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Canada Dream Symbol – When you dream of Canada it is a sign that you may feel that you do not get recognition for all you do for others. No matter what you do, how hard you work, or how much you sacrifice you receive no thanks or recognition.

It can also mean that even though you know you are right about something it will never be acknowledged. It can also represent your feelings about getting help from someone when you least expect. This makes you feel better about yourself.

Negatively, it can represent your feelings about doing the right thing and being disrespected for following the rules and regulations. You may feel angry that others are being rewarded for cheating and you are being disadvantaged because you behaved with integrity.

Or, it can mean that you are always giving to others and have realized you get nothing in return when you need help or support. Have you screwed yourself over by being too giving to others? Dreaming of Canada can mean others are jealous of your achievements. They may not think you deserve success.

A dream of the Canadian people can reflect that you see you are doing better in other some parts than in others. You may notice the areas you do well in are the areas you have good intentions, or being honest and transparent without expecting anything in return.

Dreaming of Canadian people can represent a part of you that is inflexible. Do you have a sense of superiority over others? Are you so arrogant about something that you have never actually proven your success at? It can represent the old adage “the good guys finish last”.

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  1. Hi world.
    I had a dream i went to canada. But it was like wierd. It wasnt by plane. Or by car. It was wierd. Wr had like carpets under us that we sled on. I rememeber going up an elevated floor.

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