Catfish Dream Meaning and Interpretation


Catfish Dream Symbol – Catfish is all about emotions as it swims through the waters of the sea. It can visit your dreams when the situation is not all you wanted, but your ability to adapt and compromise have good outcomes. Or, there could be someone around you not showing you who they really are, hiding their true intentions.

Who in your world could be misleading you? Look at what else is happening in your dream, and consider how you feel when waking for a better idea of what catfish is trying to tell you.

Catfish may also warn of embarrassing situations caused by manipulative people.  You can overcome this through your wisdom and ability to follow your intuition. And, if catfish is lying dead on the ground, it may be telling you to get ready to move. It is time to prepare for new beginnings.

Dreaming of catfish can signify you need to work out what works for you and what does not. There is no point holding on to emotional baggage if it no longer brings joy and fulfilment to your life. Remember to always speak with care as what your say can deeply affect those you speak to.

A Person Who is a Catfish

If you dream about a person who is a catfish it can indicate that you are worried about being deceived by someone around you. Perhaps someone in your presence is not who you think that they are.

When Catfish crosses your path

When Catfish crosses your path it may warn you need to use adaptability for the best outcomes. Catfish shows you the lesson is about humility and growing emotionally.

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  1. I saw two catfish in a bowl in my dream i was holding it nd maybe later on i poured out the water from the bowl.what does it mean pls.

  2. I dreamt that I’m walking on the river and I saw a 3 carabao or buffalo and I saw also a lot of snake and 3 catfish, and after that I want to try to catch the catfish but I fall down to the water and the buffalo on the top and the snake I feel it’s also under the water, then afte when my family take me from the water I saw a guy who’s holding a baby, what is that mean?

  3. Marie Taylor on

    Plz help….I dreamed about walking to a special place with my boyfriend grandma, we was supposed to meet him there,she wanted to show me something amazing that she thought I would like. We walked a long way til we camed upon a place with a round pond in the middle,like a water was filled with monster size colorful catfish.they was so big and so many they was flapping over one another.she pick up a feather and caught one to show me..I was scared to come close or to touch it she then picked it up and threw it back was other small creaters alone side the pool she pointed them out to me…Wich was baby snake and lil ignuana

  4. I dreamt that I was swimming with some villager guiding this huge catfish up some river, in south America onto this river bank, for the people to see or have as food or something. Not sure tho.

  5. Dreamt that my mother, aunt and sister were alive and able to speak with me inside the belly of a catfish. I stood there knowing there was something I could do, like cut the belly open to free them, but I did nothing but stand there concerned

  6. Toguwa Esther on

    I dreamt that I went to buy catfish but didn’t buy because the price was too high for the small catfish

  7. Temitope Adesanya on

    Good morning, what does it mean if someone saw catfishes entring my room it was so many that i have to shot my room door…please what is the meaning?

  8. Shaneka C. on

    I dreamed that a fish crane caught a catfish and dropped it near a pond back in shallow water, I went over and picked up the catfish with pride and showed it to my brother and boyfriend after they said I wouldn’t be able to grab it. Can you help me with the meaning of this?

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