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Candy (Sweets) Dream Symbol – Dreaming of sweets represents forbidden pleasures and your sensuality. This can be a sign you have been depriving yourself of something you enjoy, or it could refer to someone special in your life. Are you sweet on someone? Do you have feelings for someone that are not returned? Are you lacking the sweet pleasures of life? This is a reminder to stand tall in your truth.

Tasting something sweet is a sign all is well in your life. This is a sign you are satisfied with where you are at this point in time. It can also be a sign of approval to take action or make that decision you have been thinking about. It may be a message you need some indulgence in your life, no matter the consequences. Giving sweets to someone you love is a sign you want to form a closer relationship. Maybe you want to make a lasting commitment? It may also mean you want to share the happiness you feel to those around you.

Dreaming of candy represents the happiness and special things in your life. This can simply mean you are eating too much sweet stuff or you may spend too much time on the unimportant things in your life. Do you worry about what might happen? If you do this too much, you will bring what worries you true.

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  1. I had a dream last night that I was back in my childhood home and my parents left me this big bag of all my favorite candies like Skittles in all the different flavors and starburst and whatnot and I opened a pack of skittles to eat it and then my Dad came into my old bedroom and kept egging me in to try the smoothie flavored ones and I was excited to try them because I could actually taste what I was eating and then my older brother that I didn’t really like growing up cane into the room and took the pack of skittles my dad was talking about and was taunting me with it so idk how but out of nowhere I get this red pen in my hand and he just randomly started taking things from me like my shoes and clothes and whatnot so out of this random (?*) rage I took the pen and stabbed him in the eye and I woke up when he ran to tell me mom and my dad said something like “he’s getting way too old for this…” and I knew he was talking about me and kind of felt like I knew what he was talking about too , like he wasn’t talking about me stabbing my adopted older brother in the eye … I know it sounds morbid I just wanted to share that …

  2. I dream that me and my boyfriend were in a shop and we bought different kinds of sweets and we put them in a nice glass bottle ,what’s the meaning of that .

  3. I had. A weird dream and I went into this small candy store that I had seen from a distance my old classmates from public school where in it drinking smoothies and eating candy running around, it was nature like in the store but when I went in everyone faded away, and I took candy. I woke up then fell back asleep to have a second dream. I was out in the cold with someone idk who but some guy I think my dad would appear and I would fake sleep and eventually I woke up to hide my personal poems. Cause someone was looking through them and then some monster appeared from the mountains and I found this square and I was shaking it and pointing it at the monster and the monster disappeared then an avalanche cane and a whole village appeared and I had to go find food for everyone. That was my dream until I woke up again.

  4. In my dream I saw that I was very comfortable with a stranger and we shared the same bed due to some circumstances. We just shared the bed nothing else and then I felt really warm and comfortable with the stranger (a boy) and the next morning we woke up I had this feeling that I wI’ll never see him now and I was kind of sad and I gave him a candy (purple candy white cover) and told him that I will miss him and then a small kid snatches it from my hand and he did not get the candy and again I searched for another candy and found a coffee candy with black cover and gave him and thus time he tasted the candy but only little as an old woman snatched it from him and ate it all.

  5. I saw a Dearm , in which I went to Caterer for Quotation, but he Gave me Sweets to Taste , and Chocolates for home.

  6. Christina Rudo Chitaka on

    In my dream I came across a big stash of candy, apparently my sister had put it away for me to collect some day & I had put away some of it myself months before. There was mixed colour candy, wrapped sweets, in the end I came across lots of chocolate, I was giving some away & taking some too until I couldn’t take anymore and I had to take some for storing away somewhere again for it was just too much. What does all that mean

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