Car Accident Dream Symbol


Car Accident – A car accident represents an unforeseen obstacle or danger. Much of this symbol depends on the details of the crash. If you crash into something, it has to do with a loss of control, or consequences of reckless actions or emotions you are indulging in now. If someone or something else crashes into your car, it indicates a clash of identities or worldviews, especially from someone you did not expect to be hostile.

It may also be a subconscious warning that your real car has a malfunction. It would be worthwhile to check your car for any noises or signs that you may not have observed previously.

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  1. In my dream, I was using my fathers car (he lives with us, its a 4 door sedan & colored red). I was driving (left hand side road driving in my country) and my young (foster) daughter was sitting back seat left hand side (I could see her).
    I was driving along a country road through steep hills that were very lush in forest trees and undergrowth, I could see in my revision mirror some very sharp bends we had just come thru (like winding snake bends) and felt relieved we had made it around those bends as they were sharp and hard and looking ahead I could see there was one more to drive around – this last one was a right hand bend and slightly down hill. As I approached the bend I realized I was going a bit to fast, braked but it was not enough and as I started to go around the bend the car was still going to fast and it went thru the side barrier and soared out into the air.
    I turned my head to look at my daughter, she was buckled in safely still and I remember thinking she is on her own now I can’t do anymore for her and I turned my head back to the front of the car and I asked God to keep us safe – I took my hand of the wheel and crossed my arms over my chest and felt the car going into a roll in the air and did so twice before I woke up

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