Cassowary Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Cassowary Dream Symbol – Australian legend goes – never feed a Cassowary in the wild or if it turns up in your yard. If you do, expect them to bail you up demanding more. Ignore this warning at your risk.

Cassowaries have kicked in doors and held tourists hostage in cars demanding food. They appear to have no fear. Keep your distance. Appreciate these magnificent flightless birds from afar.

Cassowary may visit at times when you feel less than you are. When you feel lost and alone. Much of Cassowary’s behavior is motivated by a need to be noticed, to make its presence known. This can come from a dissatisfaction of who you are.

Are you feeling invisible or useless? Are you being demanding? Do you hit out at those around you when you do not get what you want? Maybe it is time to look deeper to discover the reasons why so you can transform your life to one that makes you happy.

When Cassowary crosses your path

Cassowary uses bluff and aggression to demand what it wants from life. When this complex, amazing bird crosses your path consider what you demand from yourself and from others.


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