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“I’m Being Chased!”  At some point in your life, you’ve probably experienced these three terrifying words in a dream. The act of running away and fleeing from something triggers a fight or flight response. This is your body’s natural defense mechanism to avoid physical threats that might harm you. If you have a dream where you are being chased by someone or something, take a few moments to analyze what it could mean. Your subconscious is trying to give your conscious mind insight into something that you might be running from in your waking state.

Chased Dream Meanings

Dreaming of being chased can be a common theme in dreams. It is a sign you are worrying about something in real life. Being chased in a dream is your subconscious telling you to need to stop running and face the issues. You need to deal with things. You have responsibilities you cannot avoid. Others may rely on you. You need to move on to continue to provide for yourself and your family.

A man dreaming of being chased by a woman can indicate he feels trapped or consumed by someone. How close the chaser is to you indicates how long you have before you need to deal with what worries you. If whatever chases you is right behind you, then your problems are going to come to a head soon. If you are caught and attacked, this makes your fears more of reality. This can scare you.

A recurring dream of being chased is a sign you need to take time out to meditate on why this dream keeps occurring. It will continue until you deal with whatever worries you. This could be at work or something in your personal life. This can be a message there is much you need to achieve.

Being chased by criminals is a warning you need to protect yourself from others who may try to use you sometime in the future. If they are swearing and cursing as they chase you, this reflects your feelings of anger in reality. It is a sign you need to stay silent. Beware of losing your temper. Or, the consequences will be dire.

A monster chasing you can mean something will conclude shortly. If, when you turn around, there is no one chasing you, this means you have the ability to overcome anything that comes your way. A huge animal close behind you signify new opportunities are delayed. Laughing at what chases you is a sign you can laugh off even the most difficult situations.

Being rooted to the spot, unable to run, means you need to take responsibility. Whatever worries are catching up to you. If you do not grow up and take responsibility, it may consume you. If colleagues chase you, others may feel you do not work as hard as you should. You need to pick up the pace. Being chased by a person means there will be financial challenges soon. In fact, it might be, that you always worry about money regardless of how much you need.

A slow-motion chase in a dream is a sign to take an in-depth look at the people and the relationships in your life. This indicates there are things you need to do to improve the relationships in your reality. If you cannot see who or what chases you, this means you need to explore how you feel about something or someone. It could be to do with your career. Being chased by a shadow can mean you have denied yourself something you long for. Maybe you should deny yourself no longer

If you are chased through the streets, this is a clear sign of money problems. Hiding from or losing what chases you shows you how to overcome this situation in your true reality. When a chaser catches and pins you to the ground, this indicates you are feeling inadequate about something. It may be that something or someone makes you feel trapped.

If you are chased by a bull, this indicates trouble at work sometime soon. These could be through the competitive nature of colleagues or suppliers vying for your job or business. A dog chasing you is a sign that you are going to be busy in all areas of your life. Seeing dogs hunting rabbits or foxes signifies there is trouble brewing among those close to you. It is time you need to be careful in your communications to avoid being involved in any dramas. A dog chasing a squirrel means there are arguments between family and friends.

Being chased by sharks means tough times are coming that you will not be able to avoid. If you are attacked in clear water and getaway, this is a sign where you may be questioned about your resourcefulness.

Dreaming of a bat chasing you may mean you or your partner will get sick. This is only minor and you will soon be well again. A snake slithering after you signifies your friends are grateful for all you do for them. If the snake bites and it kills you, you will overcome all challenges and win over your enemies. Snakes are a sacred sign of protection.

Bees swarming all over you can mean there is serious trouble coming. Being stung by a bee is an indication you will have physical problems of some sort. Catching a bee means someone close is not a true friend. Who could this be?

Being chased by a zombie or a mob of people is a warning there is a relationship that has problems you need to resolve. This dream s about how you are running from social pressure, and your responsibilities. If they fail to catch you, then this is a positive sign.

What Do These Dreams Mean?

When it comes to understanding Chase dreams the most significant factor you should be looking at is who are you running from? Identifying the chaser in the dream is the first step to understanding the underlying meaning of this dream. Specific details about the chaser can help you unlock specific truths about yourself that you might not have known before.

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The standard scenario of the fleeing or chase dream is the dreamer is being pursued by an attacker – an animal, person, monster, or someone unknown – who is trying to cause you harm.

In the chase dream, you are on the defensive trying to evade being caught by the pursuer in your dream. You may try to simply outwit your pursuer, or you may try to get away by running.  The standard feelings that one gets in the chase or flee dream is a feeling of insecurity, anxiety, being out of control, and fear.

Chase Dreams can Signal Avoidance

chase dreamsThe common interpretation of the chase dream is that you are being told by your subconscious that there is an issue or person that you have been trying to avoid. In the chase dream your pursuer matters for the meaning. If you are being chased by someone you know it could be that you fear the individual exposing something about you to others or discovering something personal. Being chased by an animal will have a different meaning than being chased by a person.

The person who is chasing you in the dream may also be a certain aspect or characteristic of yourself. If you have feelings of fear, anger, jealousy, or hate, they can often manifest themselves as a threat in a dream. The figure in your dream could also represent characteristics or feelings that you have chosen to reject.

Dreaming about being chased may also mean that you are trying to avoid something painful, uneasy, or fearful of something. These feelings in the real world can often be expressed in a person’s subconscious through the act of dreaming about it. People who don’t like to confront situations in the real world and run away from their problems may have a chase or fleeing dream. It is always important to ask yourself what you are running from in the dream.

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Distance Matters

The specific distance between you and your pursuer may also be relevant in the context of your dream. If the person is gaining distance on you, it could represent the problem not going away unless you deal with it head-on. This might require you to confront the specific issue and address it head-on. Conversely, if you are able to outrun the pursuer, it could mean that the problem can resolve itself and will fade over time.

There are also some people who have the chase dream for fear of being physically attacked in the real world. Women, in particular, may have a chase dream for fear of being attacked by a man or stranger. If you always see the news and media continually show images of rape and abuse, these things can often manifest themselves in a dream. To resolve this issue you might want to consider rationalizing these fears and ask yourself if they are warranted. Many people have many irrational fears due to the amount of television and news they watch on a weekly basis.

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What If I’m the Person Doing the Chasing?

If you happen to be the one pursuing another person in the dream it has a whole different meaning. This could mean that you are driven to go after a particular goal or person. In the Freudian context, it could say that you are sexually pursuing this person, express your deep desire for them. Chasing something in a dream could also mean that you are falling behind in your life and trying to catch up before it gets away from you.

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If you have chase dreams you should take the time to analyze what is causing the dream and see if you can find meaning in the dream. Although some dreams feel very memorable, not all dreams are equal in their level of importance. Take the time to look up specific symbols in your dream to start understanding the meaning of your dream.

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  1. Sanjivini Narina on

    In my dream I’ve seen a girl whom I never seen before and she’s being chased by a group of men. She has a gun wound and is being chased. I tried to help her from escaping them. We are driving and we reached a dead end. So we quickly got into a building to hide. There are too many guys so I realised it is not possible to escape and so I ran out of the building taking their attention and they followed me while I texted her to get out of the building. And I suddenly woke up from the dream.

  2. When I was about 4 or 5 years old, I kept having repetitive dreams about a place that seemed like hell, it was like i was falling into it or just floating around it. And it does make sense where it says “you will go through a difficult time in the near or far future” because I am now 20 years old and i am suffering with severe depression and i have tried to take my life a few times but something always guides me on not doing it. Also there is a toxic person in my life that caused me a lot of damage and I am fighting to let go of the grudges I hold for that person… at times it did seem as if that person was controlling my life. But I know God is there with me through it all and I will help him fight this.

    • Sanjivini Narina on

      In my dream I’ve seen a girl whom I never seen before and she’s being chased by a group of men. She has a gun wound and is being chased. I tried to help her from escaping them. We are driving and we reached a dead end. So we quickly got into a building to hide. There are too many guys so I realised it is not possible to escape and so I ran out of the building taking their attention and they followed me while I texted her to get out of the building. And I suddenly woke up from the dream.

  3. gordon stoughton on

    I have a dream I think In a past life that I was witch I am being chased and then I am drowned I have had this dream a lot of times even screaming out because they have got me I have come back has I man I have a birth mark down below very big scar I fill this is true deep down my palm has all the marks to say that I am a witch I don`t fit in with my family I have tried very hard I have a gift that I know I was a women because I can think like one I now it is hard to believe but very true I have helped guys get back together with there ladies but my own marriages have broken down when I think its very strong I meditate every day I know what people are thinking I can read there minds very quickly I know if someone want to hurt me this is super strong.

  4. In the dream I saw a boy of my age being chased by a ghost of a little girl carrying an axe to kill. At first scene I felt like an observer and saw 2-4 people getting stabbed by axe on their backs and front. And suddenly that boy who too could have been killed, so that it does not happen I helped him in knowing about the ghost. He felt he was being chased and scared but couldn’t see what it was. It was I who clarified what it was chasing him. And he was obediently believing and listening to me. Since I was trying to protect him now I was no more an observer but someone who could also be killed if wasn’t careful. So we both were planning how to act since I could know every movement of the ghost. I started liking the boy too. The next scene was we were hiding quietly with no presence on the tall building round stairs. It was very dark. The ghost was searching for us probably on the road ground. At that time I whispered to the boy to not to stare the ghost even if you hiding in the dark otherwise she will know where we are . Then I woke up!! I wish I could see more! So what does this dream mean? Please tell me

  5. I’ve recently had bad dream after bad dream after staying at my parents house. When i originally thought I didn’t have dreams anymore… I couldn’t remember my last two dreams but it seemed like every time I dozed back off I could dream again but when I suddenly woke up I couldn’t remember it anymore. So time passed in the day and I was watching subconscious videos on YouTube and turned over and decided to sleep.. but this time I slept focused. In my dream I was somehow outside of my school and headed to a movie theater across the street. There were dudes walking in to attack the place and I think I walked in to help. As I realized what was happening I calmly walked the other direction but seen that one of them had noticed. I made a break for it and soon found myself running down a street/ shopping strip trying to get away. I attempted to get help from a couple in their car but as I looked behind me there was not one but two dudes running after me and the one on the sidewalk was coming really really fast so I ran again. I looked back and seen on dude kill the people in the car.. I ran through stores and soon cars in the lot trying to get away from them and it turned out to be four. As I was hiding behind cars I was caught and they had guns pointed to me but they were talking. So I pulled out a gun with a very stiff trigger and tried to shoot I shot one in the head. It turned out I only had one bullet and I grabbed the clip out of one of their gun and shot two down and after I grabbed the other clip I walked over to the one with broken legs and shot him as he was crawling away. Any help on what this might mean? I wasn’t lucid dreaming either and I woke up with sweaty legs lol..

  6. Tess Vandersal on

    I was doing this outside party type a thing and this guy that I go to school with was there (he was my best friend and then he started to really like me and I never did that way, after that we stopped talking. We never talk anymore and it’s been a year) He kept following me and chasing me to talk to me but I kept running away. Later I was looking for him to talk to him but he had left. What is the story beyond this dream. Why him? Why did he come back randomly

  7. Ever since I was 10, I’ve had the same reoccurring dreams but, I’ve noticed a pattern. After ever 3 years, it seems another piece of the dream is added on to it.
    The first dream, in 2010, I was being chased by some unknown person in a black hood and I keep running and running until I eventually hit a brick wall. With nothing else to do, I start to climb this brick wall and right as I’m getting to the top, the same person grabs my ankles and drags me down.
    The second dream, in 2013. It started at a party and I had this feeling as if someone was watching me. I felt so scared that I decided to take a walk. As I’m walking, I get the sudden urge to flee for my life. So I did. Then it connects to the first dream.
    The third dream, in 2016. Starts out with me setting up with the party and I notice my reflection and I can tell the person in the reflection is me. I have long hair, a bit slimmer than my usual self, and I don’t know why but, I can tell that I’m older in the reflection. The party starts and I’m in a cabin in a woods (cliche, I know) and I’m having a party. As I’m having the party I am going through the crowds and I see people I’ve never seen before and some old familiar faces; then there’s one, someone I didn’t expect to ever see. An old friend who, for the sake of animosity will call, Jake. So I see Jake and I smile and say hello and the chat is going great and then I walk away. This is where dream two connects to dream three.
    It all sounds weird af to me but, I swear it’s true. Next year I should get another piece. Hopefully, it’s the end and I can see what happens.
    I don’t know why but, it feels like I’m predicting my death.

  8. I had a dream last night that I was at a workplace (which is i am not working right now) and all the staff was boys. They kept looking at me at as if they like me until all of thre boys who saw me keeps on chasing me and i was running and they keep on chasing. What does it mean?

  9. I had a dream a few days ago that I was dressed in Greek Infantry Army uniform and i was walking away from my home with confident steps but as I heard my mum calling me saying how I will get back to her this instant and that i won’t find a place to belong. Once I heard her I kept walking faster and faster almost running and I boarded the bus. Once I was inside and i saw my colleagues and we started talking happily. What does that dream means?

  10. I keep having this dream that I’m on the lamb because I escaped from a corrupt institution. Like I’ll work somewhere and then it will get taken over by someone evil and I have to escape. And then a group of people will come after me from the institution and I have to run and hide in different places. I am never alone, I always have one or two people I care about with me. And I am always caught but not harmed. I always wake up when I’m being taken back to the instituation to be dealt with.

  11. I have a reoccurring dream that I am on the run from some sort of bad institution that I have escaped (most recently it was an army squad that was taken over by a dictator) but it is always a group of people who are being told to come after me from someone more important than them, and not because of their own personal vendetta. It always goes on for a long time and I make several stop in places that I think are safe along the way and I am always found in one of these places, not caught while I am physically running. Also I am never alone, I always have one or two friends or family with me. It’s weird.

  12. Earl Harrison on

    I have been having a dream that I am in a dark tunnel chasing “someone” and they are just out of my reach and laughing and telling me run faster.

    • Sanjivini Narina on

      In my dream I’ve seen a girl whom I never seen before and she’s being chased by a group of men. She has a gun wound and is being chased. I tried to help her from escaping them. We are driving and we reached a dead end. So we quickly got into a building to hide. There are too many guys so I realised it is not possible to escape and so I ran out of the building taking their attention and they followed me while I texted her to get out of the building. And I suddenly woke up from the dream.

  13. My dream started with me standing in the field full of white flowers. It made me feel surprised and happy. Clear sky and sunny. And as I was going through the field to the edge, suddenly got darker, and I was standing on the hill in the night looking at one car passing by. This car has stopped and two men came out pointing and looking at me. One of them said: let’s get her, she’s gonna make a great money. And they both started to run towards me up the hill. But I heard it all and started to run away. I guess they didn’t get me, but can’t really tell coz I woke up.

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