Car Dream Symbol


Car – A car is a symbol of your ability to act for yourself and accomplish your goals. The car in your dream also symbolizes the amount of control you feel over your life. If the car malfunctions – if it won’t go, or if it won’t stop – then you fear being unable to move toward your goal, or being able to direct your own life. If someone else is driving the car, it is an indication that you feel someone else has control over your choices or circumstances. If the car crashes, it represents an approaching catastrophe, or the fear of an approaching catastrophe.

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  1. Caren Nyamgero on

    I had a dream that I went shopping in a flea market late in the evening and I remember not being worried because I knew I had a car. When I finished shopping I went to look for where I’d parked and was thinking that it would be tricky maneuvering out of the parking lot. The funny thing is I now I was not able to find where I’d parked the car. I asked the security guards and they just told me to seek my God. I proceeded with my search and I saw what I thought was my car and entered and put the key in the ignition and it started, but the sound of the engine made me suspect it wasn’t my car, they were just similar. On checking the registration it wasn’t my car. I also don’t own my own car in real life. I’ve driven my mom’s car and in the recent past my sister’s car.

  2. Laura Lynne on

    I have had this dream before but the first one was a little different from my dream I had this am. I had been at a party with people I know & cars were falling from the sky. Instead of blowing up like before, these cars immediately drove off after touching down. I had moved farther into the back yard with friends & into a tent that was a cabin too. I watched two sedans(first one gold, second one silver) fall onto a dirt path & drove away when I heard voices from the back yard so I ran over to grab my bowl/weed/bag I had left out. I’m twin sister was next to me when a drone(that was an electric blue sedan) came down & at me, towards my face. I jumped on it & started to snack it as it went up & dropped me. I landed in both my feet nicely & brushed it off. Then I woke up. Not too sure what it all means

  3. I have had two dreams close together in a matter of days where I have either driven my friends car and it started to drive in reverse, I couldn’t get the hand brake to stop the vehicle. Then I had another dream where I was parked outside of work and I was sleeping in the car with all this junk inside the car , I tried to move the car out of the way of the traffic that was entering the workplace and the car decided to reverse and go backwards down this forest road, I was calling out to God to help me because I could not stop the car .

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