Canada Goose Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Canada Goose Dream Symbol –  Canada geese migrate yearly which completes the circle of life. They are compassionate and not leave behind the ill or weary in their community. These birds are community-minded which they show through their caring compassion for others.

Canada geese may visit to remind you of the value of sharing through selfless acts of compassion. To remind you can only achieve this successfully when your life is in balance. Consider what in your life is out of balance that makes your heart feel closed off to the world? How much time to do you spend helping others?

On their migration flights across the world, Canada geese share leading their community on the long journey. They teach leadership is not about power or exclusivity, it is about sharing the load and opportunities. Maybe Canada geese appear in your dreams when you feel burdened with responsibilities or maybe you want total control. Canada geese remind leadership is control.

When Canada Goose crosser your path

When a Canada goose crosses your path you may feel controlled or be the controller. These birds come to remind it is a leader’s responsibility to share opportunities for the good of all in their communities.

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