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Cave Dream Symbol – Caves represent a safe place to hide away from the world. Dreaming of caves is a good sign as long as you do not retreat from the world for too long. Negatively, it can mean you have feelings of loneliness and unhappiness.

Caves can also symbolize sexuality. Trapped in a cave with someone else indicates sexual control of some kind. Being in a cave alone for a long time can mean you have withdrawn from the world in your real life. You may need to seek real help and support. You need to make the effort to go out in the world more.

Caves can symbolize your creativity. Wishing to be alone in a cave signifies you want to speak out but something stops you. It can also mean you desperately want to complete something that keeps dragging on. You just want it to end.

Feeling you have no creativity indicates you need to take time out to work on something new you have wanted to start for a while. Make sure that if you take time out alone that you use it wisely. This type of dream can mean you need to take a holiday or give yourself a special treat. Spending too much time in your cave can mean you take an extended vacation or you have hidden yourself away for too long in your waking world.

When you seeing something like a wolf or dragon guarding a cave, it is a sign that you have either got or are getting control of something previously out of your control. Your life is going to improve. This may be a time for perseverance and to look at your problems with a positive attitude.

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  1. In my dream i was in a cave with a man and we were trying to figure out how to make this special island from outting the pieces of the map together, another man then came in wanting the map. He was riding around on a hair dryer submarine when he got out me and the man jumped in with the map and got away. What does this mean i’m so confused?

  2. Nicole Monson on

    I dream of a cave all the time! Whenever I have a bad dream I always run and hide in the same cave I know what it looks like and where it is in my dream world. So natural disaster or zombies or end of the world dream i always end up running and hiding and feeling safe in my cave. Sometimes i bring others depends on the dream and if I’m with people or alone. What does this mean? And what does it mean that i want to go there in real life, I wish the cave was real when I’m awake…

  3. Hy. I got dream seeing banana on display for 2RND 50C N the we’re ada banana in cave on display also got price tag for 1rnd 50c I wanted to buy 2 bananas n one red apple bt I went out of cave n looked inside the cave thinking of going back in side bt I just walked away n I wake up ..please help wat could de dream mean

  4. My dream included many caves that were tiny or big and there were many other people and I think there was a man who wanted to attack everyone basically you had to be smart and find out ways to get of the cave before he funded you I guess before we went to the cave my mom was driving around and I told her to not go to the caves and she went which I FITB scared when I got there

  5. My cave dream was not a happy place. It was about being lost and attacked. I had people with me that I was trying to protect, but a man that looked familiar kept trying to attack me. I was just driving around and around lost.

  6. hello! i want to know what the meaning of my dream my sister n my brother are trap in cave tht collapse,
    me & my brother r in the other place thts for me its looks safe… afterwards we found out my sister die in drown.. n my brother r safe… but in real my brother who company with my sister in cave tht fail miserably r deceased… lst aug 2014

    we miss him everyday n we love him so much we hope w still together….
    hoping hes doing fine in other life n hes happy n in peace with other relatives n our favorites grandmother lola

    • Hello this description made my heart jump… I just had a dream about a huge party that was going on in a cave with loads of people and all was good until the whole cave started to rumble. I didn’t notice the rumbling because I mistook it for the loud music and because the cave was so dimly lit with flashing rave lights I didn’t notice the people running out. The second I realized an earthquake was causing the cave to collapse I began to run but the floor gave out underneath me and I was toppled by and avalanche of rocks and woke up in a great panic. This is the first time I’ve dreamt of truly knowing I died and I immediately searched for a meaning… the significance of this to your description is that my birthday is on Aug 1 the same day your family member passed away, and that you also dreamt of a cave collapsing. I am a girl too like your sister… this is an eerie coincidence… or is it something else my mind can’t wrap around?

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