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Cat Dream Symbols – Cats are popular household pets Many homes have one or two. They are elusive, represent duality – male and female energy, self-reliant (representing your own independence), demanding, loving, and fantastic companions. When they visit your dreams there are so many possible meanings. You need to take into account what the cat looks like, its demeanor, actions, and the situation, and how the dreams leave you feeling.

cat dream meaningWhen you feel down and completely negative, the cat may visit to prompt you to take another look at what worries you with a more objective attitude. A cat can represent illusions and you may be deluding yourself into believing your own negativity. Maybe someone around you is not who or what they seem. Are you deluding yourself about something or someone? Are you creating illusions about yourself to the world to make yourself feel better?

Cats also visit to remind you are feeling sorry for yourself and the injustices of the world. When you feel helpless in the face of it all. Snap out of it. Sure feel compassion, love, and sorrow at all the hurt and injustice – do what you can, but do not let it rule your life. Living a happy balanced life is a good way to stand up to life’s injustices. Prove you can beat the odds.

Kitten dreams can represent illusions close to you. A warning to look closer at those you trust. You can be too trusting of those you love and care about, often unwilling to accept that anyone would deliberately harm you. Maybe you are in a situation where your only or closest friends are your greatest manipulators and enemies.

When you are in danger of believing the illusions, a black cat may visit to warn you to look closer. That you are walking on dangerous ground, or about to. Avoid making binding decisions under pressure. Take time out to investigate further.

Being afraid of cats in a dream can mean your fears are based on false illusions like believing gossip and rumors rather than finding out the truth. Do not let others divert your attention from finding out what you need to know. Aggressive cats may be a warning to look closer at those you trust for there may be a betrayal. Or you may have big dreams you believe impossible without looking at how to achieve them. You may dismiss them as impossible. Maybe you fear success? Aggressiveness can also represent the ‘cattiness’ of women. Are you being catty? Or, are you the recipient of another’s catty behavior?

Dreams of homes overrun with cats can mean your whole life is an illusion. Illusions overrun your life. You believe nothing about the world as presented to you as mainstream media. Why do you feel like this? Cat’s warning is to take time out to rebalance and refresh and take another look. While there are many illusions we can see and do nothing about, we can still create peaceful, joyous lives.

When relationships are in trouble, volatile with constant arguing and bickering, you may have a cat attack you in your dreams. This can mean that if you cannot sort out your differences then maybe it is time to move on. Watching a catfight can signify there is someone who will do anything to destroy you.

Dreaming of farm cats living life in the natural environment it is a sign you may need to change yours. This does not necessarily mean moving but spend a day in nature, spend time with friends and family, take a short break, or even holiday.

Playful cats enjoying the moment teach you to take time out to spend with those you love and about. Life is not all serious and hard work. Without a little playfulness in your life, you can turn your negative feeling into positive making challenges easier to work through.

Additional Cat Dream Meanings

Cats can represent a number of different symbols in a dream. Carl Jung proposed that cats were symbols of the secretive side of their nature. Seeing a cat in your dream can also represent your urge to take care of someone or something. If you see a cat in the alley then it can represent promiscuity and other sexual desires that you might have. A black cat can represent misfortune and bad luck to the dreamer or good luck if you come from certain parts of the world.

Cat dreams can often indicate that you might have people around you that are being sly and not forthright in their goals. If you see a cat that is being overly aggressive then it can be your feminine side trying to break out.

The cat can also represent femininity, spirituality, and instinct. If you dream that a cat is clawing you and demanding your attention, then you need to pay attention to your intuition, because it has an important message that you have been ignoring. If you dream that you are harming a cat, this means that you are in conflict with your femininity, or that you are trying to suppress your spiritual or instinctive side.

On the other hand, if you dream that you are having a pleasant and harmonious interaction with a cat, it indicates that you are in touch with these aspects of yourself and that you are in a position to understand the messages your intuition sends you. Remain open and receptive, because some insight is on its way.

When Cat crosses your path

When a cat crosses your path she brings strong warnings of illusions surrounding you whether you or others created them. You need to dispel them to discover the truth to move on with your life.

Note: If you have had a dream related to this dream symbol or would like to add something that is related to this topic please leave a comment below. Comments are a great way to interact with others who are dreaming about similar topics.


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  1. I dreamt I had a cat hiding in my wardrobe the cat was not aggressive I got hold of it and took it outside. What does it mean pls?

  2. Last night i had a dream, when someone say cat blood and it complicated and terrify me which I don’t wanna go deep to that explanation please I wanna know the meaning of cat blood thank you.

  3. Twice in the past week I’ve dreamt that I am getting on or off a bus and waiting for my cat to get on or off. In the getting on dream I had to pick her up and carry her, in the getting off, she walked down the steps behind me.

  4. I dreamt that I was in a house had loads of tabby cats in every doorway sleeping with kittens but some of them had eyes missing, some ears bloody, all grey and black tabby’s wasn’t very pleasant.

  5. I dream of a white cat ,calm and peaceful walking behind me ,like he is making sure that I get out of the area .what does that mean

  6. Shannon Hafley on

    I dreamed a stray cat that looked kind of sick,scared or maybe even a little mean was coming toward me then a small grey and white cat came up and swatted it away the Grey and white one turned into my youngest son I woke up crying and saying I was sorry.

  7. My 11 year son – dreamed a male white cat was clawing him while standing up in my Dads house (my dad passed away 2 months)
    My son starts High school in Jan 2018 – he expressed that he is scared/anxious to go
    For him it was a nightmare – he didnt feel pain – the cat was angry/aggressive

    Suggestions would be gratefully received

    Warm Regards

  8. Hi
    I had a dream last night about a cat attacking a newborn baby ( don’t know if the baby was mine) but it seemed like the baby was not ready for birth because it wasn’t fully developed and it was still in the placenta.

    my sister in-law in my dream walked passed the cat attacking the baby (don’tme if I can go with her somewhere, it was raining heavily, so I went in to look for a jacket and a umbrella, I remember, looking for a specific jacket, but I couldn’t find it, so I eventually just took any one. when I got outside the cat was done attacking the baby and the baby was dead.

    please know if she saw it) then asked tell me what this means???

  9. My parents white cat had been mauled and was badly hurt by a robot goat in a large industrial garage. I ran over to help the cat and get him from the jaws of the goat and ran to my parents crying for help to get him to a vet and then I woke up

  10. I had a dream i was sitting on the toilet and my cat meowed at me twice!!! and then the 3 time he did he rawred nd it was loud and scary :0 Sounded like a demon :3 help pls

  11. Kenedy Stahl on

    My dream was quite weird. There were two identical black cats, one good and one bad. The only sign that one cat was bad was that it had human teeth and would attack anyone around it to get the attention of the good one. I could also talk to the good cat and I desperately tried to help her every time the evil one attacked. My dream ended with the good cat being torn to shreds but still fighting back. I was very frightened by this dream.

    • Evelyn Brezenski on

      I’ve been searching for hours for someone with a similar story. I keep having dreams about my (dead) black cat lying on my chest but then I realize she’s not wearing her collar. Then I hear the jingle of her bell and look in the doorway, where I see my cat. I turn in horror to the cat on my chest and it opens its mouth to reveal human teeth and starts attacking me.

  12. I had a dream where there are too many cats in my room and I was driving them out but they keep coming in as i throw stuffs at them to keep them away.
    Can somebody please help me understand the meaning if this dream?
    Thank you.

  13. Cynthia Cervantes on

    I hadon’t a dream that a cat came running at me and attacked me, scratching at my face. It then started to, in a way, suck my breath. I don’t know how to explain that.

  14. Lilylove454 on

    I keep having a reacurring dream in which I live in 2 houses and there are lots of cats that have kittens and I have to care for them.. I put a lot of effort in to taking care of them, however because there are so many I can’t manage and some die, causing much sadness,,, then I will go to my other house to find that while I was away ( at my 1st home ) the cats in my student house have almost all died because I wasn’t there to take care of them… which leaves me devastated! It’s a sad dream … can anyone help with interpretation please!??

  15. I had a dream that i was feeding two cats and as i turn to feed the other cat i saw one kitten with the cat and then the cat jump on top of my body

  16. I was a sleep in a trance or couldn’t move and a cat comes into my room jumps on my bed walks from the foot all the way to my head right beside me turns toward me and it’s front two paws standing on my chest and starts to meow. I tried to talk or get up but I couldn’t,then I wake up. I feel like it was a yellow cat. Or a light color.

    • I had the same dream too, but my cat was black and white. This must mean something. Carl Jung was famous of his archetypal interpretations of dreams. If you find anything, hit me up.

  17. Hi

    I’ve had three(types) dreams recently..

    one where the cat was scared of me…

    Second where I was about to kill a cat because it was too dark(i was on a 2-wheeler with a friend)

    Third where the cat was catching a prey or was all steady n ready n waiting for a prey..

    I’m also seeing cats everywhere I go- like in real /waking life.. (though I’m a cat lover n always wanted a pet..but they r everywhere.. like everywhere..)

    Couldn’t find anything that matches my dreams to help me interpret them… It’s a mystery to me.. any clues would be much appreciated..


  18. also, I remember a black cat outside my bedroom window coming to me whenever I called it. It would cock it’s head to the side like it was confused but would come over anyway. I would put my hand on the glass and it would put it’s paw on the glass to connect us and then leave.

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