Castle Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Castle Dream Symbol – Dreaming of a castle can mean many things, so you need to look at the dream in association with the things that are uppermost in your mind. Castles represent family, extravagance, luxury, wealth, and loyalty. Castles are huge with many different rooms.

A castle is a place where you can get your own space from the others that inhabit the space. They also symbolize royalty and being always in the public eye. This can mean there is a contradiction in your waking life between the privacy you think you have and what is actually so.

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A castle in a dream can mean you need some space from some people or situations in your waking life. You may need to take time out from a busy social life, and learn to enjoy spending time alone. You really need some ‘me’ time. This can be a reminder to let down your guard.

You cannot be happy walking through life with barriers always in your way. Do you have too many walls or barriers blocking you moving forward? Do you need to learn to trust again? Start small sharing things with those closest to you then start sharing small things with others when you feel you can help them.

Castles symbolize fairytale love. Of things unattainable. Do you expect too much from yourself? Could you use setting more realistic goals to work towards? Do you sit back waiting for your dreams to come true? There is no point waiting. You have to take action. Show the universe what you truly desire. Sitting there wishing, hoping, and wanting will send the universe the message that is all you want out of life. Taking action to make your dreams come true shows the universe you are serious.

Seeing a castle in a strange setting signifies being in two minds about your current goals and dreams. You may need to reassess things. But you need to do it soon. This is a reminder to not miss the current opportunity.

Sneaking into a castle is a sign you take action towards achieving your dreams. You are pursuing what you need to bring stability to your life. Wandering around the castle, from room to room, you may have a fear of being alone. This can refer to your search for just the ‘right’ person to share your dreams. Have you found your soul mate? This type of dream can mean you settle for second best. Do you have a habit of settling for less than you deserve?

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  1. Jordyn ross on

    I had a dream of this castle I was going in with a few friends we thought it was from a game so we turned this handle thing in front and walked in as we did it became this time trial thing it took one of us and placed them on top of this obstacle course and we were able to use weird Powers to get there but every minute we took the person that the castle took started to remember things and when they remembered something it would be in the course subtly. I failed an obstacle and got set back but I noticed that we were just destroying the obstacle course what used to be bright and vibrant with colour and things we were supposed to see to help but just didn’t because we thought we had to get to the top fast started falling apart we reach the friend but it’s too late we don’t have enough understanding and we didn’t know enough to save her and in her mind she was living this amazing life where all her bad memories were sucked out she didn’t knew who we were and when we tried to talk to her she ran deeper into the Castle the castle starts making this room where there are guards paroling the area and the castle takes another friend but it’s a different course and repeat

  2. The castle in my dreams was located in an odd place. I remember it well because I attempted to go there, in the dream, many times. The few people that did know of the place wouldn’t dare to go.

    You had to get into a closet and then go up a mountain in which, a lot of deadly “something” happened to be in the way. Most people wouldn’t make it to the castle. They would die before getting there.

    I however, managed to get to the castle with some friends. Some died in the way. Once we got there, the castle owner wanted to kill us. I also remember knowing that the castle owner loved me even though I was in a relationship…. And I remember a witch guiding us to the mountain the first time.

    I’m lost with the meaning of everything else, but, it seems like a cool story.

      • I’ve dreamed about castles at least 4 different times now. Each are different and in a different location. Sometimes they are empty, some have only a few objects while one was fully furnished and stunning. The last dream I dreamed of three castles/temples but was standing outside looking at them. I thought it was about time I looked it up.

  3. I was dreaming of a big and beauty full castle on the beach. It was very attractive and I really liked it. But then there appeared a second castle that stood right next to it. It was just as attractive as the first but only abit smaller. I could only choose one to live in. I choose the first one. For I felt that it was best suited for me.

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