actually, he is not dreaming, he is waking up, getting in his car and driving around town, until someone finds him. And, then the next day he does not remember. He is actually in the hospital now because he has heart issues, congestive heart failure and pulmonary edema. Even last night in the hospital, he got up, pulled all of his leads out, put a jacket on and was trying to get in the elevator to leave, when the nurse fiund him and came and got my brother. He is very aggitated, angry, like he’s caged and wants to leave, because can’t you see the police are coming to get me?? Then towards morning he calmed down, and doesn’t really remeber that he did it. Any idea what is going on? We are so worried and scared and have no idea what is up. He is in a heart hospital, but, we do have a nueroligist and a pshycholgist coming to see him tomorrow. Hr is very worried that he has alzheimers or something…could his fear of what is wrong with him, be triggering his night terrors?

  10. I had a dream I was with my best friend, her boyfriend, and my boyfriend and we were walking around. My friend and her boyfriend left out of no where, and my boyfriend mistakenly stole a uhaul truck, and the police were called. We ran everywhere, and he tried to hide me but we were caught. The last moment was we were putting our hands up and my boyfriend was mouthing the police. I have no idea how this ties in

  11. Angie Smith on

    I had a dream that a group of young boys,about teenage years, were outside of my house in the neighbors yard. They were throwing things at my house so I look down at the window at them and yelled at them to stop throwing s*** at my house. I looked and turned around in my bedroom and my 10 year old son was there on the floor with scratches and cuts all over his face. This was during the time that he should have been in school, so I asked him why was he at home and how did he get here. He said that boy down there hit me in the face so I had to come home. The next thing we know a bigger boy broke into the house and starts shooting my son and me with a BB gun. I grabbed my cell phone and tried my best to call 911 and the number would never go through. So somehow my son and I get out of the house we are running and I turn around and look and there’s my daughter she’s running after us yelling, Mama wait for me. We don’t have any keys to any vehicle so we run down the driveway to the street to maybe a neighbor’s house. I look across the street and there’s this lady sitting in a red car and she yells at us y’all come over here y’all just get in this car. And I looked at her strangely like why would she be just sitting there waiting like that? So I run in the other direction with my kids. The older boy that was running after us yelled at the woman in the car called her by a name, Annie. They all, the boys, and Annie start running after us. Somehow they grab my children and shot my son. I heard them grab my daughter and tell her if you don’t die from this 5 foot drop it’s going to really f*** up your head. The whole time this is happening I’m trying to dial 911 and it’ll never go through. I run to a neighbors house and try to get them to help me. The bigger guy burst into their home and kills all of them right in front of me. Then I wake up. This was the worst dream I had ever had in my life.

  12. Karen Cahill on

    So I literally just woke up and had to look up the meaning of my dream, it started off with me in my dad’s house and him and my older brother were in the sitting room watching tele, it was night time and it felt like I wasn’t even there like they couldn’t see or hear me so I go to my bedroom and I start getting texts from this random phone number threatening that I better hide and that ‘he’ll’ find me soon, so I start running down the stairs but next thing I know I’m just running through endless corridors and it feels like I’m in a maze, I can’t see the chaser but ‘his’ taunting voice is every where warning me that he is coming, then next thing I come out of the maze to end up in the hallway of my dad’s house feeling like I’ve no where else to run so I started screaming “help! Help me please!” while everything is getting darker, then my two friends Megan and Ciara knock on he door so I answer and everything is normal again but my dad and brother don’t even acknowledge that we’re there and pay no attention, so the girls and I go to my room where I show them the messages and we try figure out what sort of creep would do that and then I dropped my phone and woke up? Honestly made me feel so uncomfortable at how long and real it was, any suggestions what it might be?

  13. My name is Audrey Castillo, I was actually dreaming that I was on a pitch black train by myself and I didn’t see who was controlling it but I saw out the front window that we were going to hit an old lady crossing. She was hit by the train and her blood splattered onto the front window. Then the train finally stopped after a while then I could see human like forms approaching me but I couldn’t see their faces, but all I knew was that they wanted to grab me to I ran off the train. Where it started to snow, and I saw houses with Christmas lights on so I ran there without looking back. Then I came up to one house were I found my family members who were very happy to see me and I felt safe again that I wasn’t alone :) although It was very scary.

    • For me I think you dreamt of this because you’re too afraid of letting go of your son.. you’re too afraid of him being in a real world which will inevitably happen.. I think your son is too you. How old is he?

  14. Hi, I need a little help, about a week ago I dreamt of mini monsters. I was chasing them. They were bouncing around all over the place. I had to catch them and put them in their mini homes and take them with me on a spaceship, the last one bound to leave earth. Its a strange dream, I dont normally dream of chasing things and then having to chase after something like a spaceship… Some view points and help as to what this means would be greatly appreciated.

  15. Had a dream that me n few friends went out more like to a school reunion (even tho I’m 25) and my mates left me and no1 would take me home then finally my sisters car appeared and I was driving home but then had men in normal clothing from angles chase me for like 10yards then they left me alone??

  16. I’m always being chased. All my nightmares are me being chased, trying to hide or being paralyzed and the pursuer either being there already, or nearing me.
    I’m always chased by random things. Once, I was chased by some woman, but I didn’t actually see her. I could only hear the click of her heels on the pavement as my mom left me behind (she couldn’t hear me; as if I didn’t exist). I couldn’t move at the end; I was paralyzed, calling out for my mom with no reaction. The sound of the woman’s heels nearing and nearing, and I woke up.
    Other time, I dreamt that I was being chased by someone wearing the Scream mask. He/she was, at one point, real close, and I had to run around him/her.
    A couple of times, I was chased by bugs. I hate most bugs; I’ve a phobia from cockroaches, and crickets give me a heart attack; I hate when I lose all control over something or a situation; a cricket jumping around is definitely not going to make me calm. However, just last night, I dreamt about a real big worm that wanted to swallow me up. I wasn’t that scared, since the dream was mixed with some family reunion situations. I was hiding, though.
    I’ve never dreamt about someone I know chasing me, and I cannot seem to identify what my chasers (fears/problems) are. They’re utterly random.
    What does that mean?

    • I barely ever dream and I know what this dream is about, first I’ll tell you my dream, I’m omw home from work (I don’t have a job btw) and I see a sign, spend five nights at freddy’s get $1000000000, so I stop my car and go up to the sign, it has a phone number on it, I type the number into my cell phone and I hear 1 2 freddy’s coming for you then had comes out my phone and knocks me out, I “wake up” in a strange torn apart house, and standing in the corner is freddy Krueger, he smiled at me and makes fun of me, then I see my dad my sister and fir some reason my best friends step father Dave (I believe my dad and sister are there because they always help me with my problems, Dave I have no fucking idea) so then freddy lunges at me I run out the front door and everyone is already in the car I jump in the car and my dad does away, freddy stands at the front for of his house and waves bye, as we drove we see a town with a mall and a hospital, it looks completely abandoned, then we see these small creatures they look like people but midgets, and the start throwing ninja stars at us, hitting the car and breaking through the windows, cutting us up, my dad covers his face and I grab the wheel just before we hit a wall, we keep driving and we get on the interstate, for some reason all the cars are going in one direction, then suddenly all the cars try to pull into our lane and have a huge pile up right in front of us, we go around them to keep going, then we reach an empty back road in the middle of nowhere, we think we’re safe so we get out of the car and then while we all take in fresh air and calm down we see a little girl on roller blades, she good right up to me, everyone else disappears but the car is still there, she says I love you then she gives me a hug and I wake up, what I believe this dream is is that in my life I’m currently falling for someone, she’s perfect in every way, but she just got into a relationship a couple days ago, so I’m fighting back my feelings for her to make her happy, and I think being chased is my feelings trying to be let out but me fighting to keep them away from me to keep the one I’m falling for happy

  17. all of my dream i was chased in a hill or something like a mountain with lots of trees and grass (every time). then the pursuer always chasing me with 5-10 meters constant distance. but she/he can never reach me (all of my dreams also). what does this mean? i always had this dream

  18. Yesterday we buried a fireman from our community. We are thinking he had heart trouble (also we knew he did pills)He left 2 little children behind and a wife, 5 yr old girl and 9 yr old boy. Last night my husband had a dream. In his dream he was (his body was asleep but his brain was awake. There is an Mi’kmaq indian name for that (milkgastut) When this happens you can’t move but are aware. In his dream he was in this state. There was this little boy and girl(he described as the 2 kids of the father that passed. He was trying to get out of that state to get these kids. He tried he couldn’t first time. After 3 times he manged to get out of it. He opened the door and just saw the backview of the 2 kids. He never managed to catch them. They kept running. The kids were not crying or anything just running away from him. He could never get them. When he awoken ,he said a prayer.

    • That’s good that your husband prayed. Even as I read this I felt for those kids. I feel like your husband has a kind heart. Maybe go see the family.

  19. How about if the chaser is chasing someone else? I was in a dream and there is a killer chasing my sister and I was finding ways to conceal her from the killer. I prepared to confront or distract the killer but he went straight past me, and never found her.

  20. I woke up from a very clear dream of dancing horses In a ballpark, and ask my friend and I walked by one of the horse started chasing us,as we ran it turned out to be a man who raped, killed and ate the guts of my friend… I held her in my arms as she died… I saw her funeral and in a coffin dressed in a beautiful white dress.. And I cried out I’m sorry as they passed with her in the coffin and she turned and looked at me as though she was mad at me… My dead mom was by my side as well as a teacher from my young school days held me close and said it was ok… I woke up scared and wondering what is this… Can you help me interpret his dream!? This is not a nice one at all…. and for me worried….

  21. Ella Ledet on

    I always have dreams of running from someone, I call out but I have no voice, like I cannot call out. It is a very recurring dream. My husband says he can hear me say Help, Help. But in my dream, no one is hear me! I was away on a vacation visiting my daughter; my husband did not come and stayed home to watch my dog. He text me to tell me she was sick, and she must be missing me. I had a dream that night she was drowning; I tried to swim out to help her. My daughter said, “I was calling out Help, Help!” I could not save her from drowning. When I did get home my sweet lil dog was sick and died just a few days later. I am just really getting sick of having this dream. What does all this mean?

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