Cemetery Dream Symbol


Cemetery – A cemetery represents the fear of death. This may be a physical death, or it may be an emotional loss for which you need to grieve. This is not always a dark or dangerous omen, despite being connected to death. It often represents acceptance of loss as part of the natural cycle of life. Dreaming of walking through a cemetery can represent honoring the past and letting it go as you move toward your future.

If you dream of a particular person’s grave, it could indicate grief for them or a fear of losing them. On the other hand, it could indicate an acceptance of them, and letting go of the desire to change them. If the emotion connected to the cemetery is peaceful, then it signifies honoring the past and the wisdom of the ages. If the emotion is fearful or anxious, it signifies the fear of mortality.

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  1. In my dream, I was in my car (passenger side) and my ex was driving. We were driving through a very big and beautiful cemetery very slow. Very quiet and peaceful. We were 5he only ones there. Then at one point we heard a man’s voice faint. Then a little while later. We heard a womans laughter. All the while my ex is talking about his vehicle and all the things wrong with it. What does this mean?

  2. I was dreaming that I was in a cemetery and I was holding on to the edge of a hole I told someone that this is my cousins Nazareth hole but she isn’t even dead would like to know what it means

  3. I dreamt that I was following a woman into a cemetery who was about to kill me and as I was entering the cemetery, I sow my wife calling me and I run back to my wife and the woman who was leading me to the cemetery start to get angry and chasing me, but I was able to run and get a knife and kill the woman who was trying to take me to the cemetry.

  4. I dream that I went to leave flowers at the cemetery and from far away I saw my ex boyfriend from high school with his son they were looking at his parents grave

  5. I would really like my dreamed interperted better.
    So I dreamed I went to see a friend and passed her road up and came to a dead end. I seen a old grave yard I heckled it out and a ghost was just circling it. I get back in my car and go back to her house and they were in the court yard. I looked more clearly and another graveyard was hidden in the woods. Another ghost just lingering around. The first ghost went through me but I wasn’t scared at all until I seen the second ghost just a little uneasy.

  6. I’ve had dreams before and felt real as well. The dream started with me running through a place nude. I turned back to get something to put on my body,’when I entered the door to an apartment building, I was lost. I started walking through the building and saw people scaring at me. A man had seen me enter the building and started to follow me. He almost followed as if he had to get to me. I felt like I had to hurry and get away from him. I was still lost but realized I went in the wrong door. I continued on and went back to the door and appeared in a parking garage. I jumped down a hole where cars were coming stopped car’s and ran down a beautiful green garden. Turning down a street that had a small black and white church to my left and the cementary to my right. The clouds in the say were as if it had already rained. But at the same time there was the sun that shine leaving the area calm and peaceful. In the grave yard I saw a new grave and people gathered around but didn’t see who it was then I woke up

  7. I dreamt I was in a cemetery. I saw one open tomb but couldn’t see what was inside it. I wasn’t scared, in fact, I was curious. I asked a man who was sitting on a lounge chair across the tomb if there were ghost in cemetery or if he saw one. He didn’t reply he just smiled. I asked another, a woman this time, what she thought of the cemetery. And she said the mausoleum is daunting sometimes – and i don’t know what that means really – so I went to check it out. There were people there checking the place out. Then I sort of decided to live In the cemetery. The next thing I know I have a house above the mausoleum. Then my dream jumped somewhere else. I woke up and got scared thinking that I might die soon because I want to live in the cemetery and that didn’t even spook me at all. Can you pls give me your interpretation of this? Thanks.

  8. Hello I want to know the meaning of my dream… I dreamed that I am with my ex-boyfriend and he ask me where we will go he told me he don’t want crowded so we decided to go in a cemetery which is ok for him…I ask my friends the meaning they told not to go out with him.
    and then the next day I had dreamed that me and my ex-boyfriend go out we ride in perishwheel and then it stop.so in my dream I’m thinking maybe this is why my friends told me not to go out with cause something will happen…why my dreams is connecting with my other dream? Thanks

  9. I’m 8 weeks pregnant and dream of a cemetery the next week I found out, my baby was an An embryonic pregnancy. I’m hurt many nights I can’t sleep its tearing me apart.

  10. I dreamed about flying past a graveyard fence which was on my left side didnt feel a scary vibe jus felt as if I was jus flying

  11. Last night was my 3rd dream I had about walking through a cemetery since my grandma pass away. What I can’t analyze is why in each one of these dreams, as I’m walking through the cemeteries, I’ll be walking through an area that looks active and pretty nice (I know that sounds a bit condradicting considering its a cemetery), when all of a sudden it’ll look all burned down to the ground. Coffins everywhere, burned wood, coffins that haven’t been lowered into the ground, and just abandoned. Last night in my dream I walked up to what was supposed to be a coffin for a baby, but was in the form of a bassinet and it was on top of a pole because the baby’s body was exposed and hadn’t been buried yet. As I walked up to it, it had a sign that said to read it before considering looking inside, “This baby was exposed to toxins and had a bottle of perfume forced into its lungs.” And before I looked inside I woke up. I don’t know what the significance of my dream was, does anybody??…..

  12. i have had a dream off open graves instead off goin in a coffin its empyted and the body gets put in but the body in the grave put standing upwards and i see past family and friend that have passed as some cromated and some beried but i see all grave stone and name off all that have pased im overwaight and my partner said i snore and stop breathing up to 21 secs at a time please could you help thats jon

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