Chair Dream Symbol


Chair – The meaning of this symbol depends on the type of chair in your dream. A hard, high-backed chair signifies confinement and discomfort in your current situation in life. A comfortable armchair indicates contentment, relaxation and abundance. If you are putting a child into a high chair, it indicates trying to bring someone or something else up to a level where you can interact, and therefore a feeling of inequality. If you are in a child’s high chair, it indicates that you feel insufficient to a task and are trying to get a better perspective. If your chair breaks while you are sitting in it, it symbolizes instability and betrayal.

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  1. I had a dream that I was in the house I grew up in and I was upstairs by the kitchen looking out of a window.

    When I looked back inside, there was a chaise longue right in front of me.
    It was a vintage one that had been repurposed and it was BEAUTIFUL.

    It was a lovely calming green color & had lavish print on it.

    I just stood there surprised but something kept telling me this was my gift.
    I’ve always wanted one of these chairs and now, I finally had one.

    The last thing I remember is being mesmerized and a huge feeling of gratitude… almost to tears.

    Why all of this over a chair?

  2. I dream of a overstuffed but firm chair that I can only see from the side. The chair has tee shirt laying over it.

    I’m not certain but the shirt may have said help… please interpret.

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