Centaur Dream Meaning and Interpretations


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Centaur Dream Symbol – Being half animal and half man, a centaur in your dreams can mean your life is out of balance. You may have two opposing opinions about the same thing depending on your perspective and the possible outcomes. You have to compromise but this causes you conflict.


You may be trying to balance your wild instincts, emotions with the rational, social side of yourself. Centaurs represent the duality of human nature. Centaurs also symbolize compassion and wisdom for mankind.

Dreaming of fighting a centaur can mean there are problems with sorting tough situations out. A friendly centaur brings messages there is a way to resolve the issues even if you think things are currently hopeless. Remember the old saying, “It is always darkest before the dawn”. It is a sign that you can find a way through and bring two opposing sides together.

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  1. Daniel CHILDE on

    What does it mean when your dreaming of your self being a centaur, fighting in a war, next dream your a centaur and everything is gone I’m in a apocalyptic world nothing left, another dream I’m a centaur fighting darkness???

  2. Anargha Ravindran on

    Hi. I had a weird dream of a white friendly centuar who for some reason recruited me to a high school of soecial skills and had other normal human friends where training me more of physical exercises and tgats kinda weird. I just wanted to know what that meant!

  3. What does it mean to see a female centaur in ones dream? Her hair was braided, and top of her braids held by white satin bows, the ends of the bows,was as long as her braids, that went below her breasts. She was small breasted. Wasn’t sure if the horse part was dark grey or black.

  4. This was helpful. I had a dream that I walked to my basement and my husband had installed a new larger screen, in addition to the one already down there, to view games from the bat with this aspect. I peered around and it looked as if I saw the hind legs and tail of a dog standing in the mirror in the bathroom. When it came out it stood as tall as me and was a centaur (*I’m a 5’9″ woman*). I was taken aback at first but my husband assured me it was cool. We hugged and introduced ourself. I have been battling deciding if I should stay with him for our young daughters sake or move on because we didnt serve one another as needed even being in a much better place. So for me this made clear I was battling between compassion and wisdom.

  5. Navein Naik on

    I saw in my dream, one pure white centaur with two male human body coming out from Sea while I was fishing with bait inside small boat.
    Can anyone explain the meaning of this particular dream.

  6. I just had a dream of two female centaurs. They were beautiful and dressed up really nicely in clothing and makeup. One was a bar tender and served me a drink as the bar.

    • Mariana Stilman Golan on

      In my dream I was walking on a dirt road on a hot day. To my left I saw 2 huge iguanas with their mouths open, completily parched. I poured some water in their mouths and walked on. Near a bent on the road there was some sort of building. When I came close to it I saw that it’s door was a cage door, like the ones in a zoo. Inside there were more iguanas and 3 completily white centaurs. Someone just left them all there to die of thirst. I opened the door and started giving them all water. I was both horrified and sorry for their condition and very ungry at the person who did this. The centaurs thanked me for my kindness and sayed I saved their lives.

  7. I had this dream I was coming out of a well entering a non modern day land at night got beat up by centaur and btw I was in a video game this Link from the legend of Zelda series was a regular person instead of a hero rescued me but was already injured before hand managing to help me to defeat centaur

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