Carnation Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Carnations Dream Symbol – With many using the beautiful, delicate carnation as a filler flower in bouquets, dreams of these flowers can be in reference to being overlooked. This can be in relation to a job, promotion, socially, or personally. Carnations remind to never take things for granted.

carnation-dreamsCarnations signify a new friendship is coming or they can bring luck to your career. A red carnation indicates you have a loyal friend. They are always there to support you. Do you do enough to support them? White carnations indicate you have a particular friend who is there for you no matter what happens. A black carnation can mean there is trouble coming. It is a warning to be prepared.

A bouquet of carnations in a dream can represent there will be a surprise in your personal life. Seeing a single flower can mean you may change your life completely. A wilted carnation symbolizes a longtime friendship may be over. Seeing someone give carnations indicates there are people around that wish you harm. Giving a single flower is a symbol of friendship and, possible, love.

Giving pink carnations is a sign of your gratitude. It can also mean you will always be remembered with goodwill. Yellow carnations can mean disappointment in someone or something close to your heart. Red ones bring deep love and passion. While white carnations symbolize purity and purple flowers bring whimsy to your life. Striped flowers can mean you have regrets or face rejection.

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