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“I’m Being Chased!”  At some point in your life you’ve probably experienced these three terrifying words in a dream. The act of running away and fleeing from something triggers a fight or flight response. This is your bodies natural defense mechanism to avoid physical threats that might harm you. If you have a dream where you are being chased by someone or something, take a few moments to analyze what it could mean. Generally, your subconscious is trying to give your conscious mind insight into something that you might be running from in your waking state.

What Do These Dreams Really Mean?

When it comes to understanding Chase dreams the most significant factor you should be looking at is who are you running from? Identifying the chaser in the dream is the first step to understanding the underlying meaning of this dream. Specific details about the chaser can help you unlock specific truths about yourself that you might not have known before.

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The standard scenario of the fleeing or chase dream is the dreamer is being pursued by an attacker – an animal, person, monster, or someone unknown – who is trying to cause you harm.

In the chase dream you are on the defensive trying to evade being caught by the pursuer in your dream. You may try to simply outwit you pursuer or you may try to get away by running.  The standard feelings that one gets in the chase or flee dream is a feeling of insecurity, anxiety, being out of control, and fear.

Chase Dreams can Signal Avoidance

chase dreamsThe common interpretation for the chase dream is that you are being told by your subconscious that there is an issue or person that you have been trying to avoid. In the chase dream your pursuer matters for the meaning. If you are being chased by someone you know it could be that you fear the individual exposing something about you to others or discovering something personal. Being chased by an animal will have a different meaning than being chased by a person.

The person who is chasing you in the dream may also be a certain aspect or characteristic of yourself. If you have feelings of fear, anger, jealousy, or hate, they can often manifest themselves as a threat in a dream. The figure in your dream could also represent characteristics or feelings that you have chosen to reject.

Dreaming about being chased may also mean that you are trying to avoid something painful, uneasy or fearful of something. These feelings in the real world can often be expressed in a person’s subconscious through the act of dreaming about it. People who don’t like to confront situations in the real world and run away from their problem may have a chase or fleeing dream. It is always important to ask yourself what you are running from in the dream.

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Distance Matters

The specific distance between you and your pursuer may also be relevant in the context of your dream. If the person is gaining distance on you, it could represent the problem not going away unless you deal with it head on. This might require you to confront the specific issue and address it head on. Conversely, if you are able to outrun the pursuer, it could mean that the problem can resolve itself and will fade over time.


There are also some people who have the chase dream for fear of being physically attacked in the real world. Women in particular may have a chase dream for fear of being attacked by a man or stranger. If you always see the news and media continually show images of rape and abuse, these things can often manifest themselves in a dream. To resolve this issue you might want to consider rationalizing these fears and ask yourself if they are warranted. Many people have many irrational fears due to the amount of television and news they watch on a weekly basis.

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What If I’m the Person Chasing in a Dream?

If you happen to be the one pursing another person in the dream it has whole different meaning. This could mean that you are driven to go after a specific goal or person. In Freudian context it could mean you are sexual pursing this person, expression your deep desire for them. Chasing something in a dream could also mean that you are falling behind in your life and trying to catch up before it gets away from you.

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If you have chase dreams you should take the time to analyze what is causing the dream and see if you can find meaning in the dream. Although some dreams feel very memorable, not all dreams are equal in their level of importance. Take the time to look up specific symbols in your dream to start understanding the meaning of your dream.

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  1. I just woke up and honestly this dream is weird. It almost seemed like a nightmare. In my dream, which I can still clearly recall right now, I think I was with someone whom I don’t know and things were great, then in a church, a guy whom I don’t know approached me and said that a friend of mine texted him saying I was cheating on him which made him mad and almost to the point of hitting me, upon which I fought back and with the strength that I had, I easily slammed him. But then, his friends showed up and started firing at me and I just ran and ran until I came across my family driving. I told them what happened and although I said they should instead go to a relative’s home, they came with me. While going to another aunt’s place, I just realized we just approached that man’s famil(their home?) y who seemed to be so damn angry and wanted to kidnap us. That’s when all the long chase started. They just won’t give up on chasing me. Some I’ve avoided. Some I fought back. (PS: I’ve never cheated on anyone ever. But I have, like, cheated on few exams perhaps. But that dream was just so exhausting I woke up sooo tired! And oh, I just woke up!) The thing is, I don’t know most of those people who are chasing me. And I don’t even know the person who’s the main cause of that chase.

  2. Anonymous user on

    I just had a dream where I was being chased and attacked by my cousin and sister, they had a whole plan set up to catch me and to slow me down, such as ropes on winch’s that tighten when I get near to make me trip, and really thick woods with a small but barley visible path, during the chase they are constantly throwing bladed weapons at me and are casually talking to each other, as though they’ve done it before, somehow my cousin gets in front of me and catches me off guard, so I punched him in the face as hard as I could and he shrugged it off like it was nothing, I then found a bag and put it on his head and a screen came up with “hostage situation” written on it, after that I woke up and someone was asking if I was OK………….Please reply to this comment with anything that can explain all of this.

  3. Anonymous user on

    I just had a dream where I was being chased and attacked by my cousin and sister, they had a whole plan set up to catch me and to slow me down, such as ropes on winch’s that tighten when I get near to make me trip, and really thick woods with a small but barley visible path, during the chase they are constantly throwing bladed weapons at me and are casually talking to each other, as though they’ve done it before, somehow my cousin gets in front of me and catches me off guard, so I punched him in the face as hard as I could and he shrugged it off like it was nothing, I then found a bag and put it on his head and a screen came up with “hostage situation” written on it, after that I woke up and someone was asking if I was OK…. Please reply to this comment with anything that can explain all of this.

  4. I have recurring dreams where, instead of being afraid, I enjoy running away and have constant feeling of enjoyment and always being able to outrun my pursuers.

  5. For about a week now every night I dream I am trying to get away from my boyfriend??? I have been with him for 4 years and these dreams are new to me.. one time I dreamed I had a child (don’t know if it was a boy or girl and we have no children in real life), I ran away from him with my child on foot then I got in a car and he did too, I could feel him getting close but he never caught up. I then hid my child at a friend’s house and continued to run from him. In another dream I was tricked into believing he was going to marry me, I went with him to his parents house as I helped with them wedding and the night before the wedding I found out he was marrying someone else, I then spent the rest of the night trying to leave his house but this was a head on thing he was with me in the dream the whole time. Last night I dreamed I caught him cheating and I climb out the window and ran away from the building we were in. He never knew I was even gone.

  6. During this morning hours I dream me and my friend was walking through a cemetry road and then we saw a man coming towards us but before the man get any closer to me, me and my friend start running but I was far in front of her then i realise she disappear and I continue running. After I found myself going back to see if the man was still there and when I saw him I start running until I saw a light guiding my path…

  7. rohn.neelam on

    In my dream, I have to go somewhere for which I have to catch the train. All of a sudden I just start running from my home through the streets for the train as I heard the train horn or siren.. I m running through the streets fast enough and could see the train along side me.. I m running fast enough on my way to station..i see my friends and classmates running for the train too on the streets and without any difficulty I just passed them.. I was fast enough.. Running my way through streets , I called my parents to bring the luggage to the station directly.. And I m on the station standing right in front of the train without being tired of any sort after a long run to get into the train.. And I just woke up.. Any interpretations??

  8. So I have a very different kind of run scenerio, in my dream the girl Ive been talking too in real life, told me to “not run, but sprint from her” in my dream, and with current surcumstances it would seem that I don’t need to be messing with her, so should I just stop contacting her all together? Because in a way I feel like it would also be the smart thing to do in real life…. I do like her, but maybe she’s no good for me.

  9. Also had a dream being chased by xboyfrnd he treatend to take my cell phone then chase me while running three woman came n join him to chase I ran but they never catch me

  10. I had a dream that I went to some class, and everyone was younger then me. Like 14-16, and I was the only one in my current age of 21. And after the class ended this girl walked by stopped and made a smart ass comment about my outfit, and I was like thank you anyways. She then proceeded to make fun of me for being in he class and I was just like haven’t you learned to respect your elders and asked how old she was anyways. Before she could answer this guy I had a crush on back in middle school (6th garde) that now I hate with a passion came up to me and pushed the little girl out of the way. He said I respect my elders and I said I hate you but I’ll talk to you because its finally someone my age. Then we left the classroom together. Then we were chilling in another room and he was hitting on one of the young girls, and I kept telling him that’s wrong because of his age. Then all of a sudden we decided to break free from the weird school (college for 14-16 yr olds). And we started running but it turned into a maze and we had to find a way to get out of each scenario in a matter of minutes, and he didn’t help at all I did all the work. But at the end he started showing that he cared for me, and compassion and kindness and started helping me along. Then I had to cross a log over a swamp with alligators and kyle dissapeared. It was all on me to get over it. So I started to climb and wade in the swamp but I say the alligator coming so I stood up and started running across and and it felt so hard to run, almost like I didn’t know how. But I kept trying anyways, and then I’d fall and get up and try again. Then I said fuckbit and jumped in the swamp and swam to the next part of land. Then I woke up.

  11. Remains anonymous on

    In my dream, I just got home from school so I check the mail next thing you know, a car pulls up in my drive way and then it drives straight into my front window breaking the glass. The two people get out of the car and run straight down the street and once I go to investigate the scene, they come running back chasing me and throwing objects at me. The two people were acting very crazy like they were on bath salt drugs, it was so out of this world. I ask them why they were chasing me they never responded, I often screamed for help no one hears me. SOMEONE HELP THOUGH IM REALLY PARANOID!!!!!

  12. Leonila Shott on

    I dreamed that I saw my ex husband playing pool in one area and I was sitting looking at him . Then I decided to leave with my friend , but I let my friend take my car to go home ,while I start to hide from my ex husband . While I’m running trying to hide from him , I saw him looking for me and chasing me . I went to all kind if different area so he could not find me . At one time I was behind me but he wasn’t able to find me . And the I woke up . Please interpret this dream for me .thank you !

  13. In my husband’s dream… He was chased by a pigeon who continue want to sat on him. He ran away from it but the pigeon chased him every where.

  14. In my dream I was in store , idk y but I was…and I must of told dem nvm but some how in my dream it jumped from tht to me on run from cops…so me and my gf( who isn’t my real gf in dream) is on run, and some how my cousin was on run w me too…so were running and seem like its paths in my neighborhood but its like jungle or something idk…but we running , hear sirens so kept goin…somehow then we ended bk at my cousin hz, her mom was drivn us somewhere but she didn’t kno cops was lookn for me… Then somehow again cops are gaining and we are nxt door my cousin hz,which is my gma hx. So I’m tryna break window, so finally did and helped my gf out first, then I jumped out. By time we hop out window n was bout to run cops closed in. So ran into my other cousin hz nxt door, in my gma was sittn on couch, and believe my lil sis too, and asked did u call cops n she said no n jus started crying….and woke up

    • I also had a dream of being chased by police and being on the run but I never knew why they were chasing me ..I was eventually closed in on and I was caught and I woke up …weird

  15. I was walking with my “best friend” (I don’t know her, but she was my best friend in the dream). When we were walking, somebody pulled us in a car. I don’t remember what happened next, I might’ve blacked out or something. When I woke up, someone pushed me out the car and it was my abusive “boyfriend” and my best friend’s abusive boyfriend. Our boyfriends were apparently best friends too and I think they were psychopaths. We were in an empty parking lot. My boyfriend was begging me to take him back, but I held our ground. He then started hitting me. Punching, pushing me to the ground, etc. I don’t know what I did, but my friend and I got away. We were running around and hiding, but they keep finding us. (Well the hiding spots that my friend would choose were pretty stupid; like crouching down in front of a car or something.) Then while hiding behind a different car, my friend pulls out her gun and I had a gun too. The boys found us and they had their own guns as well. We were shooting at each other while we ran away. There was a spiral staircase and when I was about to go up, I was shot OR I was nearly shot. I remember thinking that I wasn’t gonna get out of this so I restarted my dream. We were back to saying no to our boyfriends. Then they started hitting us again and we got away. We crouched down behind the same car and I immediately thought that if we crouch down, they’ll find us like before. So what I did was I told her to sit down on the floor instead. But they eventually found us and I woke up. If you know what my dream means, please tell me. I need some insight about this.

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