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Ceiling – A ceiling often represents protection and security from outside dangers. If the ceiling is complete and in good repair, it indicates that you feel safe. However, if you see cracks or gaps in the ceiling, or especially if water is leaking in, it is an indication that your life does not feel secure. It is likely that this insecurity is because of someone close to you whom you do not feel you can shut out from your life to protect yourself. You will want to examine the causes of these feelings before this threat begins to cause damage to you.

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  1. My dream was that as I walked down the street and I looked into several houses the people on the inside were on the ceilings. Those of us outside were on the ground. My understanding was for me Togo to a location to get to a ceiling to go down to a level I had to get to. Initially I had refused because I thought it was crazy, but somehow I got convinced to go back.

  2. I dreamed that there was a water bulge in my grandmas bedroom (she died 8/12/16 and was also the house I grew up in) but there was no furniture in it. My husband and I were discussing that we needed to call rick who is the home warranty for our new build that we got finished in April to have it fixed on an emergency basis. After that I woke myself up because I knew it was a dream from having the knowledge that the room with the bulge wasn’t our newly built house.

  3. In my dream I was at home which is a bungalow (which i moved back into two years ago), I was in my childhood home. My bedroom is now the largest bedroom, my childhood room was the second bedroom. I had a dream that the ceiling was leaking in into my old childhood bedroom, the leak was rain (not a plumbing leak) and it was also cold in the room from the missing slates. I didn’t fix the leak (when I knew I should in my dream) I just keep on cleaning up the damage caused by the leak, but the leak made everything worse. In the end I had to keep on cleaning the floor as the leak had made the carpets deteriorate, I ignored the main problem which was to fix the roof.

  4. Last night I dreamt of a ceiling and it started to leak from 3 different places, I was trying to catch the water with my hands and throwing it over my shoulder.

  5. In my dream iwas sitting on my sofa, which is near to the bathroom – I live in a small bedsit n my lounge is next to the bathroom. So I start hearing this weird sound, n just as I’m thinking about what it could be, an shall I take a looksee – I look from my sofa, n can see that the ceiling is bulging in the farthest corner nearby the bathroom window – it looks abt to bust, but I can’t see any water dripping, it’s just sagging balloon like cos of the weight of the water. I immediately dialled my housing association, which felt incongruous to me, bcoz am not as straightforward as tht in real life. Iwas rather disturbed an somewhat impressed by how swiftly I dealt with it.

    I also dreamt that I had large brand new penthouse style black metal window frame/s fitted., they were gorgeous- iluv Georgian, Edwardian n Victorian style windows. To my horror there was a small gap at the bottom of one of the frames tht was letting in the cold. My next door naybore noticed it, and said to me they’ll be alright – coz inhis estimation the gap didn’t seem so bad. Ididnt share his optimistic outlook. I just thought but didn’t say, – would you live in a place where u had a gap like that in your window/s?

    I also dreamt

  6. I had a dream that i throwed something on my roof outside and i went in and i was downstairs and i went upstairs and saw the the whole roof fell down.

  7. I had a dream that i throwed something on my roof outside and i went in and i was downstairs and i went upstairs and saw the the whole roof fell down.

  8. I have alots of dreams on water stained callings and some times water is coming out or bugs are coming out.

  9. A dream of being in a large room, given to me, made of wood plus had wooden floors. Had been messy/cluttered but my previous employer and their three daughters had cleaned it all out but the ceiling needed repairing/replacing. Gaps and holes in it.

  10. I’ve been having a dream for a long time now within a house. It’s my grandma’s. I dreamt a lot before I moved here. Once I saved a ghost who lived in the attic thats not.in my house because apparently connected to this house was more rooms xD. But yeah… Last night I dreamed that I was eating lasagna with black cheese (idk y) and then my sister’s brought me up stairs because they saw the cracks first. So I went. They where really big cracks and then a little square piece fell off and so I went up to it and looked through it.. So.. I saw what I felt was a hallway… So if any of u have anything similar… Maybe there will be troujle in your path of life? Friendship.. It was above my bed so….. Love life?? Sorry this comment is so long /.\

  11. For 3 nights I’ve had the same dream. I’ve been dreaming of holes in the ceiling with drips of water coming through, but than they start to fill in. I have a young child with me, but not sure who it is. this always happens at the end of the night right before my alarm goes off.

    • Same dream happened to me today. My roof was leaking heavily in another room. It was raining. But where I was it was not leaking. I was holding a child.

    • You need to check out your relationship or spouse. There may be issue of unfaithfulness and your safety is under threat….. Keep praying for God to open your eyes to see the hidden things.

  12. I have a constant reacurring dream that I’m trying to escape from danger by digging my way out through the ceiling… Doesn’t matter if it’s a house or random building. Instead of trying to flee through a door or window — I do so by the ceiling. Even when I do get through the ceiling, I’m finding that they’re are several layers of the ceiling that I have to go through.
    I don’t know what this dream means and I’ve dreamt of this when I was a kid as well.

  13. I’m going through a divorce and I’m having to take my husband to court for the financial aspect of our settlement. He’s started to emotionally abuse me again. I’m trying to stay in the present moment so I’m not fearful for what might happen and think of all the things that have happened in the past, last night I dreamt we were still living together and I was clearing up everyone’s mess as usual and then I noticed a dripping of water come through the curling. He was upstairs having a bath but then the water started to come through the ceiling, I grabbed a laundry basket to catch the water but then the whole stream started to move across the other side of the room and as it did the house started to sway back and forth with the water. It was time to get out so I did, I think, then I woke up.

  14. P Williams on

    Am dreaming almost every night that rain is coming in through all different areas in roof. The ceilings all begin the bow under the weight & I’m terrified when moment ceilings all give way and come crashing down with gallons of water. It’s awful, frightening & am losing sleep with it.

  15. Ceiling falling in. My husband has Alzheimer’s and I’m taking him for day respite for the first time, worried that he will think I am abandoning him. Dreamt fancy tiles falling from a ceiling onto me so Stephen Klein spot on with his interpretation

  16. Had a dream I was in an elevator and the way you got to the next floor is that the floor would rise and you would go thru the ceiling like a ghost

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