Card Game Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Card Game Dream Symbol – Dreaming of cards represents how you communicate with yourself. The things you have trouble admitting that exist with your personality. This type of dream can warn you need to use better communication with others if you want to succeed. Do you have something important to say to others? Are you finding it hard to know what to say? Do you repress your voice to keep the peace? You need to speak out.

Playing cards with others means that you have a core support group you can talk to even if you have trouble expressing how you feel. Playing cards represents taking risks and potential danger. This can simply mean you do not have enough information to understand the situation or make a decision. It can mean not to take risks based on another’s information You need to check the information for yourself before you act on someone else’s advice. They may be spreading misinformation.

Consider the meaning of each playing card featured in your dream. An ace brings good news, and seeing many aces is a sign you will be super lucky soon. The ace of hearts brings much love and happiness while an ace of diamonds predicts money coming into your life sometime soon.

The ace of spades may indicate that although you work hard your work is not well rewarded. Seeing the ace of clubs can mean you are lonely. That you may have few friends in your life. Dreaming of the joker warns not to let your competition get the best of you.

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