Camera Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Camera Dream Symbol – A camera is a dream symbol of preservation. It often accompanies a feeling of nostalgia, especially when the thing you wish to preserve is a moment in time that you feel is already slipping away. Additionally, photography and any other kind of art represent taking ownership over the events in your life and defining how you and others will interpret them.

There may also be some meaning in the event you dream of photographing that you have not yet noticed. The symbol of the camera may be a signal to stop and look at what happened, to see what aspects of the event you missed while it was happening.

Additional Interpretations

When you have a camera in a dream it can mean you learn the lessons from the past. You understand your mistakes and use them to make better decisions today and in your future. It could also be a reminder that you need to remember past lessons for they may help you somehow in your waking life. Having your photo taken can warn your past is about to catch up with you. Is there something you are trying to avoid?

Cameras can represent many things such as the freedom to express yourself independently. Seeing yourself with a camera in a dream can mean your subconscious is sending you messages to express yourself more openly. There is no point holding yourself back it is not good for your health. This is a time to take action.

Someone taking your photo is a sign you need to spend more time doing the things that make you happy. This could be in relation to your inner happiness. You may need to express yourself more openly and without fear. This type of dream can also mean something you wish for comes true. Cameras reveal your inner beauty through the lens. This may mean you need to take a closer look at yourself to see yourself as you truly are. There is no need to hide your true self from the world.

Dreaming of being photographed when you are unhappy it is a sign you fear others judgment of you. Is this a realistic fear? Does this hold you back? Maybe you are being negative, which will reflect onto the people around you. Maybe the fear is all in your head. Often the fear of the unknown can stop you from doing all sorts of things. You may need to learn to choose to have a more positive attitude. Having a positive perspective give negative people nothing much to say about you.

Being photographed as part of a professional modeling shoot this is a reminder of your self-confidence. This is something others admire about you. Nothing seems to phase you. You have complete faith in yourself and your abilities. On the others hand, this can be a message to face the world with more confidence. You need to have more faith in yourself.

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  1. Klemani Gbelema on

    I had a dream in which I had a camera trying to photograph a child I do not really know but could execute the shot.
    Can you help me with the meaning of this dream

  2. mandissa bermudez on

    I saw myself taking a photos of what looked like a room I was taking certain photos of the room i thought i saw a girls feet so i snaped a photo then i thought i saw a girl so i snaped another photo then i saw her face so i snaped one more photo. then i woke up.

  3. Emelia naana okyere on

    I had a dream of someone taking a picture of me and I was looking so beautiful in the picture

  4. In my dream my picture was being taken for an ID or something and they told me to smile, but I felt very unsure and insecure about my smile. I ended up smiling for the camera but I felt like it looked bad?

  5. I first entered a bus before other passengers joined me i came down to allow other people enter the bus, then i move out from there n went to a place where someone snap me n somebody together n about talking about the pictures and looked and saw many buses filled with people including the one i boarded and told the person that we should go to the bus n getting there the bus has already been filled up and was i started thinking of my luggage.what does it mean

  6. I was bathing in a dirty bathroom and a young boy was trying to take a picture of me. I tried to stop him, but he already took dark pictures of me already and so I had to seize his camera and deleted all the pictures and also made sure there was no copy saved in the trash or anywhere else in the camera which turned out to be an iPad.

  7. I just had a dream of me being in a thrift store with my coworker and I took a picture with a vintage Polaroid camera and thought it was so cool! Then i saw a newer more modern one that was hot pink along with a green one and a white one and I was like oooh pink! I picked it up and thought “I’m gonna buy this” and felt so good about it. I want to know what this means…

  8. i took a photo of my self while riding outside in a hilux car and their is a nice view and i try to capture selfie but when i see myself in a camera my shirt is reverve the hood is in front and i feel not comfortable and i stop filming myself..please i need the exact answer and also my dream is messy i went to the house and the pig is having a baby in my lap and her baby was very many and color black but the mother is whiteand small after her labor her baby died and gone ..

  9. Will Johnston on

    I’ve had a dream almost similiar to this one like I had last night. Someone was taking a photo of me and this beautiful blond girl, but the only thing is I couldn’t see the blond girls face and it was like that in my other dream I had a few years back someone taking a picture of me and another person and said that we looked cute together. This dream we both were having our picture taking together, and next thing I know we had several other people wanted to take pictures with us that I never seen before in my life. But in a way I felt like I was happy, but in my waking life at the moment I’m not so happy, and I am thinking maybe my dream is trying to tell me something.

    • Are you a married person I strongly believe is about you marriage.the person who took the picture might be your partner one day

  10. I had dream last night. I m in my childhood friend’s house and he won’t talk to me anymore. He has a DSLR. I m holding his DSLR in my hand. I don’t know how my present one good friend is here and I m talking his photo. And guys… I never used DSLR in my life. What that means ???

  11. To snap with my mum n my siblings n a friend in the event my mum was given an award in the dream.And to snap alone too, is it a good dream. Camera dream, is it a good dream?

  12. I took a photo through a camera of myself. So I was in 2 places. Photo I was in an evening dress and I was aligning the wine glass stem to my neck and it made my neck thin like. I then looked at the few pictures taken.

    Later in the dream I was taking photos outside.
    Zoomed in on animals jumping across trees at the top branches. A line of grey hares. Some other animals. Some getting stuck while the others make it across and below on the floor some kind of big cow pike animals stood a family. Then they all were in a row controlled t stay as a baby one needed medical attention n had been taken for that reason. Someone said it came from a different home when it was young.
    What can it mean me behind a camera photoin myself

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