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Captain Dream Symbol – A female dreaming of a captain is a sign there will soon be romance crossing your path. It can also symbolize the deepening of a romantic relationship or you may soon be about to marry. Seeing your lover as a naval captain warns your jealousy has no basis for a foundation. There is no reason to be jealous. If you continue in this way, you will drive the one you love away.

A captain asking you to dance is warning you that your petty, demanding behavior is driving those who love and support you away. You need to do something about the way you are acting or you may be responsible for the breakdown of the relationship with your partner. You have everything to lose if you cannot change your ways.

Being the captain of a plane is a sign you may soon receive the honor or social status you have worked so hard for. This is also a sign you are taking positive steps towards achieving your dreams. You are on the right path to achieving success. Seeing yourself as the captain can mean you will soon be required to do something important urgently. You may have applied for a promotion or run for a committee election at your local club.

You will have success but you will find yourself busier than ever as your responsibilities grow. You may need to make time to spend with those that you love. Having a captain in a dream can also mean there are tough times coming and you will have to work hard to get through them. This is likely to leave you physically and mentally exhausted, but you will survive.

A captain can also be a reminder you need a mentor at this time. Someone with the wisdom willing to offer guidance. Are you willing to listen to the advice of others? You also need to face your fears. What is your greatest fear? Do you fear success? Does this hold you back? Do you have trouble dealing with authority figures? You need to rebalance your life to boost your self-confidence. You manifest what is uppermost on your mind. And, if your thoughts are negative, that is what you are going to get.

Captains in dreams can mean that soon you will need to make some hard decisions that will affect more than you. There are others to consider. It is important you take the time you need to think things over for once you make this decision, there is no going back.

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