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Camping Dream Symbol – Dreaming of camping can mean lots of things. You need to also interpret the other things you see in the dream to get a better understanding of the dream’s meaning. Camping alone can mean you need peace and quiet.

You may be contemplating simplifying your life. You may find being materialistic is not all you thought it would be. Have you been focused on acquiring material things lately? It can also mean you need to take time out to rest and rejuvenate. Enjoy time in nature to return yourself to balance.

It may be a time where you just need to have fun. Camping alone can also symbolize your ability to achieve a good life balance. You can survive alone using your own resources. Just make sure you do not become too reclusive for it is important to have some sort of social interaction.

Camping with a lot of friends can mean you do not like being left alone much lately. You need to be comfortable with yourself. To be able to enjoy your own company is vital to your well being. This type of dream can mean you need to be more independent. Try not to rely so heavily on others.

Dreaming of camping can also symbolize a pursuit of adventure in your life. It can be your life has gotten a little boring lately or you need to leave everyday problems behind for a while. Maybe it is time to simplify your life.

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  1. I had a dream that started in a tent in a wide field. It was a large tent, and I sat with my best friend. There were these group of 5 next to us. They were listening to music and chatting. Me and my best friend were awkward. The group left the tent. I crawled over to the MP3 player, it was playing ‘I want you back’ by the Jackson 5. I never play this song, but in the dream I heard the tune, and sang with it. I don’t know the lyrics. I didn’t listen to this song until maybe 5 weeks before, it was on YouTube. But I woke up knowing the song, knowing it was by Jackson 5. Continuing with the dream, the song finished, and I heard my old scout leaders whistle. We turned around, looked at him and he called us over. It was raining and grey. He was the only one in the field, with us. It felt glum. He stared at us and told us the camp was cancelled and we had to wait to be picked up. I felt sad, and that emotion carried on during the day.

    What does all this mean?

  2. Help in my dream i was at a campground with freinds and i met a really cute girl but i forgot what she looked like i want to know i need to know i woke up with this strange feeling like at some point in the dream i fell in love but there was also a bombfire and i saw a clear image of the dirt road with signs right after i checked my phone and it said 11,20 pm then i woke up i need to kno if there is any chance the dream could become real?

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